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  1. thanks for reconfirming that Dawn that is good to know.
  2. I have not used it yet but will boil it. Thanks Arctic Mama.
  3. Hi all. I bought a used fish tank today and got a bogwood for free. It has these brownish white spots underneath. I never had bogwood before. Is this normal? Is it part of the wood, part of substrate or is it some sort of fungus that I should be concerned about? Thanks. bottom view of the bogwood with white spots top view of the bogwood, no white spots
  4. thank you for the input/suggestion I hope I can upgrade to bigger/longer tank
  5. Hi all. I finally bought a ranchu last month and an oranda a few weeks ago. They are both about the same size, 4 inches without the tail. The oranda is a pig and doesn't let my ranchu eat anything I have the ranchu in a 10 gallon tub now where he can eat in peace. Fortunately I had two filters in the 30 gallon aquarium so I just could use one of them for the tub. Not sure what to do next... but looks like I have to get another fish tank.
  6. thank you bot for your replies
  7. Hi all I have a 30 gallon tank (Juwel Lido 120) that has not finished cycling yet. I like Ranchus and Orandas and cannot make up my mind wether to get 2 Ranchus, 2 Orandas or one of each when my tank is finally cycled. My concerns with the three options are: - Ranchus: is Juwel Lido 120 too deep for Ranchus, will I just have 2 fish swimming at the bottom? - Orandas: will they get too big for the 30 gallon tank? - One of each: Will they be ok with each other when the Oranda outgrow the Ranchu. Anyone has experience with this pair? Please let me know what you think. Many thanks! Will
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