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  1. Sorry Jared. I missed this post. We did the salt for 7 days 22 degrees. I think it's my cycle that is causing the bottom sitting now. I retested again today and the ammonia is at .5 again after only 5 days. I'm at a loss. With the eheim 2080, aqua clear 70 and a med sponge filter i am over filtered for an 80 gallon for sure. Oh well, I'll work at regaining the cycle and see how they do. Thanks.
  2. Oh and Congrats on your grand daughter!
  3. Sorry I missed this post. I also had a Pro 2. Looks like you have a 2028. You and speckles are correct, that is a flow rate indicator. It's great you found an o-ring that works. If I can suggest a few things. Everytime you clean the filter use plumbers silicone grease on the o-rings. The main canister to head 0-ring, the tube adapter to head o-rings...etc. I use a q-tip to apply it. It will keep the o-rings from drying out and helps seal the canister. Also be careful as the primer pump o-ring is notorious for leaking on the pro 2's & 3's if not maintained properly.. And it's very difficult to change as you have to take the head apart. What I do to keep it lubricated is to spray food grade silicone or even cooking spray like Pam around the base of the primer pump button so it flows into the top of the head. I then give the primer button about 10 -20 pumps to work in the silicone. It totally freed up my primer button and stopped the minor leak I had from there. It also made pumping the primer button way easier to press down.
  4. Thanks for reporting it Lisa. Hi Jared. Not sure what caused the cycle bump. So weird. Now I tested the ammonia it is how it was before in less that a week 0ppm. Could my cycle have caught up again? So we did the Pond Prazi and 3% salt which I had to cut the salt down as I had to put the plecos back with the main tank. We did 14 days of metro and 10 days of Kana. Seemed to help the yawning. Had a floaty fish and bottom sitting fish, three diff ones. I did the epsom for 8 days and that is when I lost the cycle? Weird but it seems to have caught up now. I still see yawning from 3 fish and occasional bottom sitting. No torn fins or anything. Occasional surface gulping throughout the day even when they haven't been fed for a few hours. My big ranchu is floaty after every meal as she surface gulps for a goof 20 mins after feeding. Even when I tap em every time he/she goes up to do it. I sat there for 20+ mins one time, tapping and pretend tapping the fish so she wouldn't surface gulp and she wasn't floaty then. But I can't do that every meal. Especially when I feed them before I head off to work. The epsom salt has been out for a few days already, almost a week. Poop doesn't seem to be issue as I do a lot of cleaning daily. Also I turned the uv light back on and have purigen back in my hob.
  5. Oh the ammonia was from only 2 days after I did the 80% water change before we left.
  6. Another update. 4 of the 6 fish were bottom sitting again. I went away for an overnighter so I did an 80% water change before I left. When I got back 4 of the fish were bottom sitting again. I tested the water and the ammonia was through the roof. I lost my cycle grrr. I'll keep an eye on them as I've done an 80% & 50%water change the last 2 days. They have perked up but are still yawning again as well.
  7. Thought I'd bump this up. How have you found them to work? I lost my cycle and am getting some for one of my baskets in my eheim 2080. I have Biochem stars in one basket and don't really like them. I have Substrat pro in my other basket. This filter is so large I only had enough media left over for one basket so I threw in left over Biochem stars in the second basket. Being slightly overstocked, I want to over filter my bio.
  8. Yes. I would think 3-4 scoops would be adequate. If you know your water parameters you could email Seachem. Very helpful company. They had told me 1.6-2 scoops but it wasn't enough. I could tell as my Goldies started bottom sitting midway through the refill. It will depend on how many ppm of chlorine or if you also have chloramines. You can Google your city's water. It should tell you.
  9. That area is great though. Southeast BC is beautiful.
  10. Your welcome. Did you get a measure with your Safe? If not and you don't have any Seachem med scoops. Email Seachem and they will mail you a pair.
  11. No worries. You will save a ton of money. I've been using mine for a year and haven't even put a dent in the 2.2 lb bottle haha.
  12. Hi Liz. I am in BC as well. Use 5 measures or just under 1/4 tsp for 80-90 gallons. The measures are the same as the ones that come with Seachem meds. Like Kana and Metro. I emailed Seachem and they told me 2 scoops but my fish hit the bottom of the tank during a water change. Bit was freaky so doubled it. They were fine after that. I know BC sometimes uses chloramines as well...at least the lower mainland does. Hope that helps.
  13. I really appreciate all the help Jared and koko's members. Such an awesome site. I'll report back.
  14. Ok sounds good. Any suggestions for feeding schedule? For food I have: NLS algae gel NLS Thera A+ Hikari Lionhead (haven't fed this in a few months, heard it causes floatiness) Frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp Maybe stay on the gel for now? I picked up duckweed and it is in quarantine for now. Should be ready for next Sunday after a week quarantine. Also after the remaining 4 days of is done, I'll turn my UV light back on and re-add my Seachem purigen. Will the epsom be bad for the plecos? I know it is in lower doses than even the 1% start of salting with aquarium salt. I got this quote from you Jared. Should I follow this after the metro is done? "1/4 Teaspoon of Epsom Salt per 10 gallons of water. Use until the constipation subsides or up to 8 days."
  15. Sounds good Jared. I normally don't feed them much anyways. I normally feed them 20 -25 NLS Thera A+ pellets total so 4 pellets each roughly. Or a cm cube of NLS gel food. They don't normally get more than one meal a day. I heard less is more. Once a week they get blood worms or brine shrimp in the evening. Also I feed them peas once a week and that is one of the once a day feedings. I thinking that's why the big guy started getting floaty on HEX as I was feeding twice a day as directed in the instructions on the bottle. Now he floats at the top of the tank right side up with his back touching the surface. He also has to swim pretty hard to stay under and floats right up after relaxing. He is also surface gulping a lot now. No more signs of yawing though. Oh and the ammonia is back to zero. I also cleaned the canister filter the day before the water change.
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