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  1. Thanks ChelseaM Ill give that a good read over and look for the aussy alternative
  2. Sorry just had to giggle about the topic heading,,,
  3. Is worming goldfish something we need to do, like worming every other pet on a monthly basis? I bought Sterazin thinking this might be what id use but I really have no idea what i should use or how regularly
  4. Wow they are beautiful and that little ranchu...cute as a button. I love those plants you have in the top tank, what are they?
  5. I have completed another water change of 80% and the water is clear again, yay! Although One of my fish is bottom sitting a bit now, it started the day before water change (yesturday I changed water) BTW, if nitrate is at low levels after a week do you still need to change a % of water? or do you change when nitrate is at certain levels?
  6. I finally commited to an ebay purchase on a 270ltr!! Very excited, although not sure what hubby will say ! What can I say, my fishes needed it Will need to look at sterilising etc. the tank did look very clean so I guess that's a good thing!
  7. Thanks everyone! I ended up contacting the seller and seems like they will replace the light, I think. I did see those long tube led thingies and could possibly retro it but see how I go. Although there is a rather interesting LARGER tank someone is selling on ebay I'm seriously considering
  8. So I bought a cheap all in one aquarium to start off on, and now I'm regretting it as the lights have failed ! Does anyone know if its possible to get replacements? ????
  9. Sorry Blackmoors, i just realised what you meant with the sponge filter . Great idea!
  10. Thank you guys for the advice. There is a black filter sponge thingy in there at the moment, i just added the noodles on the lower section of that.I think with this next water change thinks will clear up a bit. The fish are still happy so i guess that is the main thing I definitely need a new tank and are planning to get one when we move house next year quite exciting!
  11. Water parameters are: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5ppm Ph 7.6 add bi carb, tap water is Ph 6.4 Water temp 20•c
  12. I rinsed filter in tank water and washed noodles in regular tap water then tank water. Sorry I'll add water pic. I did a 80% water change 2 days ago and has made a bit clearer. http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt198/belindadewhurst/CF1A21B7-82D4-49E5-B66A-90CFA5AC02B4_zpss7gyxfhq.jpg http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt198/belindadewhurst/44994069-DE81-412A-B6C9-322DF50D3E45_zpslgesjped.jpg
  13. Ok, so I've washed off some noodles to put in my top filter to help with bacteria housing. The only thing is the water seems cloudy now have I done something wrong??? http://i611.photobucket.com/albums/tt198/belindadewhurst/C98CD16D-39DD-4333-9FDD-D87BCAB2751C_zpswi42fv7q.jpg
  14. Thanks fishy people! They are all little cuties. Blacky aka "Bulldog" is my indicator fish, he's my sensitive fellow ????
  15. Thanks, the one at the back is speckles a calico oranda. Don't tell the others but i do kind of like her the best...????
  16. You have the best kind of ranchu, really easy to take care with no clean up. I'd keep my eye on him though...seems a bit sketchy. ????????
  17. Omg! I want one...I'm going to have to get a bigger tank before I first planed I thinks☺️
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