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  1. One fish, in about a 5 gallon fish bowl. No filter or any other fancy tank stuff. Just cleaned water about 30 minutes ago. I feed him flakes, normally 3-4 times a day. Normal tap water is all I put in it. Just a dip in it's side for unusal findings
  2. So I've had my goldfish for around a year or so now, doing great, until tonight. I was cleaning it's bowl (I use a net), and he got stuck between the net and the side of the bowl. I didn't think I had hurt him, but afterwards I noticed a small dip in his side that I hadn't noticed before. My dad went in there after I had left and found my fish lying on his side near the top, and pushed on him a bit and he eventually swam away. I came back in and we both spent several minutes watching him swim. He keeps floating towards the top, but not intentionally.. Is this because of the dip? Did I do this, and is there anything I can do to help?
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