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  1. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you are doing, so any advice I might give could not be valid.  Perhaps someone else can figure this out.

    Ok. Thank you anyway for being willing to help! I won't give any more meds for now and wait untill it's time for round 2 of prazi.

    If someone can advise me on wether I should do something and what to do about the high nitrate levels of water in my not sick fry tank/container I'd be grateful.

  2. Test results:pH - 7; (tap) 7 [JBL drop test]NH4 - 0,5 [API drop test]NO3 - 0 [API drop test]NO2 - 0,15 ml/L [PRODAC drop test]The tank/container has been running for 1,5 months.It holds 15L and I have 12L in. I have a HOB filter with ceramic media from a cycled tank and a new spong filter I added recently, a week ago. I do 90% WC every day except for the day I put salt. Then I waited 36 hours for the WC. I'll be doing a WC as soon as I post this message.


    Have you tested the water?

    Just tested again.

    ph - 7.5 ( Used Seachem buffer to raise pH a bit.)

    NH4 - 0

    NO3 - 0

    NO2 - 0.05ml/L

    Should I do something about the NO2?

    Checked on the sick fry. Red dots are gone but what I see as a lifted scale on the bigger fry from the last video I posted before remains the same. Next round of Tremazol is due on Wednesday. Should I continue the Neoplex treatment till then?

  3. Test results:

    pH - 7; (tap) 7 [JBL drop test]

    NH4 - 0,5 [API drop test]

    NO3 - 0 [API drop test]

    NO2 - 0,15 ml/L [PRODAC drop test]

    The tank/container has been running for 1,5 months.It holds 15L and I have 12L in. I have a HOB filter with ceramic media from a cycled tank and a new spong filter I added recently, a week ago. I do 90% WC every day except for the day I put salt. Then I waited 36 hours for the WC. I'll be doing a WC as soon as I post this message.

  4. Day 2 of treatment with Goldmed. There are less red dots.


    By the way, there were three more fry with visible damage to their skin(?). Two seem completely recovered after the Tremazol soak. I plan to treat them again after 7 days from the initial treatment have passed. The fourth has something that looks like lifted scale. Here's a video:


    I'm curently treating with Seachem neoplex.

  5. Day 1 after treating with Tremazol:

    (This is a video of the most afected fry)


    I intend to repeat the treatment in 7 days as recommended in the instructions.

    Since Tremazol yelded some results but the problem was still present I decided to continue the treatment with Tetra Godfish Goldmed that in my experience has shown very effective in healing wounds.

    I should mention that the other fry showed no signs of sickness at that point. I did a 90% WC for them and replaced the salt.

  6. Oh my! A made one hell of a mess that I've been trying to fix these days. I admit it was very dumb of me to just drop the new filter in and, Sharon, your first comment came as a long- distance awakening slap in the face. To be honest when I got the filter my intention was to drop a bag of cycled filter media on top of it to sort of avoid disturbing the water parameters. I guess I had some lapsus inbetween.

    It took me a while to follow up on my post because I was ashamed to confess that I have messed up real bad. When I found the sick fry I just freaked out and when it happens I normally first act and then think. So I took the sick fry out and put salt (to make for 0,1% salinity) in the container with the apparently for now healthy fry and in the one with the sick fry. If it wouldn't help wouldn't hurt either. That much is true about salt, right? I had to run for work that day and wouldn't be home till late that night so that was the best I could do for the time being. Then I though: "Shoot! I didn't test the water!". Dumber and dumber. Stress makes me also absent-minded as it turns out.

    In the evening, the blood-red spots ( I didn't take a pics, sorry) looked pinkish so I'm guessing the salt did the trick. Then I decided to treat for flukes with Wormer plus. May be it's a good medication but it being in powder form and so difficult to disolve makes me cross it out on my meds to buy list. After quite a struggle with the huge plastic bag (it was so incoveniently placed in) in order to find the measuring spoon , having spread a considerable portion of it on my desk in the process of doind that and failing in making it disolve instead of just stiking to the jar I used walls, it downed on me that I had Sera Tremazol. Checked and discovered it was actually Prazi in a liquid form. I gave the sick fry a 6-hour dip (well, it's better called a soak) as the instructions said. I didn't check if it helped or not after the six hour span of time had passed because it was already 2am and I had to get up early for work next morning. In the morning I took a close look and there were no spots just a few red dots.

  7. Hi there!

    My oldest school of fry are now 3-months old and I haven't treated them with praziquantel as a precaution measure because they were so tiny and I was afraid the med would rather hurt them than do them any better. Now I think this was very silly, to put it mildly, of me. I've done 100% wc daily untill a couple of weeks ago when I started doing 70% wc also each day. The other day I changed the sponge filter with a bigger one on the weekend. I poored boiling water on it to desinfect it and than washed it with cool water (just water no soap or

    Anything) and placed it in the tank aka food container. Surprise, surprise and a nasty one to that! yesterday afternoon I noticed blood-red spots on three of my fry. I'll post some pics later today. They showed no other symptoms of sikness, by the way. I moved them to another container and added Wormer plus as indicated in the instructions on the packaging. I want to treat the other fry as well and follow the procedure described here on Koko's. Could someone tell me please if the procedure for Prazipro works for Wormer plus too? Is it safe to use Wormer plus with salt? Should I add it to the "tank" with the sick fry I already started treating?

  8. I've been quite busy recently and to be honest, frustrated by the manuvers I have to go through to separate the brine shrimp from the egg shells most of the times unsuccessfully. So I checked my fish store if they had any frozen hatched brine shrimp. They didn't have any at the moment and offered me some microplankton instead claiming that it's just as good if not better as fry food. Is it really a suitable substitute? I'd like to hear about your experience if you've tried it.

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