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  1. This is the 40 gallon I was talking about in the other thread. I tried to keep it vague since I don't have a pond yet so the details might change. I am looking at Tuff Stuff 40 gallon stock tank currently. The dog is 75lbs and perfectly willing to prop his feet up on something to see whats inside it so I'd have to raise it up to 3 feet or so to keep him out. Some sort of attractive fencing might work. Thankfully the dining room furniture is already mis-matched due to being inherited from different people. So as long as it looks nice I can get away with something that doesn't match style-wise.
  2. So I am trying to figure out how to make a cover for an indoor pond. It needs to be attractive because its in my dining room. It needs to keep my dog out of the pond. He's not likely to start fishing but he would definitely drink from it left to his own devices. It also needs to be open enough to allow the water from the plants hanging over the pond to drip back into the pond. Those plants are doing my filtration for me so a lot of water comes down through the system over the course of the day. Does anyone have suggestions? Any picture of pretty pond covers that others have would be awesome, even if they wouldn't work for me I'm sure they will give someone ideas.
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