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  1. Awe wow thats fun to have to manage. Im so lucky my tap water is ideal for goldfish. its 8.1-8.2 stable and try to budge it all you like it aint gonna happen LOL. Our town water supply comes from a coastal bore that is among lots of shell beds undergrounds. The water straight from down there is very high in sulphur and iron. The water treatment place removes the sulfur and iron so that we dont all smell like we have showered in rotten eggs and look like our clothes have been washed in sewage. Im so thankful they treat the water. So are my fishies LOL
  2. Awe fishies will be happy with little waterchanges then. I kinda feel like my fishies need little singlets when i give them cold waterchanges in winter I dont like water that cold, my bones hurt so much with cold. They say put ice on injuries, but the ice hurts more than the injury lol. Im managing my tank planties ok, and hubby adds extra ferts to the garden plants. I think they need extra minerals due to the calcium binding it or some such thing.
  3. Awe no! are you buffering it for de feeeshies? we are so lucky our ph here is so stable. it is very high but stable. its near impossible to adjust it LOL.
  4. awe Mandy I love your stickers Hi everyone
  5. Thankyou Dawn! I went with an abstract lighthouse. Painkillers muddle brain so should be very abstract 😂
  6. Stuck in bed with back pain today. Think i might do some drawing! 🤔 Question is abstract or realism? How much brainpower can i muster with these painkillers? 😂
  7. My sisterinlaw made some snickerdoodle soap once! It was devine! All buttery and cinnamony (is that a word? 😂)
  8. Awe Koko im sorry Justines struggling so much. I have bad anxiety and some days even as an adult theres no why, its just there for no reason. Im so impressed you are helping Justine so much. So many kiddles dont get the help they need and live tourtured lives. Its so lovely your little Justine isnt one of them! <3 Daniel, your packman made me giggle! 😂
  9. Awe, Im so sorry Koko! That kind of nastyness does destroy already fragile trust for little people in strangers. Sending you and Justine a big hug each!
  10. Hello! Thats so horrible for lil Justine! Was she badly hurt?
  11. Thankyou mikroll! I might just do that! Thanks Koko. If they spawn again ill let you know.
  12. Thankyou Anorea. I still have his little tank all set up. I cant bring myself to put it away yet.
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