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About me.... mmmmmmm I am 35, I have a chronic back condition which means lots of bedrest.

I was a full time draftsperson, but I had to stop working due to my back condition, and my depression/anxiety and OCD got out of control. So now I am working on trying to cope every day as best as possible. Even though so many aspects of my life are no longer available to me, I try to focus on the important things in life and living simply.

My favourite things in the whole world are:

My wonderful husband who looks after me so well!

My wonderful in-laws who also look after me...

My crazy cuddly Chocolate Point Burmese puddy Finley, who also answers to Finney, Fud, or Finney McGee...

My Lovely little fish.... Hoping to get 2 Ryukin or Pearlscales... just cycling tank at the moment.

Chocolate! Who cant live without chocolate!

Buttons... I love buttons... I got so many I call it a collection now... makes me feel like a kid in a lolly shop!

Yarn is the same for me as buttons... oh the textures, warmth and colour!

My knitting, crochet, and hand sewing.

Playing games on my trusty laptop... like card games, Mar-Jong, Birds Town, Build-a-Lot...

And when I am able to get up and about a little, I like to cook. I have many diet restrictions (gluten intolerant and Salicylate intolerant) so most of my food has to be made at home. There are not many things I can buy to 'eat out of the packet'. This has meant also that I have been more 'willing' to try unusual things, just for some variety. For instance I have just discovered the most AMAZING recipe for brownies, they are gluten free, dairy free, high in fibre and low in carbs (esp if you were able to use sweeteners). What do I love about them? They taste sooooo soooooo soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, they don't go stale the next day like so many gluten free foods do, they are super easy to make and quick to prepare, and they count as a serve of veges as they are made out of beans! Who would have thought it! You cant honestly cant tell when you eat them!

I am just starting to learn about fishkeeping. I had fish when I was really little and loved them. Then I have also had fish on and off over the years. So now I am in bed most of the time, my lovely husband is doing his best to bring outside in to me. Isnt that sweet? So now I have a fish tank to watch again! YAY. Where we live though the townwater is very alkaline, so there are many fish we cant keep, but I thought goldies would be ideal, and nice and hardy too.

I don't cope well with deaths in my little family, or watching anyone suffer. So I decided to do some research. All I knew a few months ago is the old school "you fill the tank and wait 24 hours to a week and then add the fish, they will be fine!". Well I have discovered so much more. To think of all those poor fish over the years I had tortured.... Sorry little fishes.

This time I want to do it right, and I want my little fishy friends to live for years and years and years. I have looked on so many different websites and forums, and I get so confused by all the information. Then I found Kokos Goldfish, and the information was so easy to understand... So I have come here for all the advice I can get, and reassurance when I need it. Thankyou in advance for both of these, and I hope you will be able to put up with my millions of questions and long winded ways of putting things.

So that is a little about me.

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