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  1. Thanks for your replies and ideas people I had to start heating my tank as my plants require a slightly warmer temperature than the 14 degrees it was sitting at quite often throughout our Melbourne winter. When it starts to warm up again I will turn off the heater so they can experience gradual changes. At first I thought one of my fish was exhibiting distress from the sudden change in temperature. However, upon the next water change I noticed he started acting frantic and swimming to the surface as soon as I added the gravel vac into the tank and started siphoning. I think he might be a bit of a stress head and is petrified of water changes after he was accidentally sucked up a while ago, assuming they actually can remember that long!
  2. Hello Folks, Quick question regarding water changes and temperature. As our tank is planted we have it heated to maintain a steady 22 degrees. However, when we do my water change, we fill the tank up via a hose running from our garden tap. This can cause our temperature to drop to around... 18 degrees. My question : How big a concern is this for us/our fish? Or can they handle a brief variation of this level? Thankyou
  3. Just as an update, we installed the heater we had on hand and are now sitting at a constant 22 degrees celsius. This, plus regular fertilization and the plants settling in to their new home.. appears to be doing the trick so far! (I'm away on work at the moment but so I have been told! looking forward to seeing how things are going in person tomorrow!)
  4. Well from the research by Carl from American Aquarium Products you helped me stumble upon, unless I bought specific test kits to test for specifics rather than general hardness overall I think it would be hard to determine... As all calcium, no magnesium would still provide the same GH results and not allow you to realise the magnesium deficiency... However I may consider doing an experiment in an empty tank (so I dont cause a fish massacre) and maybe purchasing these kits when I am home a bit more as I am quite curious. For now, i think i may have to continue using this Aquasonics water conditioner to maintain my GH and keep water conditions stable for now, or consider these wonder shells as Carl made some good points. Thanks again for your help Taryl
  5. The more I research, the more questions I have ... I have read all the articles on wonder shells and their slow release etc. Lots of people use epsom salt to raise their GH, however this could quite likely result in a magnesium deficiency in the water I believe? (http://www2.ca.uky.edu/wkrec/HARDNESS.htm) Rather than fork out over $80 for probably only half a years supply of wonder shells.... Why not utilise a purer form that would add both magnesium and calcium to the water? (Two main requirements of hard water) For example : Food Grade Calcium Chloride : http://www.melbournefooddepot.com/buy/calcium-chloride-calcic-granules-300g/F00621 Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) OR Magnesium Chloride : http://www.blants.com.au/magnesium-chloride-flakes.html ?????
  6. I wonder how well additional top ups and weekly water changes will do for topping up and replacing depleted ions also, not just raising one element of the GH? (If my understanding is correct)
  7. Thanks for your input. There is so much different information and ideas floating around I really do not know which way to go! I come up with an idea, do some research, change my plan... and the cycle repeats!!!! LOL
  8. I cannot remember I am home in 2 days and will test. when we first got into the hobby we took a sample of our tank water to the fish shop and they advised it was very soft
  9. Unfortunately I cannot find a similar product easily in Australia and ordering from the US makes it a lot more costly. Rather than purchase wonder shells, I believe I could possibly add Calcium carbonate or Calcium chloride? Would these work for raising the GH? OR... Would I be better hunting down some dolomite and placing that in a bag in my canister filter? Or, am i better off just using baking soda for PH/KH and not worrying about my GH??? As I am aware that stable, consistent water parameters should be a main aim? Sorry for all the questions, as time goes on I'm sure I'll ask less and be able to answer more Thanks
  10. OK I am very glad i asked the question before going ahead and doing it! i tried to search for wonder shells and perhaps they are labelled something else in Australia... Do you refer to a product like the "Weco Wonder Shell"? (http://www.petmountain.com/product/aquarium-water-conditioners/11442-505234/weco-wonder-shell.html) If so, I would assume I should get the largest size for a 220l aquarium? In your experience how long do they last for?
  11. Thanks for taking the time and being so informative as always. Appreciate it
  12. Ok. Thanks for yet another response Arctic, you are a gem. I believe baking soda will only raise either KH or GH, not both? (On my mobile at the moment so cant easily verify which).... If this is true, how can I go about raising the other safely then? Our water here is rather soft which I didnt think goldfish overly liked?
  13. Thanks for the response. Water quality has definitely been top notch lately. Initially it had some ammonia issues when we were real new to the hobby but that was a few months ago now. If it was horrible quality currently, i guess you would expect something similar to be happening to our pearl scale, yes? So under the guise our water parameters are ok, is the general consensus this is not prolonged melanaphore migration from his flukes/vaccuuming accident? And could very well be a permanent change? Again, appreciate your advice.
  14. I have already made another topic as I did not think reviving an old thread would get the most eyes on it, in that thread I have listed my D&D checklist recently. Hope this is ok. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/122109-black-marks-persisting-after-qt/
  15. Hey people, Is there anything I should be weary of using epsom salt and bi-carb to raise my KH/GH? We used to use a marketed product, that would raise the kh/gh and "help protect slime coat". Since I've learnt a lot over time I realise this is not a necessary addition and is quite expensive, compared to doing it yourself. I am aware that salt (NaCl) should not be consistently present in the tank or its medicinal effects will wear off/be less effective. Is this a similar thing regarding epsom salts? (I ask as I believe for some reason epsom salt is used during some medications also???) I believe we would have to do a 100% water change every few months, to prevent an excessive build up of sodium in the tank, from the baking soda/sodium bicarbonate. Is this correct? Is there a different type of carbonate that is better to use with less to worry about than sodium bicarbonate? Few queries above I am hoping to get a better understanding on, with your help. Look forward to the replies. Thanks
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