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  1. Yeah, I was pretty upset. Ren is doing much better now though at least, he is actually swimming right side up and not being blown around anymore.
  2. I lost the little one Stimpy just now this morning.
  3. So just for clarification, I am now ditching the metro, triple Plex and Epson salt altogether. I am starting treating the water with kanaplex (every other day for 7 days) and paraguard(soon as it gets here) and doing salt dips outside of the tank (daily) Correct? Thanks so much everyone for the help with these guys, they have just touched me so much. They lived for a year in those conditions while 2 of his other goldfish and 80% of the tank died around them. They are survivors and I'm just not ready to give up on em yet.
  4. Yeah he did well with the the salt, it's the other that pineconed. I understand the euthanasia I just so wanted to save these guys and give them the chance at a better life. I do have kanaplex on hand, I can order/get some paraguard
  5. I'm looking for a tub now, The edging and sides of his fins are turning grey/black. There is also massive amounts of clear stringy poop showing up since last night.
  6. Things aren't looking good. Ren is just being blown around the tank.
  7. Gotcha thanks, how long do I leave him in the dip?
  8. Gotta love all the conflicting articles out there ≥< So just the metro and triple sulfa and epsom again? Since salt is out of the question atm.
  9. Costia is typically treated with heat over 86, prazi, and salt.
  10. First off some great news, Stimpy is no longer pineconed! They all went back flat. They are both actually swimming around now but Ren is still obviously very weak and tipping from time to time, but he rights himself and swims on. Still not seeing Ren eat, but he is struggling more with his mouth like he is trying to force it to work again Today was originally supposed to be their week follow up with the parasite guard, active ingredients prazi, diflubenzuron, metro and acriflavine. I also have general cure on hand, as well as prazipro and levisole. Please let me know if I need to add prazi to their medication cocktail or switch out the metroplex for general cure etc, I'm due to do their 100% water change very soon tonight. Again thank you for the help.
  11. Quick update, Stimpy is still the same, if anything some scales may have went down some. If nothing else at least they aren't worse. One side of his body is more prominent than the other but they are still not fully extended. Suprisingly he is very active though swimming and actually begging for food. Red however has developed new symptoms, his mouth is very red and irritated with a small flap starting to flap in and out as he breathes
  12. My husband made it out and picked up the triple sulfa, so they are currently being treated with metroplex, triple sulfa, and Epson salt. Gotcha on the dosage, thanks.
  13. Ok my husband made it out and picked up the triple sulfa, I have a question about replacing the meds after daily water changes. Do I put in for my 20 gal 2 packets initially, then water change the next day with 2 packets again or this time double the dose and have 4 packets in etc? I'm just not sure if the med concentration needs to stack as the treatment progresses.
  14. I have metroplex and general cure on hand but no oxy. I can order some from Amazon with 2 day shipping but to be honest I don't think I can drive out to get some... Myself, my husband and our toddler all have strep throat and have been going in and out with fevers ourselves.
  15. Along with the droopsy symptoms on Stimpy, (pineconed and bulging eyes,) Ren is also showing sore spots on his body. I've done two water changes to pull the salt out. Unless someone tells me otherwise I'm going to start droopsy treatment with epsom and kanaplex. I don't like to use so many meds and these guys are being put through the ringer but with dropsy I'm afraid to wait. Please let me know ASAP.
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