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  1. Here goes the latest pics of my kid 1 year old
  2. I lost the mummy fish ,,, when i came back from office i saw mummy fishes one eye was totally gone and the other was blooped out i was shocked wht why ?? ,,,, Immediately i changed 25% water because i thought might there be any toxins in water or bacteria which i changed 2 days back . but when i did all then i saw the eggs and then i came to know what must have happened. whatever mummy fish was though swimming, I felt like she must be suffering in pain so i ran to medicine shop and bought clove oil and euthanized her. I had two known male among them i gifted one "patali" to my brother now i have "Tattey" but on the bad day i found that the one big size goldfish which i have shown you all already named "Handsome" is also male who is very strong and must have pushed her to the the rocks resulting brust her eyes, I am sorry Andey i couldnt save you may god keep you safe in heaven.
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