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  1. Thank you both! Helen I don't know what I would have done without you holding my hand through this whole ordeal! I was so scared through some of this! I definately realize just how lucky I've been to not have had any major issues before. I still think it all started with that spike from that potted dirted amazon sword. I can't believe I was so stupid not to put a canvas guard over the sand cap from the beginning. Again thank you so much! It's so good to see my guys swimming happily again!
  2. Just checking in, things seem to be still going well, the patch on Stripes' head is slowly fading but not as quickly as I'd like. The black is almost all gone out of Lily's tail. I also just picked up a 72 bowfront tank today that as soon as I refinish will be their new home so I can keep them all 4 together again, rather than spread out between the 55 and 40s. (I know it's not quite 80 but I'm getting there) I'm actually shopping around trying to find a 180 gallon so I can have all the golds and Loaches together. In the mean time should I continue to leave Stripes be? Or dip him since it's such a slow fade?
  3. Also what is some recommend filter options for a 180 goldfish tank? The tank would have 5 fantails/ryukin and 6 Dojo Loaches.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to upgrade. Really we want a 180+ gallon Aquarium or at least close. For all my 55 and under tanks I always hit up the pet stores on their 1$ per gallon sales but they don't apply to bigger. Is there any certain times or stores I should be looking to find a decent price? (Example should I wait till black friday, etc..) I'm already checking Craigslist daily and my local fb sell/trade groups. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  5. If you feel comfortable that he is OK without the dip I believe I will hold off just since they have been the so much already. That way he avoids any more stress. If you feel at all like I should dip him though I will start right away.
  6. Here are this mornings pics. The white patch on Stripes seems a little lighter to me but I can't really tell if it's wishful thinking or actual improvement. The bottom two pictures show Lily's tail (She is the red ryukin that was belly up and getting stuck to the filter). It has slowly been developing a black hue on it since the meds. All the fish are acting healthy again, they are all active, no clamping at all now, and they have had a HUGE boost in appetite. Start the dips or wait?
  7. Thank you Helen, that offer means alot I came on here to give good news while the patch still looks the same to me (but I'm posting pics and a video to see if you can tell a difference) by yesterday afternoon he was still clamped but he was up and swimming around all evening. By this morning he is swimming as much and well as the others and he is no longer clamed most of the time (and when he is is not nearly as tightly) My husband will be home in about 2 hours. Should I be ready to start the dips then? <a href="http://s1081.photobucket.com/user/Sereya_Dawn_Sims/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Photo%20Collage%20Maker_HNXcAD_zpsvo0z0dco.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j347/Sereya_Dawn_Sims/Mobile%20Uploads/Photo%20Collage%20Maker_HNXcAD_zpsvo0z0dco.png" border="0" alt=" photo Photo Collage Maker_HNXcAD_zpsvo0z0dco.png"/></a>
  8. OK Helen, I will. Thank you yet again. I'll keep a super close eye on him and if it spreads at all without the meds I'll go ahead and attempt things myself. Sometimes it really sucks not to be able to trust yourself..
  9. OK, I'll do this at 4pm this evening if there's no decrease/improvement or it's spread more. It's 8am here now so that's in 8 hours and will give him a full 24 hours out of the meds. Does that sound OK? It will also give my husband time to get home to help me set everything up since I have neurological problems and have a rough time carrying anything especially if it's breakable or fragile. I'd hate to drop the poor guy or a tank. If needed immediately though I'll do it myself and hope for the best.
  10. He has actually started swimming a good bit more just since my last post. He has eaten pretty well. Would it be.OK to hold off on moving him for just a little bit to see if it was just a bad reaction to the meds? If not I'll go ahead and move him now. There's pics I just took to show his head.
  11. Yeah I can put him in a hospital tank, will a 10 do? Or do I need to find room for my 20? By the way, all the spreading on his head happened before the meds were taken out. He has been pretty steady since, but this morning he is swimming to get food so a little improvement.
  12. I did the water changes and.removed the tetracycline today. 3 of the fish seem great and like their old selves again. Those spots on stripes through spread to cover the top of his head and he is back to bottom sitting and clamped. I'll post a video shortly.
  13. OK good, that's what I was hoping to be able to do. I just want to say thank you Helen you have been so very kind through this whole ordeal and everyone has been so great and helpful. I suppose I should consider myself lucky I've never had to deal with problems like these before with my tanks. The worst I had ever had to do in all the years before this was the occasional fin rot from buying my bettas in cups and flukes that weren't very bad at all. It's scary.
