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  1. Ok.  

    I found some duckweed locally.  I can't get it until sunday.  The person I am getting it from says it is mixed in with salvinia.  Will that be ok?  I'm not up on water plants and want to separate the two plants.  Are they hard to tell apart?

  2. Ok. Thx Koko. I'll try to hunt down some duckweed. I'm bummed as my floaty ranchu was fine until the NLS hex. Like I told Jared, it was probably to much food and to many pellets.

    My bad trying to get them enough medicated food. He is just the biggest and fastest when it comes to food.



  3. Update. The floaty ranchu is fine when I fast him but even feeding him peas gets him floaty for a few hours. ARGH! Not as much yawning on the 4th day of kana and metro. My black ranchu still bottom sits at night.

    Also looks like a mini cycle. So I dose safe until tomorrow's water change.



  4. Ordered the Kanaplex Jared.  Another local fish store had some but it's over a half hour away each way with no traffic.  Don't have enough time at lunch to pick it up and my evenings are busy with my daughter.  I ended up having it mailed next day service for the same price as what it would cost me in gas picking it up with my truck.  Haha.

    Will be here wednesday.


    NLS Hex says 3 days twice a day.   So stop at 3 days?


    Two of my fish are floaty on the HEX.. Probably from being fed pellets twice today.  One is really struggling and kinda freaking out and can't stay down.  As soon as he stops swimming he shoots up to the surface like a balloon under water.  He is just floating at the top right side up.


    Should I skip peas for him while on hex?  Feel bad for him.   :idont 

  5. Thanks Jared.


    I'll dose the tank.  I think 3 packages plus what I have will be enough.  

    I think 5 grams doses 120 gallons.  

    So for 10 days I will need enough to dose 400 gallons.


    The biggest hospital tank I've ever used!   :fishtank    :lol3

  6. Awesome.  I will start tomorrow Jared.

    I have enough for one dosage for my tank.  I'll leave it in for 5 days and do a water change.  I can buy more Kana before the next water change.


    I will also start the Hex tomorrow.  


    Is it ok to keep my filters going?

    Never used it in my main tank before so I wanted to check.


    I'll turn my uv off and remove my purigen as well.


    I'll redose the kana after my next water change.  I'll split it up into 5 days so it'll add up to the 10 days.

  7. I did the fast.  2 days and 2 days of peas.  The poo was pea coloured.


    I've seen some stringy poo since then but not much.


    Can't catch them yawning  but it is still going on with all of them.


    Forgot to post I tested the water before today's water change.   Second water change since I finished the 16 days/4 doses of prazi and 3% salt.

    75% water change

    0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrate, 10 ppm nitrate




  8. Hi all.

    Another update.

    Still signs of yawning, surface gulping and bottom sitting.

    All of them seem to the yawning and surface gulping.

    The thai oranda and black ranchu bottom sit through out the day.


    All of them still get excited at feeding time though.

    Any ideas?

  9. Awesome. I will observe for a few days and report back Jared. Appreciate the feedback. It might also be the water change. My guys/gals hate huge water changes. Even though I use seachem safe. My water tends to degas even when I let it splash to hit the surface as I refill. It helps when I use a sponge filter and micron sock but doesn't eliminate it completely.



  10. It was until today's water change.  We have family coming into town to stay and I had to add the plecos back in.  My wife wasn't to happy about the hospital tank messing up the living area.  The oranda and black chu occasionally bottom sit and had through the entire treatment.  Actually the chu was even before.  I'll keep an eye on them. They don't seem active either. I've seen all them huddled in the same corner of the tank when I sneak up on them on multiple occasions.


  11. Another update.


    I finished the 4 round of Prazi and am doing a water change.  Still some yawning and surface gulping.  I will continue the prazi for another 2 doses in the 8 days as Jared suggested.


    If you think I should do something different, please let me know.  

    I'll hold off on adding the Prazi until tonight.  I'm on pst for time so it's n.oon now.





    I got my dad the same one for his 90 gallon.

    It is unbeatable for the price.  Very slim and no dark spots in the tank.


    I got lucky on eBay and got one of these.



    I couldn't believe I got it for under $40 usd shipped to my USA parcel service address.  The timer is awesome for when I go away.


    A huge plus for me with led's is that they use a lot less power and they do not get hot.  I don't even find that they heat up the water in the summer months.  Super efficient.

  13. Hi.

    Just an update.  I am on day 2 of the second round of prazi.

    Still some yawning, surface gulping, head shakes, fin flicking but I haven't noticed any bottom sitting.

    Also they seem lively and are eating well.


    I'll keep updating as I go.

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