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  1. For what it's worth, when we moved last year (2,000 miles), besides the two 5 gal. buckets the fish traveled in, I brought a 5 gal. camping cube of fresh water from home, then I set the fish up in a 15 gal. plastic tub for a while when we arrived (with their old sponge filter running in it). I put in the 5 gal. of fresh water from our old home, a little more than equal of new water, then a bit of water from each bucket when I added the fish. Then, over the next day or so, I kept pouring a bit of water out, & adding new water (I had the tub set up inside a bathtub, to make water changes easier).
  2. I'm hopeful we'll get our laundry sink faucet changed out some time - we're in the approx. 50% that the Python Universal Adaptor, doesn't adapt. So I can use my Python to drain water out, but have to bucket fresh water back in.
  3. Wow, I've been reading about the heat wave in Australia - try to stay cool! We had the heat issues in California, although not that hot... now that we've moved to Minnesota, we have temps going the other way; next Wed. it's supposed to drop to -32C (-27F) overnight with a high that day of -26C (-15F). So far today, I've done some laundry & walked the dogs, fed the fish & kids and am just poking around on the internet while watching the snow fall. We'll do a little run to the local grocery in a while, then I need to check over the kids' school work, and start them on today's lessons. My husband will shovel off the driveway later this afternoon, when the snow is supposed to stop for a while.
  4. Taryl, I hope you ankle is healing & that you are getting the help you need with your kids & household! MJ, I love your new cories! I rehomed my tropicals before moving last month, but was down to just one female peppered cory after some years. I feel the multiple tank thing - I only have the goldfish right now (in 1 tank), & they are plenty. We moved from southern CA to southern MN last month, and so I've been insanely busy since September - selling our old home, buying the new one, as well as packing & doing all that other moving stuff (I still need to get the car registration & drivers' license stuff sorted, but to do the latter, I need to wait for my new birth certificate to come, as I hadn't seen mine since the 1980s, & had to send off for a new copy...). We used a commercial moving van for our stuff, and drove out in both cars - my husband took both kids, the cat, hamster, & terrarium with snails, and I took both dogs, both goldfish, & most of the luggage (although we also had roof bags strapped to both cars). We stopped overnights in Phoenix, AZ; Santa Rosa, NM; Wichita, KS and Des Moines, IA on the trip - Best Westerns are great, that's what 3 out of 4 of the motels were, & they had no problems with our menagerie. We had to buy a new glass tank after we got here, as it would have been really expensive to move the old one, & I found a 75 gal on a $1/gal sale only an hour's drive away. My dad mailed our filter media to us, as I couldn't have stuffed one more thing in either car.
  5. Got the fishies back in a tank as of yesterday - found a store an hour away that had a $1 a gal sale on, including 75 gal (Pet Expo in Mankato, MN). Happy fish at last! They appear none the worse for their 2,000 mile trip (5 days, each in a 5 gal bucket) and additional week and a half, both in a small plastic tub with the battery powered bubblers. Temp seems to be running at 65 F (without the heater) - should I modify their food intake, or is this a normal goldie temp? Me taking our dogs for a walk this morning:
  6. Hi Koko! We're still unpacking, but we're all here! The fish have survived the trip in their buckets, and are now sharing a plastic tub, until I can find them a tank. We just got our internet back 3 days ago. We stopped in Phoenix, AZ; Santa Rosa, NM; Wichita, KS & Des Moines, IA on the way here - the first night, we left the fish in the car, but after that it was cold & we carried the buckets into the motel room each night (along with the kids, dogs, cat, hamster & terrarium with snails, plus luggage, food, and electronics). I've got the filter media in the tub with the fish (my dad mailed the filter stuff to me Priority in plastic bags, so it arrived the same day we did - there was literally no room in the car for one more bucket), but I'm still just running the 2 battery powered bubblers, feeding lightly, and doing daily 50% water changes.
  7. Very sorry to hear about the loss of Junior
  8. Hi Koko! I have the fish back outside in the stock tub in our yard in CA, while I'm trying to sell their glass tank (too expensive to ship, we're taking the stand & accessories, will look for a used tank upon arrival) - moving truck comes next Monday, & we leave a week from tomorrow
  9. OK that is very useful info on acclimating to temp - I was remembering goldfish I had outside in a watering trough that would get ice on it in the winter, but wasn't thinking of the long acclimation process. Hmmn... I was hoping to put the fish in something bigger (already own the 100 gal tub, the fish lived in it in my garden their 1st two years, & the outside temps were in the 40s in the winter) right away, then set up their tank after a while & check for leaks, but I may need to rinse out a couple of totes & do frequent water changes for a while if they're going in the house. I don't think that the garage of the house we're looking at is heated.
  10. I haven't been posting much for a while, but still have Ghost & Rainbow, both pretty big fish now. We are planning to relocate this winter to another state, and will probably be on the road for 3 days and 2 nights. I was planning on bringing our goldies in separate 5 gal buckets, with battery powered bubblers, & bringing them in the motel room at night. Should I be doing daily partial water changes with Prime along the way? I was thinking we could set them up in a 100 gal stock tub in the garage until we can test their tank & get it set up (using the filters in the tub) - do I need to heat the tub as long as it doesn't freeze over? I'm guessing I should fast the fish a week before the trip, if they're going into a winter climate?
  11. They're lovely fish - comets are some of my favorites, & the one on the left reminds me of our fellow, Ghost.
  12. Thanks! The little lizard is a Fence Lizard http://www.californiaherps.com/lizards/pages/s.o.longipes.html
  13. Fishymandy, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Daniel, I hope you are recovering well! Mjfromga, I like the little bit longer, fluffier hair too I've been doing some gardening, & have more flower pics:
  14. Beautiful fish & tank! Your new shubunkin is especially gorgeous
  15. Hi! My oldest daughter is turning 12 next month My younger daughter will be 11 in July! Wow, time does pass quickly.... Lots of flowers here -
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