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  1. Thankyou so much everyone :-) The larger round cocopop looking ones is... I think it was upaqua shrimp sand... its supposed to buffer the water to 6.5ph for the Crystal shrimp. The black sand is just pieces black galaxy quartz sand and my ph is a little high but stable for the Cherry Shrimp with this substrate. Um I think that's what Cola is... a mutt!!!! .. she isn't a true black crystal. These are my test shrimpees to see if I can handle them so I will find out... I presume they would revert to the wild brown colour of the crystal family if left... but I don't know. They can definitely cross breed though
  2. Ree Thanks I just got them so I'm not completely sure about food but from the other forum I joined a real popular one right now is Cologne Shrimp Food, Bacter AE (I'm going to try Shrimp Kings version) and leaf litter is good like this http://www.hanaquatics.com/woods-leaves-natural-products/ Mosura seems to be a good one too I love the name Shrimp Crack by the way! lol The name cracks me up too... when I first bought it and it arrived in the mail hubby opened the parcel and said... WHAAAT??? so I had to esplians meself . I have just put some alder cones in to see how they go. I have also tried the Indian almond leaves and they were not too fussed on them but the snails love them... they seem to do better with them in the water though. I also have some oak leaves in there as they are prettier than the Indian almond leaves. I cut the Indian almond leaves into hearts so they looked prettier in the tank ROFL. Your little tank looks so lovely!!! I cant wait to see how you go and how the tank develops!!!
  3. Hi all... I thought I would start a thread for my shrimp tanks so I can keep track of their progress. Plz bear with me I am trying to learn to use my camera better so some of the photos are not that great yet. I have 5 tanks that are going to be dedicated to shrimpees and snails. I have a few of boy endlers in there too at the moment too but when they are gone it will just be shrimp and snailies. They are being fed Boss Aquaria Shrimp Crack, Shrimp Snow, fresh vegies and alder cones, Indian almond leaves, and oak leaves. I love watching these guys and gals do their little swimming dances around the tank... watching them pic up a grain of sand, lick it all over, then throwing it over their shoulder.... I love watching their eggs grow in their ovaries (saddle), watch them develop under the mother (berried), and then see them hatch and cute little babies running around. I love finding their little moults in the tank... one day I hope to see one shed his little skin. I love the way their little pincers never ever stop!!! First tank is for Red Cherry Shrimp... It is a work in progress... not completely happy with it yet.. doesn't help that I had a Siamese algae eater in there who wouldn't touch algae but striped my plants quiet contentedly, so he has had to be rehomed. So these shrimpees are mainly culls... I have one that is med grade red and she is very pretty... I am hoping her genes will improve the 'batch'. Tank 1 My Red girl... I am very excited to have babys (this is the food called Shrimp Crack )... and all the girls are saddled (you can see the eggs developing in the yellow part on her back) bar one who is berried (carrying eggs under her) so more babies soon... I had to include this photo... one cross eyed shrimpeeeeeee Second tank for Orange Cherry Shrimp... This tank has four little Orange Cherry Shrimp in there who are very shy. I have not been able to get good photos of them yet. I am also having trouble with algae in this tank... do a water change and two days later the water is green again... still working on fixing this one :-) it has all my leftover plants from the other tanks so its not as pretty... but the shrimpees like it There is also a couple of endlers in there... two I think. They are going to be moved to tank 3 this week to give the shrimpees some rest. The Siamese Algae eater has been rehomed as he was chasing the shrimpees (BAD BOY!!!!) Tank 2 All of the girls in this tank are saddled, but no one berried yet.... there are defiantly three girls and one who I am not sure if she is a he or he is a she... so we have to wait and see The third tank.... So far this tank is dedicated to snails and the 7 endler boys. It has been set up for shrimp though and one day when I can afford it it will have some fancy shrimp in there... not sure which yet... I am hoping for some Yellow Cherry shrimp or some Rilli shrimp and maybe some Tiwan bees... not sure which ones yet. Depends on the funds at the time and the availability... until then the snails and the endlers will make sure the tanks cycle stays in tact... and look pretty. I need to do some more planting in this tank too... I want to get some more anubias to make the 'tree' look prettier, and I need some more ground cover plants in there. Tank 3 Snails in tank 3... The fourth tank... The