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  1. I decided not to rebuild my reef in favor of goldfish. I have several reasons, but one main one is that I just like fat goldfish. Do what makes you happy. I must admit that I saw a 800 gallon reef tonight and it made me totally jealous. But that is way out of my league, so its not apples to apples. I'm loving my goldies. Good luck with your decision.
  2. Thank you all for your input and compliments! This seems like a very nice community.
  3. Ok but FYI, I've only had them about 4 months so I can't speak yet for their long yet reliability. So far so good tho????. I basically got them because I wanted LEDs for their temperature qualities and efficiency. I found a great deal on this one so I bought it. They r not super bright outa the box, but could be if u bought additional pods for it. Also, Elive makes other versions that are dual track and probably brighter, if that's what u want. http://elivepet.com/fish/lighting/led-module-track-light/
  4. These definitely meet the criteria for easy. Especially since my last light setup was dual 250 watt metal halides that required a chiller to keep the water from nearly boiling????
  5. Correction: my 2 light strips are 3 foot, not 4 foot. If that matters:)
  6. Correction: my 2 light strips are 3 foot, not 4 foot. If that matters:)
  7. Thank you for your comments! I'm excited about the 125. I think it's a great size for GF. I've rigged a quite easy water change system so I can do a nearly hands free 70% change in about 30 minutes. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain the water quality even tho my available time is quite limited. I'm away from home usually 4 nights a week. The fish less cycle went really well and I'd highly recommend it to anyone starting any type of aquarium. As far as the lights....as I stated, I'm not home much so I didn't really want a lot of light creating algae growth when I'm not there to see it anyway. Also, I do most of my viewing in the evening/night so that's another reason for less light. I have 2 4 foot ILife LED strips for general viewing. I also have a simple LED pod fixed just over the plants for plant growth. That's it. The ILife strips have the ability to add pods to increase the lighting, but I'm ok with what came in the box.
  8. Haha! There is absolutely nothing wrong with "just fan tails"! In fact, I love the 2 that I already have. I am simply trying to get a little variety in my tank. I intended to imply that fantail are the "less altered" version, but I guess I chose my words poorly. Sorry! In fact, after I posted I was wondering if I was gonna get called on the "just fantails" comment or the misspelling of fantails in the title of the thread:)
  9. Thank you all for your thoughts and expertise!
  10. Hello. I'm a new poster here. I'm a long time aquarist, but quite new to fancy goldfish. I've spent most of my life keeping various saltwater tanks. I recently lost my long time reef (thanks to my little one who apparently likes to play with a gfci button while I'm away for work for several days). So instead of starting over with the reef, I've decided to go a totally different route (and hopefully a little more kid friendly). I've started a 125 gallon just for fancy goldfish. Thank tank is up, running, cycled and doing well so far:) So to my question. My plan is to keep 5 fancies. I recently bought 2 young new fish that I thought were both ryukins, with early "bump" growth. Now I'm starting to wonder if I they aren't just fantails. So I thought I'd seek the advice of more experienced goldfish keepers. The following are pics of the 2 fish in question. They are both about 1.5-2 inches in body length. Also, fwiw, the all orange fish has no split on his caudal fin. I'm not sure what's going on there. So any help would be appreciated. I have good LFS that would happily take back/trade if I wanted to. As I plan on these little guys being with me for a long time, I'd like to get the types of fish that I really want.
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