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  1. Here goes the latest pics of my kid 1 year old
  2. I lost the mummy fish ,,, when i came back from office i saw mummy fishes one eye was totally gone and the other was blooped out i was shocked wht why ?? ,,,, Immediately i changed 25% water because i thought might there be any toxins in water or bacteria which i changed 2 days back . but when i did all then i saw the eggs and then i came to know what must have happened. whatever mummy fish was though swimming, I felt like she must be suffering in pain so i ran to medicine shop and bought clove oil and euthanized her. I had two known male among them i gifted one "patali" to my brother now i have "Tattey" but on the bad day i found that the one big size goldfish which i have shown you all already named "Handsome" is also male who is very strong and must have pushed her to the the rocks resulting brust her eyes, I am sorry Andey i couldnt save you may god keep you safe in heaven.
  3. Hey guys back again its been so long not been here due to some works,. feeling glad to tell you all that i stil have one which is doing great grown up so young,, will upload a pic tomorrow may be .
  4. Finally crossed 2 and half months. Now color changing is seen.
  5. one and half months old , Brine shrimp stopped just feed grinned sinking pellets. Ranchu have one of eye too small due to which it have not straight swimming though is enjoying his life and i don't want to interfere .All four of them are lucky to survive god bless them.
  6. Well day 28 is running and all are doing fine eating a lot of powdered lionhead sinking pellets, hunting on freshly hatched brine shrimp. One of them who is ranchu has not grown much comparatively with rest of three fantails and it is not straight swimming though it looks happy itself so i think there is no need to cull. any suggestions will be taken positively so don't hesitate go for it i need it. day 28
  7. correction: carrier=career . these guys are doing well they have been feed fresh hatched brine shrimp everyday, dried blood worms every next day and sinking pellets crushed as well as powdered thrice a week. Now my next step will be adding some veggies in their diet. One problem is detected, one of them who probably could be Ranchu have bit curved body and rest of all are superb. But i wont be culling it until and unless a sign of suffer is seen.Because we have plenty of space for four of them.
  8. Got the green egg hurray...................... so happy. Thank you so much koko and all of you for such a loving support without all of your help this failure guy wont have such a lovely buddies(fry) as well as breeding eggs, Since i m going good with this stuff i m believing more hard like if we dream about something and act to possess then easily or hardly, soon or lately you will definitely get that. I am actually a professional drummer but i don't know might be some kind of depression or what i lost whole enthusiasm about drumming though i own Music academy in town, my whole day goes out in managing kind of stuff. From today sep 1st 2015 i will be playing drums once again and promise to keep it never ending god bless me. This is the day i wont forget i got green eggs as well as some hope towards my Carrier .
  9. Guys feeling so proud to know that i m the first to breed goldfish in my country, I went to most of the repute pet shops all around and according to them few of them have tried but failed , all the goldfishes are imported from either china or Bangkok . new update photos will be uploaded within few hours, till the chill enjoy.
  10. Now by the help of this wonderful site lots of us have started breeding our own.For future reference, better assumption, moreover in order to preserve good quality fish we need to share the photos of our family photos of goldfish. Mine are still too young as they will reach 3 months old i will upload the whole family photos of them . Note: please do-not upload any fake families as well as if you are not sure who the parents are.
  11. Here again , parents photo please? I have started researching for good assumption on what we can expect from individual parents.
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