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  1. According to my research they will take fish flakes, pellets and algae chips, as well as graze on algae and biofilm.
  2. Thanks! I'll check the stores in my area and see if they have them.
  3. Where can I get assasin snails and how many should I get if I go that route? I'm getting ready to do a water change so I'm hoping I can accidentally suck a few up and get rid of some that way.
  4. I don't have room for clown loaches. I wish I did. I love them. There is small lake/big pond right behind my office. Is it okay to take them there? They won't hurt anything there right? And then nature can do its nature thing and I don't have to kill them.
  5. Yes, Koko, it is the <insert dramatic music here> pond snails.
  6. So a while back I swapped out some things between my tank and my grandmother's tank (which is technically my tank as well, it just lives at her house because she enjoys it and I don't have room for it). I noticed a couple of pond snails that somehow survived all the cleaning I did and made it into my tank. I didn't stress over it. I mean, a couple of little pond snails never hurt anyone. Well over the past couple of weeks I've noticed a few more snails. I figured I missed them and they are hardy little things and whatever. A few pond snails never hurt anything. THIS MORNING I noticed a snail on the front of the aquarium laying a clutch of eggs. I thought "ahhhh I'm gonna have baby grandsnails! They are going to be so cute if the fish don't eat them and they survive!" Then I started looking and there are at least THIRTEEN clutches of eggs scattered throughout the aquarium!! Those are just the ones I saw and counted. At this point I am convinced they are like bugs or something and for every one you see there are a million more you don't see. I hate to have to do this, but I'm going to have to pull them out and do something else with them. I don't know what. I don't want to kill them. I can not have 784389267128648 pond snails.
  7. Beautiful tank and fish. I'm in love with the color changing bubble-making-thingie. I love your plants too. I'm thinking of trying some live plants in with Phineus and Puddle but I am fairly certain Puddle will eat them. He thinks everything is food.
  8. What a gorgeous fish!!! I'm proud of you for having enough willpower to think about it over tacos for those five - ten minutes. I would have bought him on the spot! I love that piece of wood too. Beautiful!
  9. I don't have a problem watching nonstop. I just thought I'd positioned it in such a way he couldn't get to it as easily as he did. I did not put the intake tube in there and walk away. I was right in the same room and keeping an eye on the tank while sending a couple emails. Phin is a VERY curious fish which is why I keep the colander thingie on there.
  10. I'll definitely look into the Aqueon. This NG one has the part that connects to the faucet and the threads are plastic which I don't like. It also came with the long hose that hooks to the faucet, the valve that attaches to the end of that, and then another short hose that attaches to the valve and then the intake tube. The short hose will NOT stay connected to the valve piece. Usually its okay (not always) while I'm draining the tank, but I have to be super careful filling because it will pop off and water goes everywhere.
  11. Is it? I am going to have to get a new one. I may look into the aqueon. I know my LPS doesn't have them. My choices were this NG one I got, or a Top Fin one that doesn't hook up to the faucet. It has a bulb thing and it just drains the water into a bucket. Apparently Phin got his brains from me because the whole reason I had to do a huge water change this late at night is because the last time I did one I forgot to turn the filter back on. Luckily because I have two fish in a 37g I do WCs every other day so everyone is fine and hopefully not too much damage got done to the cycle or anything. I didn't test the water like I normally do. I noticed the filter was off and panicked and just started changing water.
  12. and other times not so much. I am in the middle of a water change. I have the NOT A PYTHON (its the National Geographic one the LPS sells now and its not as good...at all) hooked up and the water draining. I look over and Phineus is stuck to the intake tube. Luckily I have a little colander type thingie that attaches to the end of it so he didn't get sucked IN and actually hurt. He just got stuck to it enough he couldn't get free. So I go over and turn the water off and unstick him. I moved the intake thing to another place where I thought he couldn't get to it as easily. I look over after a couple minutes and he's in there AGAIN! After the THIRD time he did it I just took him out of the tank until I finish the water change.
  13. Thank you! Its just killing me to have the boys in there when I have a 100g sitting in storage.
  14. Thank you! I love them both so much. I swore Phineus was always going to be an only fish but I went in to buy a plant and well, y'all know how that goes. I haven't had Puddle long. I got him three months ago. He's only been out of QT a week but he and Phin seem to get along fine. He begs for attention and Phin just pretty much ignores him. Puddle is smart too. He watched while I was doing some work in the tank and Phineus came and laid in my hand like he always does and when Phin swam out, Puddle came right over and did the same thing. He didn't do that in QT. He has never been timid or shy, but he never just swam right up to my hand either. I could not have picked two fish with more opposite personalities, but I am just love both of them to bits!
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