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  1. ok, Now i am going to breed my fishes coming Saturday morning,  I have  purchased brine shrimp eggs, live plants and started feeding my mature male and female just one thing is bothering me what size tank would be appropriate cause i have a spare tank just of 5 gallon would that be fine or need more, suggest me i can afford for a big one if needed. my female is 7 inches with big stomach so could lay more than thousands of eggs.





  2. hi,

    Today i tried hand spawning after research of 3 yrs. Everything was going good like sexing them hand pressing all good but a single mistake ruined my all eggs and that was i firstly did everything in a bucket and tried to pour the eggs to the small aquarium which i prepared just to make eggs hatch . The eggs stuck to bucket and couldnt be poured to tank so i had no second chance so i tried to shift eggs with hand and all eggs got spoiled. I would have make spawn eggs directly to tank that would sure saved my eggs, next Saturday i will do it again but not with same fish i have one more pair , will post update.

  3. Well that was very nice to say... thank you :)


    Yes Yes more of a side view of that back tail... We are all wondering if its forked or lobed :)

    SInce Handsome is the most active Amongst his mates i couldn't click a good one but i tried. 3 photos have been uploaded.




  4. You will not be able to tell the gender of a goldfish just by looking at a photo of the fish. We would need to see clear photos of the pectoral fins, the vent (rectum), and know if the fish has shown breeding tubercles or layed eggs in the past.

    Hi chelseam, i have posted some photos plz help me if you got time, Thanks in advance.

    no 1 "phuchi"



    no 2 "Nakaali"



    no2 "Nakaali" 2nd shot


    no3 "Aanday"



    no3 "Aanday" 2nd shot


  5. But I would love one more photo of this fish side ways so we can see that tail. :)

    I am very glad to see you in my post. I really appreciate your site,and people over here. They are very helpful and i am learning so much from here. NO words can explain how i feel like being here. Thank you from my bottom of heart. Keep it up. In future i will also help new comers. Here it goes a side view of my fish, it is quite blur if it wont work i will post a new again tomorrow right now i m in office.



  6. Thank you so much guys now in few day i will capture and upload new video. yesterday i got a new "The upper part ecotypic filter" and installed it now trying to add more light so dont forget to see my next video/. But as well canister filter is my dream filter type will get that within next year.

  7. Hi,

    guys if you like to see how goldfishes change the color, watch my videos from part 1 to 4. well 4th part is not yet captured but will be captured and shown to you but before that i need some good suggestions.

    part 1


    part 2


    part 3



    well i m totally new here and i dont know whether i am supposed to show my youtube videos here so if it is not legal please forgive me and let me know i will immideately delete everything.

    Thank you


  8. Hey guys i really appreciate your suggestions, And i got a great news, a big lesson i got yesterday , Actually Ami have turned white and rest of my goldfishes have been quite faded just from 2 weeks back and i found the reason. I do lot of research and give plenty of time to my fishes although buzyness too , Lets get to the point. I regularly check every thing regarding aquarium setup and i found power filter was also running but yesterday i realised that the filter was not that much poweful as it used to be so i disembled it and fit it again it worked fine for few minutes but still stoped throwing power so i checked it today now it completely ruinned. I gotta change it cause i dont wanna take risk.guys dont misunderstand everything was fine and still fine filter stopped working just a minutes back although slowly it was working before. I will immideately get a new one so lets see what happen next. So the lesson is dont just check the filters are working or not we even have to check whether it is running full power or not for that you have to remember its performance when it was brandnew.

  9. Ami likely will not turn back to her original color. Goldfish change color at least once in their lives. She may change again, but not back to what she was before.

    Thank you very much for your information and you called ami she is it true i actually dont know is Ami boy of girl.so sweet of you.

  10. Hi,

    This is rijen from Nepal neighbour contry of china. My goldfish Ami Has totally changed its color for a week. i have posted two photos one was taken 2014-7-1 and one 2015-4-6. its very active yet and have not stopped eating nor playing. what might happened to it help me out guys.. It was golden before and white nowadays First photo was taken when i used to feed Hikari gold but nowadays its not available anywhere in nepal so i have started feeding kanshou probiotic pellet its result could it be that reason.      Before





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