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  1. Goodness Mandy I’m so sorry you lost Luka [emoji853]
    He really was so special[emoji173]️
    I was meant to be on the forum for some reason tonight and now I know why...to give my support to you and say goodbye to Luka. RIP and swim on matey. Big hug [emoji847]

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  2. I didn't know what Yabbie meant so i just decided for myself that it was a cute dog.. a little disappointed...

    That's really cool! I'd want to keep it too, i think

    [emoji23] very interesting creatures [emoji1417]

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    Edit: here it is




    WOW, and I thought the pothos on my 55g was huge.  Yours is ginormous!! How many years have you had it?

    My biggest leaves last time I measured (several months ago) were 6" from tip to base of leaf.

    I notice your vine does not look woody, my thickest vine (thicker than a thumb) has a woody look to it and is pretty rigid, but all yours look green and still very flexible.




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