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  1. Thank you for the welcome Ammonia and everything have to be zero, for I do a 100% water change daily, and I jut did one 10 minutes ago. Filter is an aqeon 5 gallon normal hang-on filter. He's acting completely normal, I feed him blood worms, and tetra fun floating variety pellets. (I let them soak so they sink) and I am currently treating him with aquarium salt, and ick treatment as I believe he may have a mild case. Also I have Aqua safe water conditioner inside of his quarantine tank. He is acting very lively and healthy.
  2. Hello, I am a new member here at kokos goldfish forum. I created this account because, well... I have made some big mistakes, and I need help! I'm a younger teenager, and I'm still fairly new to fish keeping. Though I've done countless hours of research, I thought I knew everything you could know. That is until I stupidly didn't put a screen on my siphon, and my new little oranda baby swam head first into the siphon. His eye popped out of the socket. I was in shock, so I filled up a 5gallon tub, put a small amount of aquarium salt in it, stress coat, and water conditioner. I put him in the tub, and he seemed to be in shock. I asked on my Instagram account "ambersgoldies" what to do. No one in the fish community had a clue. I now do not know if I made the right impulse decision, but as it appeared the optic nerve and vessels were still attached, I thought the eye had a chance, so I gently put it "back" into place. After that I have left it completely alone. At first, nothing changed. Then it started healing, and looking great. I was extremely happy. Then I noticed a little dot in his eye that appeared to be blood. It got bigger and bigger, and now it's around almost his whole eye. (Note I do not know for sure if it is blood, or swelling, or infection.) he is swimming around lively, and eating, and other than his eye, he looks healthy. I am doing 100% water changes daily. He is 2 1/2 inches. I have 2 questions, 1, what do you think the red is, and 2, what steps should I now take? Thank you so much.
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