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  1. i use  to have a one time ago ,  he was completly  black   even the eyes   ,  but  after  1 month  he start to get more a bronze  colour ,  i think  because  in  aquariums  they dont keep the black color  ,   he was in a Pond  when i bought him 

  2. i have had  goldfish  that  some like it  to sleep on the top  ,  meanwhile others  liked to do it  on the  middle  or almost on the bottom ,    just watch  for any  Swwiming  bladder problems , also  look  for the  balance of the fish too ....  good luck  :thumbup2:

  3. HI everyone ,   am new   here  ,  i just  post like  3 or 4 times  ,   my Question is  that  why  can't i  make a post  on  the forum "  sell , trade , buy , etc .. "   ?? 


    i have  a  book  " Fancy goldfish   a Guide to care and collecting "   i  want to sell it   , also i  have  a brand new  bulb for the   UV filter  24 watts   from  goldfishconnection  altough  they close the website  ,  i never use this  lamp 


    thanks  :thumbup2:

  4. HI  Nancyjean  ,   are you thinking about  injections ?   maybe you need to look  for a fish vet  near you  ,  i think   if your oranda  continues floating   ,  it could be  dificult to cures from the external  diseases  ,  i think the  first thing is a Quality water   ,  but  as i told you if she has a permament damage on his  bladder there is  not much hope 

  5. HI  ,  am  New  here   ,   i  have a Betta fish  for more than a year now  ,  he is very healthy  ,  and also  i have a couple  small snails with him   ,   my concern  is   ,  when snails are on top of the glass  my betta  gets mad and  try  to drop them  off down  hahaha  i dont know if that can stress him or  he is just   playing ?  


     when the snails are on bottom he is  fine  ,  but only gets mad when  snails are on the glass 



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