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  1. I WISH I had a pond, maybe next house, very very nice fishies.
  2. I also have orandas and ranchu's together so it will be fine if you keep the water changes up and over filter the tank, you should be okay.
  3. I would love them, especially the black one, love his eyes.
  4. I find using a toothbrush for the tubs work very well. I will try and get a step by step one for you. You never should go gung ho on cleaning filters, you will loose your good bacteria.
  5. I want a lionhead but I do feed 1mm lionhead food. Yes I agree post follow ups on him.
  6. Blacky has so much spunk, love it!!! Welcome back!!
  7. I use colour max colour enhancing and found a HUGE difference, it was amazing. The others I find give a yellow tone.
  8. I love watching them grow and thrive, its so interesting. But because I love fish so much Im always researching. Im an animal lover in general, have one dog Morkie, Thunder, a hamster, 9 parrots and two fish tanks. I do research on it all.
  9. Yes they do look like ryunkins but they can also be a mix. But they have a bump, fantails don't.
  10. How is she doing??? It could be a lot of thing but the best way to help is a picture. What size tank was she is before? Did this start is your tank or her tank?
  11. Wow congrats, they are stunning. I would love to raise goldfish babies. I used to breed guppies and convict cichlids. Got out of cichlids because they are so nasty to each other so I got I no goldfish, no regrets.
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