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  1. Speckles
    So lately (the last month) I have been experimenting with duckweed and amounts of pellet foods (Hikari lionhead ~2.3mm and NLS thera A ~1mm) that I'm feeding the GF.
    So things I've noticed :
    - the amount of duckweed I feed does not bother them (no floating), also if your duckweed is getting the right amount of nitrogen the protein in it can get up to 40%
    - the amount of pellet food does bother one of my GF in particular (Little Tom//ranchu) who is very good at eating and always gets the most.
    - using a worm cone worked for a while until LT became very good at guttsing on the food in the cone
    - I started crushing the pellets so that the amount each fish got at one time was less than if they ate a whole pellet (I started feeding 1 crushed Hikari pellet at a time/if using NLS crushed 2-3 pellets)
    - If I fed more than 1Hikari crushed pellet or 2-3 NLS crushed pellets LT would nose dive/float until the next day
    So my feeding regime now is mainly duckweed (everyday) plus every 2nd day 1Hikari crushed pellet or 2-3 NLS crushed pellets.
  2. Speckles
    100% wc done.
    - Params good
    - Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1.5 tsp of bi-carb
    - Cleaned out the canister filter
    - Cleaned out the whole tank
    - Cleaned up the Anubis and Java Ferns (trimmed the roots and wiped down Anubis with microfiber cloth, trimmed cruddy leaves off the Java)
    - Introduced Tom to the main tank
    Everyone seems good for a 100% WC/canister and everything clean with a new intruder. All 3 are investigating the tank after a 15minute "I'm staying still to protect myself" moment.
    Although Mr Eyes was his usual "I have no problems" attitude cruising around trying to encourage the other two to join in the investigations.
    As I'm thinking this entry is over, Speckles and Mr Eyes are up at the front of the tank asking for noms ! So all good.
    Tom is still trying to process the new location and hanging out at the back of the tank, I'm nervous for him/her.
  3. Speckles
    Started Prazi today
    I've added 2.5 tabs.
    I hope everything goes ok, last time there was a bit of sulking action.
    Also it is also a bit worrying when something different is added to the tank
  4. Speckles
    Another WC done.
    This time Ive added 3 tsp of equilibrium and usual 1/2 tsp BiCarb to a 90% WC.
    We will see how this goes to Raise the GH a bit more (Bi Carb is to raise PH).
    Speckles and Mr.Eyes are looking good.
    - Speckles is always a bit sulky during water change
    - Mr. Eyes is always so active. I noticed a couple of white specs on him, but i think it is from the buffers
    I'll check him through the day and before we leave to go for Easter break tomorrow to make sure
  5. Speckles
    Time for weekly water change. Nothing really to report. Everyone looks good
    PH: 7.6
    Nitrate: 5ppm
    GH: 53.7ppm
    KH: 35.6ppm
    I will retest GH and KH tomorrow, may need to add more of either/both bicarb and/or Equilibrium.
    They look a bit like grillas in the mist at the moment (well not that bad)
  6. Speckles
    Righto, so I'm starting this blog really so I have a record of my GF and what they are up to. I hope it is not too boring.
    To date I have had 4 GF in my care, Blacky and Goldy both died in the last 4-5 months and I still have Speckles and Mr.Blacky Huge Eyes.
    Ive only ever had 3 sml GF in my small 48L tank at once. I have come to the conclusion (you may think this could have come sooner) that it is a 2 GF tank maybe even a 1 GF tank...it is so hard to resist!
    Goldy the first baby died a few days ago and I guess that was a bit of an eye opener as I really thought he was a tough little thing . RIP Goldy .
    So with this blog I plan to keep on track.
    Last Sunday 6.3.2016 after freaking out about the cause of Goldy's death I did the following:
    - Proceeded to clean the whole tank
    - Removed the sand/gravel because I was convinced Goldy had it stuck in his belly
    - Cleaned the canister filter that was way overdue and could have been the issue?
    - Tested new and old water params...the Nitrates were a bit higher than i liked about 10
    - Weighed Speckles (21g) and Mr. Blacky Huge Eyes, Mr. Eyes for short (5g)
    - Decided to start prazi when we get back from Easter break
    So the tank is all pristine again and I plan to do another nitrate test tomorrow just for good measure. Water changes will be every Sunday at this stage. Next water change I plan to record more param results etc.

