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  1. I WISH I had a pond, maybe next house, very very nice fishies.
  2. I also have orandas and ranchu's together so it will be fine if you keep the water changes up and over filter the tank, you should be okay.
  3. I would love them, especially the black one, love his eyes.
  4. I find using a toothbrush for the tubs work very well. I will try and get a step by step one for you. You never should go gung ho on cleaning filters, you will loose your good bacteria.
  5. I want a lionhead but I do feed 1mm lionhead food. Yes I agree post follow ups on him.
  6. I had angels before and had them with Scissor tail tetras, most tetras are fine, angels are nippy so no long finned fish.
  7. Aww how pretty. I love watching them build a bubble nest!!!!!
  8. I use colour max colour enhancing and found a HUGE difference, it was amazing. The others I find give a yellow tone.
  9. Good for you, bettas don't require much but clean water. Good for you for saving him!!!! I HATE going into the pet store and seeing them in those containers half dead, it's cruel.
  10. Plecos are/can be shy. I had one for 16 years and all it did was hide, lol But I think it MIGHT be okay in your tank for now anyway. I just bought two babies and never see them. What you can do is at night give them cucumber and leave it, I have a veggie clip. They come out at night. Your guppies are beautiful, my mom used to have a guppy tank, so did I and they would breed like crazy, they will leave the babies alone as long as they have shelter. They will breed, usually you should have 1 male to 3 females, the female will be harassed less.
  11. I love watching them grow and thrive, its so interesting. But because I love fish so much Im always researching. Im an animal lover in general, have one dog Morkie, Thunder, a hamster, 9 parrots and two fish tanks. I do research on it all.
  12. Yes they do look like ryunkins but they can also be a mix. But they have a bump, fantails don't.
  13. How is she doing??? It could be a lot of thing but the best way to help is a picture. What size tank was she is before? Did this start is your tank or her tank?
  14. Wow congrats, they are stunning. I would love to raise goldfish babies. I used to breed guppies and convict cichlids. Got out of cichlids because they are so nasty to each other so I got I no goldfish, no regrets.
  15. I JUST got two, one for each of my 75 gallon and they are 1/2" so they are lost in their, lol So maybe it will work, I hoping. I know Chinese algae eaters are very nasty to goldfish. I had to give one to my mom because it was so nasty. Sorry mom, lol
  16. Im so sorry for your loss but don't blame yourself hun, sometimes their is no reason. I've had a fish pass away like that too, who knows why or how but it happened. But in a while once you know your okay with your other fish you can get a new one, that will make you happy.
  17. Wow they are all so beautiful, nice colours too.
  18. He is STUNNING!!! Good pick up for sure. Too bad you can't keep bettas together, it would be beautiful to have a tank full of bettas. But he looks so happy in that tank, what size is it???? I might get one.
  19. Thanks so much guys!!! I like it simple sometimes.
  20. Thanks everyone. Yes I do like it simple, so they have more room to swim.
  21. Thanks so much. Oh yes I do know about the Koi, both of them will be going into my Aunts pond soon, I will miss them but it's what's best for them.
  22. My fancy goldfish tank My comet and koi tank
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