fourth tank is going to be for cherry shrimp... either yellow or carbon or blue... not sure which I can get yet... I am hoping for some Carbon Rillis or some Blue Dreams... It has a few baby Red cherry shrimp in there at the moment to keep it nice and clean and some ramshorn snails too to keep the cycle all happy and the plants all happy too. This is my favourite planted tank at the moment Tank 4 The fifth tank fro Crystal Red Shrimp... The fifth tank has my Crystal red shrimp culls in it... I am hoping that they will be saddled soon but I have a sneaky suspicion they are all boys so maybe no babies in that tank till I can get them some girls LOL. They are mostly red and white and two are a browner colour. The planting is still a work in progress as I ran out of plants till I can propagate them from the other tanks. Tank 5 this shrimps name is Cherry... Cherry says HI! This is Cola Cola is showing off the clutch of Ramshorn Eggs... the clutch on the right have just hatched the day before So that is my little collection of shrimpee tanks. I will keep updating as I make changes or make mistakes .... maybe then someone wont have to make my mistakes
  4. Hi Liz... Shrimpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!! Your tank looks AMAZING!!! and your babies look so happy and cutes I have 5 tanks being set up to try some CSR and some Cherrys... so far I have culls from another lovely lady to see if I can handle them before going and spending lots of moola. Your guys look so good though :-) I put some capsicum or red pepper (sweet not chilli) in my tank tonight and they went NUTS over it. Can you tell me what foods yours like? I have food from a guy in Australia who makes awesome shrimp food called Shrimp Crack and the Cherry shrimp love it, but I am yet to find a food the CRS love. Any hints would be soooooo much appreciated!!! Thankyou so much for sharing
  5. Hi Pinoygoldfish!!! I have two sunsun type filters on there... not sunsun but look exactly the same... they are 200L/h ea. Oh I also have a surface skimmer on there
  6. Hi RanchuDressing!!!! How are your pearlies going?
  7. Thankyou Hi goldfishfanforever!!!! I clean all the surfaces in the tank once a week with a double sided sponge thing... it was on a stick but the stick broke so now I just use it without the stick, the scourer side then the sponge side (the sponge sqeeeeeeeeeeeeks on the tank walls ew) it works good... then I really only get diatom or algae build up if I miss this step... then after the scrub it gets as close as possible to 100% WC... I rub the plant leaves with my fingers to clean then sometimes while I feed the fish so they don't build up any ickyness, rub over the rocks with a toothbrush every second week, and I have two sunsun type 2000L/hr filters on the tank... the flow goes from one end of the tank to the other across the top, down the far wall, then pushes all the poops all the way back across the bottom and under the divider behind which the filters pick up mostly, and what they don't pick up sits there till I syphon it out... there is not much that doesn't get caught by the filters... the tank bottom stays clean and the fish stay happy... soo far I am overstocked at the moment so am doing huge water changes to try to keep the nitrates down and not overfeeding. Hubby will get the pond fixed as soon as he feels better so that I can put some of the fish out there to lighten the load on the system... but when the fish I am keeping in the tank get bigger I will need to add more plants and also do water changes twice a week and with the extra filtration hopefully all will be ok... There will be 5 in the 200L which is 2 too many (I am not saying this is ok or recommending this, just that I have planed for it the best I can and will hopefully be able to accommodate them in a larger tank at some point)... Just let me know if you have any other questions
  8. pOdge & Co. video :happydance Please watch this with the sound off... the sound is waaaaaaaaay out of sink with the picture... I call their name and they come swimming and I captured this but lost something in the compression phase... ooops http://vid1298.photobucket.com/albums/ag52/Reesbucket/pOdge%20vid/PODGE_17_FEB_2016_zpsnzawhkh1.mp4
  9. Is sooooo exciting Mandy!!!! You will have babies in no time... when they big enough you gonna send them to their Aunty Ree???
  10. Amazing photos Mandy!!!! BEWDIFUL fishies!!!!
  11. Ree

    planted 125

    Looks beautiful.... isn't it exciting when you plant and then you get to watch them grow... it always fascinates me.
  12. Hi Emilee!!! Wow all the fish swappings and qtings and treatings and wow is done my head in... I am so pleased you know where all your fish are and what they are up to!!!! I am sorry you lost big blue... its always more difficult when you have an unexpected and unexplained death... Im sorry I am looking forward to seeing photos of your new finbaby too when you get him/her... have you any names lined up yet?
