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  1. Fair enough, as for why I joined a goldfish site with no goldfish, basically I was watching some videos a woman had of her two orandas. Couldn't help but be intrigued, and felt the need to see and learn more of them, these are so underrated in the hobby or at least my local area... which I can't quite figure out why, ... they're such beautiful bubbly fish. But so many people want predator tanks and whatnot I guess. And though I don't have room to set up another tank yet I'll eventually have a pair of those myself in the future. The local forum I joined years ago rarely has any fun photos of these adorable fellas or opportunities to really learn about them. What can I say I'm just a fish addict of any flavor. Now that I've sorta explained that much, I don't want to fill up this thread with unnecessary posts about me, I'll be sure to do an intro post later on tonight.
  2. Oh, my bad on the explaining part, for those who scratched their head about what the heck K1 kaldnes is, it's just another media used for moving bed filters, originally developed for use as a maintenance free media in a sewage treatment facility, so this is designed to work effectively on an extremely large scale, hence popularity on ponds and mega sized aquariums. Much the same as any fluidized bed filter it's constantly churning, needs essentially no maintenance. Very effective filtration, but the media itself isn't all that cheap or quite as effective per volume as sand, and if being used internally, which many hobbiests end up building some kinda air driven bottle design, which are quite efficient and effective, I think they tend to be a little more unsightly. Once the nice clean white plastic media matures it turns to a somewhat unsightly brownish tone as if using a pop bottle in the aquarium wasn't distracting enough on its own, but that's just my opinion, others may not care how it looks internally as long as it performs great.
  3. The other filter (we discussed on another thread previously) is on the neighbours setup. Which I'd say the best bet maybe to swap a filter each for a week or two if the established tank has two filters, that way keeping a seeded filter and one to be seeded on the established and a fully seeded on the new tank (instant cycle) after a week or two trade it back, or alternately to just put his new filter on their established tank for a week or so (Short cycle)... The feed an empty tank and wait eventually will cycle but ugh. (This is gonna take a while...)
  4. Ammonia level zero? That could either be a good sign or possibly haven't put enough food in to make a dent on the ammonia levels to get it started yet, but it could mean (unlikely after only 5 days) you may have stage one started where it's processing your ammonia into nitrites. What are your nitrite and nitrate levels, you'd need to know that to tell if something's working or not.
  5. Just a note if you were to do an external diy version based on that, just a straight pvc centre pipe like the first video has inside would be used, the joints are only to lock the sponges in place which won't be there in this case, so they're just extra steps and cost you wouldn't need for a sand filter variation. Keep in mind if you're confident in your ability this is a good option, but if not, don't risk ending up with water damage and a drained tank for the 60-70 extra dollars sake.
  6. an easy diy internal sand filter... this is more along the lines of the setup I'll be building my external sand filter on, except without the sponge inserts and mesh... If you're not confident about your leakproofing ability and don't want one taking up space internally, go with the manufactured one... if you are slightly handy and want it faster, and at less than 1/4 cost this option will function just as effectively. Hope it helps.
  7. Of course that said, I wasn't aware of how they run things here on that subject until now so I'll try to keep that in mind. I never intend any debate as personal so we're clear, were all just interested in helping fish live better lives. Anyway, thanks for the welcome, aha I am rather passionate about my gilled children... (Is gilldern a word yet?) I'll be sure to make an introducton post soon.
  8. Yeah, too many cooks in the kitchen type of idea. I certainly respect their experiences and knowledge, I have no doubt they are as competent as the next seasoned fish keeper, but I realize that quarantine cases are never really an exact science, it doesn't hurt to get input on alternate courses as long as it doesn't start getting destructive. It can always be taken or left as they'd like, but at the end of the day it's up to the owner to do what they believe is best for their pet. I wasn't really looking to press the issue any further its just a suggestion to consider, in the end if the fish gets better one way or another it's still a win none the less.
  9. Well hopefully Dutchess and co. get well soon.
  10. I actually have used this on my tanks in the past internally on my powerheads. Claimed to have about 400x surface area for the same amount of volume as k1 media... for my new setup I've been going entirely external with my equipment so I'm planning to build an external fluidized sand filter and splitting it with a flow valve off my main canisters return. With a tank your size they would recommend about 4L of k1 media so if this allegedly holds 400x the surface area like they say for the same volume of media... it shouldn't take much to become overkill, that's hardly a bad thing at all.
  11. I understand the idea, but if it's enough to effectively treat the fish in quarantine it should likely be enough to effectively treat the media as well? I suppose this maybe wrong, I've never had issues with my quarantine tanks this way, but I may not have experience with something so resilient. But I'd be just as concerned with the added effect of ammonia on the immune compromised fish while preparing to endure a rather lengthy stressful quarantine, I'm not at all questioning whether or not the treatment is being taken lightly, Im aware it's a quote serious matter. Assuming the tank goes without any of the bio then, were now in 1/3 the tank volume and water changes won't be available between certain intervals while dosing, even regularly tolerable ammonia buildup in the meantime will do the fish no favors. Unless they're also dosing with something to bind and neutralize the toxic build up daily I suppose.
  12. In my opinion, the heat shouldn't be any higher than the low 70s or so here. It's adding stress to an already comprimised fish. The gulping maybe caused by a lower dissolved oxygen content in the water. The higher the temperature, the more oxygen they need and unfortunately the less they actually have available to them in the water. Also making for a more optimal temperature zone for the parasites and or bacteria affecting the fish to multiply in. So temp down first of all. Second the quarantine setup, I saw a suggestion of running the quarantine filter media free... Carbon free obviously, but as for media free, I would be extremely wary of this because you already have a stressed fish, first they're sick with parasites and/or bacterial infections, then they're being dumped out of their home into a much smaller tank which most likely wasn't running beforehand or effectively cycled right, so ammonia isn't being processed and its in a smaller space, concentrating the pollution... Now dosing meds on top of this... I hope you see where it's going. It's a massive amount of stress for the fish to endure. And unfortunately the most important factor in disease prevention and control is stress, most fish with low stress and healthy immune systems can effectively fight these things off before they even become a problem. So take every measure to minimize it the best you can, I saw you intend to sterilize the media, I personally would never sterilize my bio media, use it in your quarantine and treat with your fish... But I wouldn't bleach it or boil it.
  13. Gnc, maybe the body shop or places like that should carry clove oil, possibly shoppers or some kinda pharmacy store might as well... I can't remember where exactly I got mine from but it was one of those health and beauty/supplement shops.
  14. I'd imagine it probably should be ok once it cured since it's just a little mark anyway, however if you're still nervous about it take some sand paper to it and simply sand it off
  15. The volcano gods may not be very pleased, but by then you'll be long gone with their precious golden sand. haha. In all seriousness though, that would make for an amazing souvenir, wouldn't it... but it's also likely got some permanent buffers or possible contaminants in it that may not agree with your aquariums parameters.
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