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  1. Quick question - Can I remove .3% salt in a 100% waterchange? Or is it too abrupt to remove all at once?
  2. Yes. Hard to say how they are doing with it though because they don't really show symptoms before dying
  3. Yes the med came and my last sick one looks a lot better now thank you. i think it might have been chilodonella because I found it in my fry tank
  4. It's filled to the top and they are one month old now
  5. They are in a bare bottom 20 gallon with a sponge filter
  6. I have been steadily losing a handful of fry everyday (out of 80). I crushed one near-dead fry under the scope and found what appears to be a Chilodonella infestation. I was never able to identify anything with my Jikin scrapes but I wonder if that could be what killed them.
  7. Thank you guys, it looks like my fish is getting better. He is eating voraciously I contacted angels plus and he fixed the dosing error. It's supposed to be 1/4 tsp per 10-50 gallons. He suggested I use 1/4 tsp per 20 gallons. It doesn't look like any of my other goldfish caught it so hopefully I'm out of the woods now.. and if not, at least I will have the meds ready
  8. Alrighty will do. One of the two died, but the remaining one actually looks a bit better.
  9. It looks like it was just packed by hand, no foil seal or anything, so I just wanted to check with you guys since the angelsplus site says something different
  10. http://www.angelsplus.com/MedsAntibiotic.htm
  11. Woohoo meds came early! So I went ahead and dosed it according to the container. The container says 1/4 tsp per 40 gallons everyday for 10 days with 25% wc before each treatment. The website says something way different. Like 1 tsp for every 10-50 gallons. Should I just keep following the first one?
  12. Ok will do! I happen to have both of those things on hand
  13. One of them is eating nls thera A pellets. The worse one isn't eating anything. Just sorta drifting around upside down cant wait until the other meds get here tomorrow!
  14. They are still not looking great but the one I thought was dying made it through the night Yes double dosing
  15. One of the two fancies looks very near death. He looked OK this morning and made it through all 5 minutes of 3% salt bath (I worked up to it this time - he had no problem with 2%). But he's not responding to being scooped up anymore. I moved him into his own tub for now so he doesn't get pushed around too much but he has very little gill movement. The other fancy looks alright. He's still eating and swimming but his gill movement looks exaggerated. I think I should stop with the salt baths. Should I try something else? The oxy will be here Friday. Do I just have to wait? This seems like its getting so bad SO fast. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  16. I have 5-7 tanks (some inactive on and off) all for goldfish.. since I usually share the siphon and do things like dip my hands in each tank all the time, they should all be pretty comfortable with each other's bugs by now.... The last new fish was months ago. Not everyone is sick but I guess I should probably invest in a few other siphons huh??
  17. yes unfortunately I am not very careful about equipment sharing. I used the same python for them all at least until the jikins got sick. The two bottom sitting right now are in the the tank that seemingly got poisoned by plastic plant that was in this post. Maybe it was the same sickness all along?? Edit: although the ones sick now did look better after prazi+salt so maybe not the same
  18. thanks A couple of my fancies from another tank are bottom sitting with their dorsal down. Since they went through 3 rounds of prazi recently I'm assuming they might have caught whatever killed my jikins so I'm going to try the metro + oxy + salt dips on them and hope for the best.
  19. Yes she has the metroplex in her QT tank Do I need bleach or anything like that for the 75?
  20. I still have one Jikin but she looks very poorly. I don't think she'll be going back to her 75... I still have my telescopes though. They would like the extra space.
  21. Does my 75 gallon need to be sterilized now?
  22. One of them died this morning .. I assume the other is not far behind. She is floating on her side now. Maybe I will try out common or comet goldfish... Those should be the strongest of goldfish right? I feel like I am following all of the rules of goldfish keeping but I've still lost a LOT of goldfish over two years. Like double digits. I don't understand
  23. Should I try the dip again but more gradual like you said? I'm trying not to panic but they look awful. I've never had a goldfish refuse food before
  24. I followed the salt dip procedure thread which said 3% salt. I found some "Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride 100%" on Angelsplus.com. It probably wouldn't be here for a good week. Do you think it can wait that long?
  25. I tried a salt bath last night but it didn't go well. They couldn't even make it one minute before "fainting". Today they look the same. Not better or worse.
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