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  1. thanks! will do! it's been consistent so far.
  2. well, it seems like Edward's behavior is back to normal. the chemical burn on his dorsal fin is also gone. is there anything i can do now to help his fin tears heal faster?
  3. hi again. i did a 15% WC today because the water was a bit cloudy. still dosing with the salt and dechlorinator here's a video of how Edward is currently behaving. you can skip to about 0:53 to see how even though he is active he is still having trouble. every once in a while he still swims around the tank but it's brief. here are some pictures of him today. http://imgur.com/j3Uzd1y http://imgur.com/1q02x6Q http://imgur.com/TJEwHay in the last picture you may be able to see the hole in his tail near the back.it looks like a tear. no more tearing or damage has occured to his tail for a few days now so i assume the algaefix and whatever else may have been hurting him has been completely wiped out.
  4. he is trying to eat on his own again today which is nice to see. he still hasn't left the bottom of the tank, though. edit: i just saw him swim to the top of the tank for the first time in a week!
  5. one thing i noticed today is sometimes he lifts his dorsal fin, then he starts twitching and it goes back down. i've seen him twitch in the past but these seemed more violent.
  6. so, finally some good news here, i had trouble with the syringe but instead i tried just feeding him by hand and he ate out of my hand! so he is interested in food again. he didn't eat as much as he normally does but it's a start. i did my best at doing what she did in the video. Edward does not really like me to do this and he swam away a few times. i did not try to stop him because, well, his fins are in very bad shape. they are red and shredded and there is even a hole in his back fin. he can swim just fine but it almost looks like he has been bullied and nipped at despite the fact he is alone in the tank. i felt like if he struggled too much they might get worse. anyway, his belly feels soft, i would not say it feels firm.. it's not like squishy there is a bounce back but it's not like in the video. i looked at both of his gills. they are supposed to be a flush red, right? they look white and red to me. i don't know what these things mean but i assume not good. outside of this i'm not sure what else to say besides he's pretty much the same. sitting at the bottom, not much activity. he is more active than he was a few days ago. but far from normal behavior. i feel like he is getting better but he won't ever be the same.
  7. ok thanks. just for a frame of reference i have not seen him eat in almost 6 days and have attempted to feed him twice and he has refused.
  8. hmm ok i will try this tonight although he has not been very cooperative in the past in this way, although being as docile as he is lately maybe it will be easier. i don't think Edward is doing well, still. while his stomach looks better, he is still not interested in food, and bits of his fins have fallen off. the chemical burn on his top fin is still there. idk if this is something that can go away though. i am continuing to monitor the water, the nitrates are down to 10ppm and everything else still at zero. is there maybe a way to force feed a fish or is this a bad idea? i'm just afraid that he will die of starvation first before anything.
  9. i don't have a good feeling about Edward's health. he has been very still since last night, has not moved from the spot i saw him in before i went to sleep. very little movement besides his mouth. tried to feed him but no interest. he has not eaten in it ~4-5 days now. seems his slime coat is still deteriorating despite the WC and salt. i am wondering if maybe it's better to move him out of this tank and into a quarantine with water specifically meant to treat this. the only problem is that the biggest thing i have to do this is a 6 gallon planted tank that currently has no fish in it. i also have a 2 gallon bucket.
  10. ok, i have added more salt today. will report again tomorrow. still bottom sitting, not eating, but he is 'breathing' more normally now.
  11. thank you nitrate levels today: 15ppm Edward's head seems a little better but this back side of his abdomen seems strange to me. i'm not sure where to proceed from here.
  12. no more algaecide for me. ok, so i did 100% WC with the salt and dechlorinator. i will report on progress tomorrow.
  13. i have been running the same filter ever since he was young and the only time there was ever a problem was when he got dropsy..which was caused by a friend looking after my fish while i was away for 2 weeks. thanks for letting me know, though. i have never aerated my tank, but there is an air stone at the bottom. i will continue the WC today to bring it 100% and get out all the algaefix. i do have aquarium salt. thank you. i second ditching the algaefix. this is the exact product which brought the identical symptoms to my goldfish. thankfully i was around to notice it happening and acted fast to remove that product from my tank. it took a few days to a week before the slime coat of my fish was beginning to repair and about a week or so until they started behaving normally again. this is too bad, because the product worked very well. i'm glad i know now that it is harmful. Here is a better picture of Edward today. Another thing I noticed is that his belly is oddly shaped near the back. He has always had kind of an oddly shaped belly ever since recovering from dropsy but it looks more warped than usual. I don't know what this means. Also, the bubble inside of his eye was caused by his dropsy as well. It never disappeared.
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