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  1. i want  to use it that salt Epsom on a betta fish that has bladder desease  ,  but in the tank i have live  plants ,  i was thinking take out the plants while use the salt   , i take out the fish one time  and put some salt in a container  but i think it can be stressed for the fish being taking out of the tank 

  2. params  are  ,    amonia  0 ,  nitrites 0 ,  nitrates 10 ppm  , ph  7.6  


    the  turkey meat  is organic  ,  i've had  feed him  for more than  year and a half   and  no problems ,   but i will consider  stop that  ,  for now he  has trouble  to  swiiming  on top  ,   it someting thats has to  see  with  his bladder 

  3. i just notice  like  week ago  that  he  start to looks more  skinny  ,  specially  rom his body ,   his  head  desn't looks  bad  , and he  is eating good ,   other thing  i see on  him is  that  he struggles a little to  stay on top  ,  looks like he has some   bladder problem too ,  i feed him   gel food  and   fresh turkey meat  only one time a day


    tank size is 10 gallons ,   params are stable  , temperature  too ,  ( with  heater )  on 70's 


    so i dont know what to do ,   maybe he has  instestinal   parasites  ,  but i dont  know what  medication  start 



  4. i like  the  colours  of your betta  !   i have one   in a 10 gallons  tank  with  anubias  ....  i guess  you need to buy  a tank of at least 5 gallons 


    good luck  , take care  oh him  :hi

  5. for sure they will  get  same behavior  prior  to the traumatic  situation  but it will take  time  ,   it happens to my fish in the past too  ,  they  will gradualy trust you again  , the  bad part  of this situation is that  when they get too scare  their  defenses fell  down  and can pick up  diseases more easy  ...  good luck 

  6. Genetic  is what decides  how Big can they grow  ,  no matter  if  you  buy the more Expensive food they will not grow too much  if the genetic is bad ,  i had  3 orandas   long time ago  from petsmart    they  have almost the same size  ,   only  one  grow like tree times mor Bigger than the others and they  lived togheter and eat the same  food  , also  the  Quality of the water is important   , good Luck  :thumbup2:

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