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  1. the piece of hosiery, cheese cloth, pretty much any thing sheer enough to see thru would be your best bet. cut a circle piece with scissors, and secure it to the intake pipe with a rubber band, or even a twisty-tie thing, or zip tie, pony tail holder, even string if you can tie good knots. love goldfish more than apple pie, but even i admit they are poo-machines and should never go without filtration if at all possible.
  2. when you paint goldfish, how do you keep the colors from washing off? hehehehe
  3. if whitespot is the same as ick, a medicine with malichite green is called for. the directions for use would be on each bottle and is usually product specific. its an easy cure, but can stain tank orniments and silicone seals. if i remember correctly, tank temprature also has to be increased, to shorten the life cycle of these parasites.
  4. first, stay at one goldie for a 10 gallon. trust me, you dont want mare than that in the tank. ammonia will quickly build up anyway, even faster with more than one fish. also, let your tank run for a bit before adding fish. check for ammonia and nitites and make sure that goes up, then back to zero before adding fish. you can speed this process with a product called biospira, its about 10 dollars at a lfs. it is a miricle product and i wholly reccomend it. yes get an airstone or two. they are pretty, and help to oxygenate your water better, which will make for healthy fish. consider another filter identicle to the one you have already. it will ease the load on the current filter, and keep you from disrupting your cycle when you have to change filter elements. goldfish need dark just like we do. i try to keep the lights on in my tank 12 out of every 24.
  5. likely it is the healing of ammonia burns. injury causes a scab on goldfish that looks black. thinner membranes and tissues are more suseptible to burns than other parts, and that is probably why it is only on the edge of the fins. in time, it should heal and turn back to the original color, providing that you keep your water in optimal condition.
  6. it is my opinion that you cannot get too much bubbles. every buble is a temporary "surface" and aids in oxygen transfer. it also makes current that goldfish love to play in.
  7. fantailfan


    the problem is, some of the goldies(mine) are eating machines. they even eat the "safe" plants. as far as pruning and cleaning, the fish pretty much take care of that. my planted tanks take much much less cleaning and maintanence than my unplanted tank. and the fish grow faster, or so it seems to me. the only problem i have found, is i live in a backwater hole in the ground, and cant get access to many of the best and prettiest plants. i got help from some friends though, and now have planted tanks that are healthy and beautiful. its worth the effort to have planted tanks, in my humble opinion.
  8. first line of defense is always a partial water change. but also respond to the board about tank size, how many occupants, water parameters, type of equipment, how long the little fella has been in that tank..... it will help give you a more informed and helpful response.
  9. i bought a fish that was badly hurt during transit. he lost a lot of scales. so far, there doesnt appear to be any inclination of growing new scales, despite my compulsion about tank quality. he has lived here for almost a year. all of the damage to his fins has regrown and healed however.
  10. he is beautiful and im glad to hear he is doing well and so happy. i know that fish hit the lottery with you daryl. no one could love thier fish more, and he will have a long and happy life in your care. on a side note, when i was tiny, one of my grandmothers called me pudge. i was a round baby. she died early, and i have only vague, but warm memories of her.
  11. if you dont have it, an air pump and bubble stone might help. they will need all the oxygen you can give them. im not sure of the dimensions of a 30, but i believe that is a taller tank, which means less surface area for oxygen transfer. each bubble is a tiny bit of new and regenerating surface area, and greatly aids the fish health. edited to include: a small amount of salt will also help the fish transfer oxygen over the gills.
  12. pretty much a wait and watch i think. genetics and nutrition help wen growth, but you never really can tell. i bought a tiny fish, because he looked like he was going to have a killer wen. eight months later, i think he just had a misshaped head. kokos "mr t" fish, was purchased at a pet store chain, and has an enormous wen. fantails dont grow wen, but then, you dont really know if they are only part fantail. and maybe some oranda thrown in the family tree somewhere.(usually)
  13. as far as getting along, pertty much all of the fancies will live together well. other than that, its a matter of preference. with so many colors and variables, the combinations are limitless. usually, lionheads and ranchu are a bit slower swimmers than the oranda and fantail types, so sometimes, extra care is needed to make sure the slow ones are eating. same with telescopes moors and celestials. since they cant see as well, sometimes its better to have them grouped so they all have a fair shot at the dinner table.
  14. kokos special attention, and the moderating team, and so many of the wonderful people here make kokos the best online community, fish or otherwise, on the net. bar none.
  15. how big are the parents? they look kind of small. or maybe you just have a huge tank. its incredible to have the fry. im really looking forward to having some one day. it'll be far in the future i think. most of my fish are just past fry themselves.
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