  14. So far all the fish have shown improvement. But Stripes has given me a new worry now.... Can you guys let me know if this is something else I need to worry about or just part of the process? Here are the status rundowns on them all at the moment... They all are now eating again... Choji - has been a champ through the whole process he has been barely acting like nothing was wrong through most of it. Lily - who was floating belly up and getting stuck to the filter with all that crap on her tail is now swimming around like nothing is wrong, and her tail almost looks normal. Bully - who was one of the healthier ones with Choji was the one that showed the eye bulging though and has been bottom sitting ever since, but his eyes do look normal again, and this morning he started back eating with the rest of them and moving around. Stripes - was the other one that had massive trouble swimming, constantly bottom sitting and the bloody smears on his belly The bloody smears/red belly area is completely gone now and looks normal. The small white fungus looking patches he had at his fin are gone now. He is eating now and looking a bit more active.... BUT this morning I'm seeing two white areas on the top of his head that look almost like the calcium/salt water spots you can get on the tank when you drip some salt water and it dries. Sorry that's the best way I can think of to describe it. Today will be the last and 4th dose of the Tetracycline. Is there something else going o. With these new patches? <a href="http://s1081.photobucket.com/user/Sereya_Dawn_Sims/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Photo%20Collage%20Maker_oTi8jB_zps2x9uwmd3.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j347/Sereya_Dawn_Sims/Mobile%20Uploads/Photo%20Collage%20Maker_oTi8jB_zps2x9uwmd3.png" border="0" alt=" photo Photo Collage Maker_oTi8jB_zps2x9uwmd3.png"/></a>
  15. I've got furan 2 and kanaplex coming from amazon. I already keep meth blue, salt, prazi pro, api and jungle fungus and parasite meds, (I can never remember which brand is which one for these) And my local store is 5 mins from me and they keep erythromycin, general cure, and Tetracycline. Should I order the other stuff to keep on hand?
  16. Hopefully I'll never have to deal with something like this again, but just in case what's the preferred antibiotic to have on hand?
  17. Hopefully it's not just wishful thinking on my part, here's a video. <a href='http://s1081.photobucket.com/user/Sereya_Dawn_Sims/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20160215_093148_zps41zeo5z7.jpg.html'><span rel='lightbox'><img src='http://i1081.photobucket.com/albums/j347/Sereya_Dawn_Sims/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20160215_093148_zps41zeo5z7.jpg' alt='Posted Image' class='bbc_img' /></span></a><iframe id="ytplayer" class="EmbeddedVideo" type="text/html" width="640" height="390" src="http://youtube.com/embed/rxK0tu81Ch4?html5=1&fs=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen /></iframe>
  18. I just now tested my tap and the tank with the meds in it. My tap is testing at 6.6 pH My tank with meds is at 7.8-8 Will the meds raise the pH? Is this still effective? I had already started the meds yesterday morning around 8 am, I was afraid to wait any longer when I saw the bulging start and increased white poops. Lily the gold ryukin who was going belly up so bad and had the worst tail is doing remarkably better this morning, she is swimming upright and even unclamped off and on and her tail looks better.
  19. I actually went and picked up some Tetracycline early this morning and began treatment with it today because when I woke up some of them had the beginning of some eye bulging going on. I hope this is the correct stuff? All the symptoms I had seen in the fish matched the box better than the other antibiotics I looked at in the store. Koko any time I have tested the pH in the tap compared to before a water change it's usually spot on and they usually handle large changes well, but I hadn't tested the tap in awhile so it's possible, plus I had all the salt in before those large changes so I thought that may contribute as well...
  20. I had just used cheap acrylic that can be scraped off for the back if I ever wanted to change in black. Was wanting to do the bottom probably black as well. Would probably do something like spray paint on the bottom though.
  21. My goldfish tank is my display tank in my front room, it is a huge focal point as soon as you come in. I'm tired of dealing with the sand though and would like to go barebottom. The problem comes in with the brace/trim. The back of my tank is painted black with of course the spots that dripped under the trim while painting it. Then of course how am I going to get under the brace? I'm not quite comfortable enough with the thought of dismantling the tank to paint under them. I'm afraid I'll hurt the integrity of the tank. Does anyone have any creative solutions for me?
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