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  1. Its this tank: http://www.petsmart.com/fish/supplies/aquariums-and-stands/aquariums/marineland-60-gallon-heartland-led-aquarium-with-stand-5248474.html I currently use the LED lights that it came with and they suck, can't see my fish really well. I'm looking to upgrade to a bright LED System that will work for this tank and is relatively cheap. Will a standard 48 inch led light bar work for this tank?
  2. Yeah the python is the only reason I keep Goldfish currently, these guys produce so much waste it's ridiculous. Buckets are not an option.
  3. I got him from my LFS, he was labeled as Lionhead goldfish but I think it's a Ranchu. How can you tell?
  4. My black oranda has breeding stars so Im assuming hes a male, and my ryukin has no breeding stars so Im assuming female. What do you think?
  5. Btw if anyone gets mad at the tank size I'm buying a 55 with a stand this upcoming week
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6iarY3h2yo
  7. I love his wen growth any name ideas?
  8. I gave 2 orandas and 1 Ryukin. How often can I feed blood worms and will they help goldifsh grow faster and help with wen growth?
  9. Ok but I think a 55 can do 3 fancies it's my opinion don't get mad. Nobody will get mad. Of course you can put 3 goldfish in a 55, but you have to increase your water changes over what we recommend. I wouldn't put ANY fancies in a 55, because they do better in a tank that allows easy turns for a fish that doesn't bend, but you could certainly do 3 comets. Well the main selling point of the 60 gallon to me is the LED lights. Is there any cheap LED lights for a 40B?
  10. It starts on December 26 but this deal Petsmart is to good to pass up comes with LED lights and stand
  11. I am getting the 60 gallon marine land tank from Petsmart today for only 159$ my Goldie's are gonna love it
  12. Or would they be fine in one for life? Petco 1$ per gallon sale is coming up and I'm in the need of a new tank!
  13. Any ideas about what to name him/her?
  14. I looked on amazon and they had a Aqueon light strip for cheap and a marine land one, which one would show off fishes colors better? Right now I use the Aqueon fluorescent hood and it's to dim for My tastes.
  15. Thats crazy because I always hear of peoples Black Moors lasting for like 10 years.
  16. Ok thanks Would you recommend New Life Spectrum over Saki Hakari?
  17. I can't stand the way repashy smells and it always ends up making our refrigerator smell bad. My parents get annoyed by the smell and I just wanna stop using it all together. I currently am feeding omega one pellets and I was thinking of upgrading to Saki Hakari pellets and just use that as a staple. Would that be ok? I will obviously feed some veggies every now and then.
  18. I added 4 teaspoons of salt. Can I just continue treatment with heat or is salt nescarry?
  19. No I didnt quaranine, I am seeing a lot of small white spots on his body as well now. Im 99% sure its ich. Im already beginning to raise the temp to 86 and adding some salt.
  20. My new Black Oranda has breeding stars without a doubt on his pectoral fins (look closely and you will see them), but now im seeing white specs on his body and tail!!!!!! Is this ich should I begin treating?
  21. It sky rocketed, my fish dont seem stressed but my ph naturally out of tap is 6.0 (possibly lower) will this keep my ph stable or will it fluctuate? I hear Beneficial Bacteria dies at a very low pH so thats why I am trying to raise it (without chemicals).
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