  7. Speckles
    Ok its midweek and Ive decided to do a water test on Nitrate and PH.
    I'd like an idea of the rate nitrate is increasing in the tank over the week to ensure the once a week WC I do is enough.
    PH, I will test just because it is easy and I may as well while Ive got the tests out. Plus I did want to make sure the tap water was still at 6.8.
    Nitrate- 2.5 mid week
    PH tap- 6.8
    PH tank- 7.6
    Things are pretty much as I expected (hoped) and I think weekly water changes are still good.
    I will do a 50% WC Sunday and do another mid week test again to see if the 50% change is enough (100% WC was done last time) so fingers crossed.
    I'm a bit chuffed... today someone visiting commented on how clean my tank is
  8. Speckles
    Ok, so I tested the GH to see if i need to add more equilibrium, results below:
    GH- 89.5ppm
    So, I'll add a bit more equilibrium next WC. I'd say double amount added last change depending or % W taken out.
    For good measure I tested Nitrates they came out as .25-.5
    I'm ok with that since ill do WC tomorrow.
  9. Speckles
    Another water change. A 60% water change. I didn't want to freak them out after a 10 day stint.
    Will do another WC 100% and add Prazi soon in a few days.
  10. Speckles
    100% wc done.
    Nothing much to report:
    - Params good
    - Added 4 tsp of equiibrium and 1.5 tsp of bi-carb
    - Cleaned out the canister filter
    - Added prazi 2.5 tabs
    Speckles and Mr. Eyes seem ok, not sulking much...yet
  11. Speckles
    60% wc done.
    Nothing much to report:
    - Params good
    - Added 2 tsp of equiibrium and .5 tsp of bi-carb
    - Added prazi 2.5 tabs
    Speckles and Mr. Eyes seem good and have not been bothered by the Prazi at all
  12. Speckles
    100% wc done.
    Nothing much to report:
    - Params good
    - Added 4 tsp of equiibrium and 1.5 tsp of bi-carb
    - Cleaned out the canister filter
    - Added prazi 2.5 tabs
    Speckles and Mr. Eyes seem ok, not sulking much...yet
  13. Speckles
    Checking all the Parameters today after adding Tom into the main tank a few days ago.
    Ph- 8.0
    Ammonia- 0
    Nitrite- 0
    Nitrate- 0 - 2.5
    KH- (5 drops) 89.5ppm
    GH- (9 drops) 161.1ppm
    I'm really quite happy with these results, especially the Nitrate, its looking like weekly water changes will be fine for the time being. I'll need to keep track of the nitrate as overtime with the fish growing this will increase.
    Ph I could have this slightly lower, I wont add quite as much bi-carb next couple of water changes.
    GH great this is just where I want it yay!
    All the kids are looking really happy and Speckles and Mr Eyes are really enjoying Toms company. Tom is tiny but I'm sure he will catch the others soon enough
  14. Speckles
    80% wc done today. A couple of days later than usual
    WC was also done on the 2.5.2016 but didn't have time to record it
    At this wc I reduced the bi-carb added to 1tsp (last time I added 1.5tsp, Ph was 8)
    Any ho, today:
    - Params ok
    Nitrate not great at 10-15ppm
    Ph- 7.8 so happy with this (adding less bicarb has helped this)
    GH etc. still in good range
    - Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1 tsp of bi-carb
    - Cleaned the front bottom and side surfaces of the tank
    - Cleaned up the Anubis and Java Ferns by wiping down with microfiber cloth (trimmed some roots off Anubis)
    Everyone is great and growing, Im thinking Ill do a weigh in next wc I'm sure Tom has nearly doubled in size, likewise Mr Eyes. Tom is definitely getting a more chunky rectangular look about him and more wen growth. Mr Eyes is getting BIGGER EYES . Speckles is growing too but not as obviously like the others as he is bigger.
    Till next time
  15. Speckles
    90% wc done. A couple of days later than usual...again
    I'm thinking midweek wc may have to start, just to be on the safe side.
    - Params ok
    Nitrate not great at 10-15ppm
    Ph- 7.8 so happy with this
    GH etc. still in good range
    - Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1 tsp of bi-carb
    - Cleaned out the canister filter (gross)
    Have bought a heater for the tank because I think the temp is fluctuating to much. We have had a bit of constipation/buoyancy issues with Tom that go away after fasting .
    The house heater gets turned off at night (goes from 23 C-19 C overnight).