  13. He is beautiful Mandy... What a nice surprise... but where is all the peeps out there that want to gives me their fish???? ROFL
  14. Algae Eaters Anonymous Meeting.... The recent Algae Eaters Anonymous Meeting was chaired by Mrs Shrimpeena holding chair from within the Cube of Decree. Those in attendance were Mrs Shrimpette, Mrs Cherry, and Mr Shrimpee... Many of the Planorbidae family were also present. Incidents notable at the meeting were the sitting down of Mrs Cherry accidentally on Mrs Planorbidae, who was most indignant at being mistaken for a resting place. Items on the agenda were the upcoming expected decrease in natural algae supply, the population increase, and the increase in the abundance of beard algae within the aquarium. All were in favour of a motion put to the Cube of Decree by Mr Shrimpee who rose and spoke most eloquently on the dangers of loosing teeth during the attempt to consume the stringy algae. The motion was unanimously passed that under no circumstances should any of those present attempt to consume the green beard algae. The program concluded with the reciting of the Algae Eaters Anonymous pledge by four of the Shrimplets, here seen waiting for their stage entrance cue within the Cube of Decree. The next meeting is to be held on the eve of tomorrow to discuss the propriety of the fanning of ones eggs in public areas of the aquarium...
  15. LOVE their names, and their cute little scaled bodies!!! Soo cute and such a great find!!! Esp Treasure!!! Now... when they coming to visit their Aunty Ree to stay???
  16. Okies Thanks Koko, The pond water temp at the moment fluctuates between 24-28degC as we are in our summer... and it bees tooo hot... daytime temps vary between 32-40degC with the occasional 45degC, and the tank temp is at 25degC. I might put them back in the pond for the moment and keep an eye on them, then as the water starts to cool a little, and if they are healthy I will rehome them to someone who has a tank. I don't want to give away sick guppies, and I have already ordered my Blue eyes so have no tanks left for the guppies... The guppies were a surprise. I didn't know they were even there till I went out to the terracotta pot pond (different one from Nudges) and was cleaning it out to put the swimming potatoes out there. Then found out hubby had put the water from the tank in that pond when we were clearing out the guppy tank... so there must have been some little teenie babies we didn't see.... there were SOOOOOO many guppies in that tank... over 200... and I lost count after about 150
  17. Thanks so much Mandy!!!! I hope she is ok too... She is one of our special favourites!!! Hi Lisa, I will try to take some better photos of her eyes. Is the dark patches cataracts? or is the white? It seems like it goes through the whole lens? When you say cloudiness on the outside do you mean her eye ball bulges? or the eye ball itself ie. lens area? She is acting her normal self... and eating normally. She hasn't been doing lots of surface gulping since I put the skimmer in her tank 3 months ago. Before this she would be constantly surface gulping all day long. Her poop seemed to be normal today so I will just keep an eye on it.... not literally though ROFL! Thanks so much Bmitchell486, they get pellets a lot so I don't know that this would cause just one off problems... maybe she was having an off day?
  18. Hi Arctic Mama, Thankyou so much! Its sad for this little fish, but at least he didn't suffer long I guess. I am wondering if I injured him when I got him out of the pond... I try to be really careful all the time with fish, and I used a cup not a net so that I wouldn't hurt him with the net... looks like I got it wrong anyways. Poor little fishie. Agree.... Looks like the fish had an injury and it got infected by fungus.... Do you have salt in this tank? Hi Koko, No, I don't have salt as I was told not to salt any tanks with cherry red shrimps by the breeder. I don't know if this is right or not, but I am hoping that the problem will be rectified now there is more oxygen in the water? would this be right? or not? Im not sure. The new airpump came today so all air is flowing again... so far
  19. Thanks Mandy The guppy with the fungus died during the night.... the fungus is now twice the length it was before.... I will try to take pictures and upload. I wish I had have followed my gut instinct and euthanatized him/her last night. Poor little thing. Does anyone have any ideas on what this is? I just need to know one way or another. Please, anyone?
