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  1. Its this tank: http://www.petsmart.com/fish/supplies/aquariums-and-stands/aquariums/marineland-60-gallon-heartland-led-aquarium-with-stand-5248474.html I currently use the LED lights that it came with and they suck, can't see my fish really well. I'm looking to upgrade to a bright LED System that will work for this tank and is relatively cheap. Will a standard 48 inch led light bar work for this tank?
  2. Yeah the python is the only reason I keep Goldfish currently, these guys produce so much waste it's ridiculous. Buckets are not an option.
  3. I got him from my LFS, he was labeled as Lionhead goldfish but I think it's a Ranchu. How can you tell?
  4. My black oranda has breeding stars so Im assuming hes a male, and my ryukin has no breeding stars so Im assuming female. What do you think?
  5. Btw if anyone gets mad at the tank size I'm buying a 55 with a stand this upcoming week
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6iarY3h2yo
  7. I love his wen growth any name ideas?
  8. I gave 2 orandas and 1 Ryukin. How often can I feed blood worms and will they help goldifsh grow faster and help with wen growth?
  9. Ok but I think a 55 can do 3 fancies it's my opinion don't get mad. Nobody will get mad. Of course you can put 3 goldfish in a 55, but you have to increase your water changes over what we recommend. I wouldn't put ANY fancies in a 55, because they do better in a tank that allows easy turns for a fish that doesn't bend, but you could certainly do 3 comets. Well the main selling point of the 60 gallon to me is the LED lights. Is there any cheap LED lights for a 40B?
  10. It starts on December 26 but this deal Petsmart is to good to pass up comes with LED lights and stand
  11. I am getting the 60 gallon marine land tank from Petsmart today for only 159$ my Goldie's are gonna love it
  12. Or would they be fine in one for life? Petco 1$ per gallon sale is coming up and I'm in the need of a new tank!
  13. Any ideas about what to name him/her?
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