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  1. Thank you all! I'm going to print this information to be able to look at as I go to set up a tank.
  2. Hi all, It has been forever it feels like since I last had fish, and I kept a single 10 gallon tank from my fish keeping days. I am wanting to set this up as a planted betta tank. I do have a few questions though and thought I'd ask here since this is the betta specific section. First, what type of substrate should I count on for a planted betta tank? Should I go with sand or gravel or what type of substrate? Second, with the tank being only 10 gallons, do you all have a recommended filter to use on the tank that wouldn't be too strong for a betta in that size of tank? Lastly, what plants would you recommend? Should I do low light, medium light or high light with the tank? Like I said, it has been way too long since I last kept fish and I've never done a real planted tank before but I would love to. I think a betta would probably love a planted tank. Thank you for any help.
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