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  1. I keep snails in all my tanks so covers are best for them to prevent escapes,While I would love a big splash, I would like to do this indoors so minimal splash would be a must.
  2. Does the water return have a wide spray? Just wondering how much of a splash I'd get with a narrow but long tank. I assume it would need to be an open top?
  3. That looks so awesome! I so have podium holder and flower pot ideas for my new indoor fish fountain that I am inevitably going to make my hubby build now! And flowers in the top! Oh I soooo love this idea!!Question, will it work with any other size aquariums?
  4. I use pool filter sand in my tanks, I get it at a local pool supply store for about 10$ a 50pound bag. It's a heavy course grain it reminds me of rice. It sinks straight down, I've never had it caught in my filter and my intakes are low, and it even vacuums well. It's a white beachy looking sand though.
  5. Thanks! Lol I really thought I wouldn't have to put so much money in this one... After all I had other tanks already with left overs.... So far I've spent more on this "freebie" Goldie tank than all my others. BTW I saw your pimped out 110 thread, does the biohome media make a big difference compared to other bio media? I think I may steal part of your filter set up.
  6. I would have been all over that if I was shopping and didn't already have my two. I will definitely keep it in mind for the next time I'm shopping though.My tank had came with a cannister filter and I just bought a new aqua clear for "additional" support. Once I got the cannister and the other hob filter that came with the tank cleaned and went to put in the filters I found they didn't run so well. (This tank etc was second hand and supposed to have everything) So far I've ended up having to replace everything but the tank itself and stand, which I refinished.
  7. Both intakes are currently about 1 foot away for one and 5 inches for the other from the corner. (The intake is on the far left side of the units) In the middle is the sponge filter.
  8. Definitely, a cannister was just not in the budget though
  9. I'm more interested in the best flow/ less stress positions for the fish. I can make a canopy to hide the filters. The problem I have with putting them on the sides ,(which was my first choice) is they won't fit with my glass cover at the sides, only the back. So I was hoping the corners would be close enough?
  10. I have two Aquaclear 70 hob filters in my 55 Goldie tank along with an internal sponge filter. What is the best placement for the two hob? One on each opposite side of the tank (which is where they are now) or side by side with each other in the middle or both on one end? Or does it even matter? Thank for any assistance.
  11. I've got the stingray on two of my tanks and am very happy with them, but I've also only had them a couple months. One replaced an ancient, second hand, single bulb, florescent which came with my second hand 55 tank. The other replaced the super cheap built in led lighting on a 10gal set hood/light combo. There were clearly visible improvements over both of my previous fixtures. Price was a big deciding factor for me after already having spent so much on everything else, these seemed like the best I could find for the price point. Again I don't know how it will be in the long run but for now I'm very pleased which is why I went back and upgraded the second tank.
  12. I actually have bought a ton online but this guy off eBay had the best priced, largest and they were all the most healthy plants that I have bought from anywhere. The ludwiga was so tall it came already to the top of my tank. Jdaquatics13 http://www.ebay.com/usr/jdaquatics13?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754
  13. Just for future reference 1:3 peroxide dip did kill the anacharis.
  14. My 4 came from 2 different local mom and pop stores, 2 from each one. 2 of them are just behemoths that are growing rapidly and putting on serious "bulk" extremely quickly. Perfect health, the only problem is one likes to be a bit of a bully and the other one actually takes up for the two smaller fish. So the two big ones have a disagreement every time A-hole(yes that's his name unless the kids are around then it's Bully) picks on the little ones... cause then Choji jumps in and picks on A-hole. The other two however are Lily the small ryukin, she was one of the first fish I got but all the rest have outgrown her. And Obito, he was the last fish and already starting to outgrow lily. Lily acted sickly at the store but something about her just pulled my heart strings and I had to take my chances.. She has a "quirk" in her tail and both of her gill covers are flipped up the wrong way leaving her gills perma exposed. And sure enough she spent twice the time in quarantine because she would "top sit" and show clamped fins, and constipation signs... Once she finally came out of quarantine though she has been happy and super healthy but does still show some early tell tell signs of swimbladder. Obito is the happiest and most excitable fish I have but had what looked like a small tumor pop up, then go away. The funny part is one perfectly healthy and one iffy fish came from each store The ones on the left from local shop A, the ones on the right from local shop B
  15. Oh i can just imagen ich found on toung [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23]I LOVE this
  16. I'm not concerned about snails, I have them myself. But it's a new batch I just bought and I can already see some red worm creatures after soaking it in tap water. So parasites/diseases. I've never picked up pp before since I'm fairly new at plants so I haven't had to dip too many delicates. The peroxide worked on the other stuff so I didn't have to run to the store.
  17. Title says it all, I usually dip in 1:3 ratio peroxide to water solution, but I hear anacharis is particularly delicate with dips... So does anyone know if I can use the peroxide?
  18. What gets me about sites and pages like that is that they become so popular and spew so much wrongful information and it gets heralded as fact not because of any proof or legitimacy to their claims... But because it's an easier and more convenient option for them, so people choose to believe it over facts.
  19. Thank you guys so much for all the help! I really appreciate all the input, I was definitely feeling a little lost. While I am having some challenges I'm glad I finally decided to go for a planted tank though and a goldfish one at that!
  20. Also I have some anacharis arriving today that I was planning to let grow on the top since I read that's where it does best... Would that count as my floaters? If not what would you recommend? I've tried duckweed but my well fed boys who don't touch any of the other plants ate it all in 2 days. I'm already ordering the crypts Mama suggested earlier I may as well through some floating ones in too if I need.
  21. I don't live close, but oh how that offer is tempting lol!Although I have grown very fond of Choji and Obito now so it's not to bad
  22. I do have the Repens already and they are doing fantastic. So is 6 hours the photoperiod I need to be using? Also does it matter what time of day I have the "lights on" period at? Before, during, or after the natural sunlight hours?
  23. My husband claims to HATE goldfish... We have them in the outdoor family pond with koi etc but for our tanks all he kept saying was NO goldfish... Since I have some medical issues and he does almost ALL the matinence, I had agreed to only have tropicals... Then my brother in law gave us a 55gal complete with stand and everything. So I whined and whined for my goldfish until he caved lol. I knew 2-3 was all I wanted for it to keep them in a roomy home. I went Goldie shopping every week until I found the perfect two and was saving the last spot for a long finned solid white fantail or ryukin.... Then hubby comes home with two short tailed calico fantails.... These poor fish were the two ugliest little fantails I've ever seen! Not only did I not get my elusive white fantail I had been wanting for years (because of course when I found it the tank hadn't finished cycling yet) but now We have one more fish that I was comfortable with having in there! But he loves them lol he named them after his anime and tries to tell them all the time to eat my two if they get out of line lol. So yes while I'm overstocked and can't handle a new tank ATM every time I see a beautiful white Goldie I sigh and wonder if just one more tank is when he is going to draw the line and divorce me..
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