    Ideally I'd like to have a constant 23C in the tank.

  16. Speckles
    95% wc done.I think I was panicking about the mid week water changes as params were fine. I have been worried only cos Ive been having floaty issues with Tom after feeding.
    Todays Params:
    Nitrate not too bad at 10ppm
    Ph- 7.8 so happy with this
    GH etc. still in good range
    - Added 4 tsp of equilibrium and 1 tsp of bi-carb
    About Toms floatyness, he has been doing this after feeding and gulping the surface...I have been reading an interesting thread where Shakaho brought up Biofilm .
    I'm kind of thinking bio-film may be the catalyst for Toms enthusiasm with surface gulping and then developing buoyancy issues.
    I initially thought it may have been because the temp in the house dropped 23C -19C overnight and food wasnt digesting. I did buy a heater which is great but didn't really help the surface gulping or floatyness .
    After thinking a bit more, understanding biofilm and watching Toms behaviour I realised that I had quite a few bubbles across the surface of my tank, it does not have a massive surface area. Maybe being attracted to the surface for the biofilm Tom was actually digesting the bubbles and getting air in his tummy which then caused the buoyancy problem and colic...so I went with that.
    -First I thought id move the bubble curtain back under the water flow from the filter, to break up the bubbles before they traveled over the surface (I had it here initially before the prob started). This did reduce the bubbles on the surface but Tom was so addicted at this point it was still enough to make him floaty, because he was now looking for the bubbles . Little tiger.
    -Second thought i would need to get a surface skimmer to suck in the bubbles (and biofilm), I dont want to remove the bubble curtain as i need it for water clarity. So I purchased a relatively cheap skimmer that attaches to the canister inflow. Still waiting for this...
    -Third thought, as Koko keeps banging on about duckweed...i would get duckweed so that Tom would eat this before bubbles...I have to order duckweed online so went to my local golf course pond and trimmed off some of their Foxtail? growing above the water . My thinking with trimming the weed that was not in the water meant it would have no water pathogens on it that way I could put them in the tank straight away... after a good wash .
    The Foxtail has done a brilliant job as a bubble buffer, breaking them before they cover the surface and Tom can't eat the bubbles
    So far so good, at first there was a bit of residual floatyness. Now after two days sobber no floatyness after eating
    I really hope this is the key for Tom
  17. Speckles
    Thought I better up date and say...yes Ive definitely been doing water changes!
    Actually I'm doing a mid week change as well to keep the nitrates at 0-2.5.
    Mr Blacky Huge Eyes is growing so big! Tom and Moonee are also, actually Moonee is catching up to Tom very quickly. Considering He/she was half Toms size I think that is a good effort.
    I have a feeling Tom and Moonee are both female and Mr BHE is male . Time will tell, I'm not too concern with knowing right now.
    I'm using a new GH booster now called Continuum- Flora VIV GH+. I really like this (better than equilibrium by seachem), the plants seem to like it better and it dissolves so much easier which is a plus.
    I will post some weigh ins and pics at some stage soon...its about time...
  18. Speckles
    Ok, so for the last IDK...month maybe Ive been feeding the babies quite small amounts of pellet food (1-2 crushed) plus duckweed (~1tbl spoon).
    Anyway the thing is I would have loved to feed them more but the Ranchu especially Tom (whom now I think should be Tombellina) would start floating or head spinning/diving...very frustrating. The thing is it was not what i was feeding them so much as their desire to go to the surface to graze on bubbles and air after the food was gone , talk about desperadoes!
    I did have some success previously with plants on the surface buffering the bubbles from the bubbler, but the plants became messy and so on so I removed them.
    Ok, so I cant turn the bubbler off completely cos my tank is taller than it is wide etc so need them for the air exchange in water (IDK, the deal is if i dont have bubbles I get green water )
    So, why not just turn the bubbles off when I feed them and leave it off for a bit until the feeding frenzy is over...well I did do this and fed them 2x 1cm cubes of gel food. Success no floating!!! If I had fed this with the bubbles on there would have been floating for sure. Then for the second feed (this is the real test) I turned off the bubbles again, they got a pinch of 1mm pellets (~15-20pellets). Waited till they had stopped frantically feeding and grazing then turned the bubbles back on.
    Eureka!!! Still no floating!
    I really hope this continues because the floating is so stressful and I want to feed my water piggies what they need .
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