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  1. Silicone arrived today. I will do the resealing tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.
  2. Thank you all for well-wishes and tips! I'm currently emptying the plants from the tank, going to stuff them into a bucket with some water and hope for the best. My filter media (some of it at least) is in another bucket with airstone to keep water moving. I Hope this will be enough to keep at least some bb alive :-/ Next I'll have to take out the sand and dirt, and hopefully somewhat separate them in two buckets. And keep up with waterchanges in goldfish emergency housing. I've watched about hundred videos of resealing the tank so far. Now I just hope scooping out the sand won't reveal crack instead of seal problem.
  3. Yes, the tank is empty now. Well, as far as I can get before scooping out my sand and plant substrate. That is job for tomorrow. The leak is definitely the tank, though, the filters are placed too far from where it is leaking for it to be one of them in any way. Glad to hear there is hope for resealing though.
  4. So, about ten minutes ago I realized the low front end of my 500liter (132 USG) is leaking. The trouble in most likely the seal (that is currently hidden by stand edge and sand at teh bottom of the tank). I am keeping all fingers crossed that it is not crack at the bottom. the whole front of the tank stand is dripping water. I have moved all my five goldfish (all roughly 10 grams/ 2inch in size) to temporary holding tank and am in progress of emptying the tank as fast as I can from the water, having unplugged all the electric devices. Obviously this is somewhat unpleasant surprise to me, but probably not entirely unexpected as I bought the tank second-hand bit under a year ago. My question is this: If it is seal problem, is it plausible to fix this tank by going over the seams with aquarium safe silicon? The tank is rimless, in case it has any difference and I have never in my life seamed anything. I would obviously prefer this as it would presumably be cheaper than to buy new tank of roughly same size, but if it can't be done I can dip into my emergency savings... And I'd be grateful for anyone who has any suggestions regarding the goldfish and the filters, my poor plants or any other things I might have overlooked in my considerable haste to prevent this amount of water to explode into our living room.
  5. So sorry to hear about this Phil, you seem to have bout of bad luck. I hope speedy recovery and better luck your way!
  6. I personally just use my fingers when I do handfeed them. Obviously I wash my hands before and after putting them into tank. I have seen some of the capsules you can get toys in (those machines where you put coin in and get capsuled toy/ring/whatever) have small softly rounded holes at one end. I'll try and see if I have any laying around for picture. Maybe use something like that for treatball if you can find any.
  7. I feed my goldies Soilent Green as staple. I make it as per advice (1:3 powder-water as I like bit softer gel). My goldies are all small still (biggest is about 10 grams) so I just need like eggcup of food per week. I make enough food for a week, then keep it in fridge in airtight tube. I chop it up to smaller bites for my goldies. For the amount I feed several times a day (I work at home atm) about 3% of combined body weight of all five goldies in total per day.
  8. I've been reading around and there are some type of nitrate filters (one brand I have ran into around fish forums is Pozzani and it isn't too expensive either, about £50), but I kinda want to hear what are opinions of people here and my love isn't too keen on idea of buying tap-filter. He thinks I am just fussy :/ Other option mentioned are chemical nitrate removal tablets etc, and veggie filter both of which I am doing more research on right now, though they both seem bit counterproductive if I'll be first adding nitrate to tank during water change, then removing them with filtration? I don't know. I am too new in fishkeeping to have formed informed opinion yet.
  9. The situation is getting worse. During last few days, the tap water nitrates have raised up to 30ppm (the colour us between 20 and 40ppm). The tank is stable at about 15-20ppm, but tomorrow should be my waterchange day. Help?
  10. Thank you for all your help again. I will definitely take a look in this veggie filter and see how to go about it. I really just wanted to make sure my waterpuppies are safe and as comfortable as I can do under the circumstances.
  11. Thank you very much. I'll keep close eye on them then, while the tapwater (hopefully) returns to normal.
  12. So tested the water again today. Tap: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 15ppm (I assume it is between 10 and 20, I am having really hard time telling the difference) I did water change on my tank on Monday and the parameters today are: Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 15ppm (again the same trouble with colours). What's the highest "safe" amount I can have in tank? I keep seeing mixed information with either 20ppm or 40ppm.
  13. Thank you very much for the help. I'll get back to you tomorrow
  14. I will do that. It has just never changed this much before, not even with the rains we get so I kinda paniced :/ I believe out water source is lake and river water so I suppose the rains have affected it. Also can someone edit my title since I obviously can't to say from Ammonia to Nitrate? Also do you still want pictures, I don't know how good quality I can manage (only have old cell) but I can get some I guess?
  15. I was just about to edit. I meant Nitrate instead of ammonia. I am really sorry for the confusion, my brain just glitched. The Ammonia is 0ppm.
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