  20. Hi, Ammonia Level (tank): less than 0.25ppm * Nitrite Level (tank) only just registering the slightest colour change. * Nitrate level (Tank) 25ish getting WC tomorrow * Ammonia Level (Tap): 0 * Nitrite Level (Tap) 0 * Nitrate level (Tap) 0 * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) PH 7.9 * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.0 Tank information:* Brand of test kit (drops or strips): API Drops * Filter name and size (GPH/LPH) Biospon 185? a twin sponge filter with a bio media cup incorporated below each sponge. * Additives and conditioners: Prime, flourish, excel, red (iron supplement) * Water temperature (With or without heater- please specify): 26degC, with heater * Last water change date: 2 days ago * Tank size (Gallons or litres): 38L. * Fish in the tank (species and number): 5 baby guppies, 6 shrimp, pond snails and two ramshorn snails. *What is your water change schedule? Like how much and how often? Normally do 10-20%twice a week. Any new fish added into the tank: Yes 3 days ago -If Yes: Were they quarantined? No - they had been previously treated and were in my pond. Bought them in to help hold the cycle while I waited for new fish. BIIIIG mistake? -If Yes: * List prior health issues in tank: The guppies did have infections before cured with metro 3 weeks prior to moving these little babys to the pond when they were 1 week old. They would be maybe 5-6 weeks old now and appear quite small. I rehomed the guppies, downgraded the tank from the 100L to a 38L reusing all the sand and plants in the 38L. The 38 has been running for 5 weeks with the shrimps and two bettas until a week ago. I prazied the bettas on the 5th as prior to this was unsure if I could do this before due to the shrimp being there. Bettas fought on the 10th so pulled them both out of the tank and put separate accomodations no longer in this tank (the bettas had a divider in and I have no idea how they got through!) Added the 5 guppies from the pond on the 11th to hold the cycle (there ladies and gents is my mistake... did not QT from the outside water source to the inside ). They have been in the tank 3 days. On the second day (yesterday) I noticed flashing in one guppy so treated the tank with prazi. * Medications previously added to the tank: Prazi on the 5th and the 13th of this month * Medications on hand: Aquarium Salt, Epsom Salt, Kana Plex, MetroPlex, Prazi, Affected fish information: * Diet- brand and amount/duration of feeding: Twice a day a small amount of either crushed NLS TheraA+ pellets or Aquaone tiny betta pellets * Any unusual behaviour: Swimming slowly, was just swimming at the top of the tank. Slow reactions. * Any unusual findings on fish and in tank: Fish in question has whitish threads protruding from her anal region, with redness immediately adjacent to the threads. I can see no other abnormalities. Remaining 4 fish show no signs of abnormalities. * Affected fish in quarantine or in main tank: Pulled her out and she is in a 4L icecream container. I don't have a heater for this tank, but it has been very hot here the last few days so water temps have been stable. The other guppies I have removed as well and are in a separate 4L container. * Current medications being used on affected fish: Prazi. She is still in the water from the 38L tank until further instructions. I had been having trouble with my air pump running the filter the week before last, and repaired it when I got the parts (48 hours after it stopped working). Then it died again two days later... so the day after I replaced it with another air pump I have here that was working... it started dying not yesterday but the day before. I have another air pump on order, but there is not much I can do till it gets here (should be here around the 16-18th). We are in a remote location... no pet shops close. I have already used my spare to fix the problem and it died too. So we have been having some filter issues, but the plants must be doing a good job as the ammonia has not risen above .25ppm. I have been keeping a close eye on it and reduced feeding to accommodate the lack of filtration. I have also increased the water changes to thrice weekly to accommodate the lack of filtration too. OK... so this fish has been in my tank 3 days along with his/her 4 other mates... first day was fine, the next day it hid, just thought it was skittish from being in the pond and now in a tank, then tonight it comes out looking like this (I am really sorry these are the clearest shot I have): The other 4 fish are fine, showing no signs of illness at all, not even any flashing now from the prazi. These fish were only supposed to hold the cycle for the next two weeks till my blue eyes arrive. The Blue eyes are due to be posted out to me on Monday 21st. Once the blue eyes arrive these fish were going into a medium sized pond (aprox 2mX3mX0.3m). The shrimp are also showing no signs of illness or distress. The two girls are berried. This is the tank on the left: I realise now that even if I have treated and had these fish in the past, I need to QT prior to bringing them into an indoor tank. Hindsight is 20/20! I feel so terrible for this fish, and for the others if I have endangered them through this mistake. It literally makes me feel sick . So please I need to know: Is this a one off fungal infection.... Is it something else? Is this colmnaris and I need to disassemble the tank and restart... hence the Do I need to keep this fish alive to treat to see what we are dealing with? Can I euthanize him/her and put the others in the pond? Should I not put them in the pond? (it has lots of frogs and tadpoles) How long should I wait before I introduce new fish to the tank? Please let me know ASAP so I know what to do and can stop my panic. Thankyou soooooo very much!
  21. So good to see them so active even if they are having trouble finding the food. They look sweet!!!
  22. I am so sorry Mikey... Its so hard to loose little fishies that steal your heart.
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