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  1. Awe wow thats fun to have to manage. Im so lucky my tap water is ideal for goldfish. its 8.1-8.2 stable and try to budge it all you like it aint gonna happen LOL. Our town water supply comes from a coastal bore that is among lots of shell beds undergrounds. The water straight from down there is very high in sulphur and iron. The water treatment place removes the sulfur and iron so that we dont all smell like we have showered in rotten eggs and look like our clothes have been washed in sewage. Im so thankful they treat the water. So are my fishies LOL
  2. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    oh yes that does make it tricky. You will need a pond guard too. Shame that theres no freshwater shepheard sharks that will protect goldfish heards LOL
  3. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    Yes i understand the issue. I live in a tiny house so tank placements are awkward. I had to reduce my bioload to add my pleco. I moved some of my goldies out into my outdoor ponds and they are loving it out there. One is a bathtub, one is a washing machine drum hubby lined with a liner and surrounded with bamboo fence sheeting, and one is a very big terracotta pond. They love the sun and the bugs and critters and the extra yummy algea to munch. I do understand the bioload issue is tricky with goldies and trying to fit them in smaller houses.
  4. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    I struggle with algea and diatoms too. The diatoms are because of my water being so high in salicates. I cant always clean the tank because of my health issues so I added the bristlenose pleco and she keeps the tank clean for me. i pretty much just need to wipe the front glass and do waterchanges. Its my cheat
  5. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    I think it was why pOdge was so sick when i first got him years ago when you first helped me. I think the others got it from him. I think it must have laid dormant for a while after we treated him initially and it popped its head up each time the fish got stressed until they got really sick. It was weird because not all the fish had the same symptoms so it was hard to pinpoint, but collectively costia fitted. Im glad the ones i have left are ok now ☺
  6. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    This is my view of the goldies, Schnubbs is near Louie on the right, and Tiny and Claude are down the other end.
  7. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    I managed to get a couple of photos of my Tropical tank too, but they werent very clear either... these are the best of them. Its a 200L tank with driftwood, various anubias, various java ferns, and african water fern. It has 11 corys, 3 longfin rosey barbs (this was all i could find anywhere), 7 danios, red cherry shrimpeedoos, an albino BN pleco named Pip, ramshorn snails, and one little 12mm endler boy who thinks he is the boss of the tank
  8. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    I couldn't get very good photos. But here they are LOL Schnubbs the shubunkin was too interested in the urgent possibility of there being food under every rock, and Tiny was too busy too. Louie the black Demekin was gracious enough to grant us a dodgy swim by shot, and Claude the Pearlscale was in full pose mode LOL. Squeak the Bristlenose was hiding and only sat still long enough for a half dodgy photo before vamoooosing into the cave.
  9. Awe fishies will be happy with little waterchanges then. I kinda feel like my fishies need little singlets when i give them cold waterchanges in winter I dont like water that cold, my bones hurt so much with cold. They say put ice on injuries, but the ice hurts more than the injury lol. Im managing my tank planties ok, and hubby adds extra ferts to the garden plants. I think they need extra minerals due to the calcium binding it or some such thing.
  10. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    Hi! Ive been absent for too long! I thought id update you with my current setups. Inside we have the 400L goldfish tank with Louie my original black demekin Kokos fishie, Claude the very genetically imperfect pearlscale, Schnubbs the Subunkin (shes only 6 month old and has outgrown 5 year old Louie ), and last but not least is Tiny the Calico Fantail. Tiny has quadroupled in size since i got her. Shes the tinyest goldfish i have ever seen in a fish shop, only less than a pea big! I also have a clean up crew of two Gusslings who are babies of my now departed Guss the mystery snail (now ping pong ball size), and Squeak the albino Bristlenose Pleco. Unfortunately i lost many of my babies to a mystery disease outbreak, including my beautiful and most fav fish ever pOdge. I treated the tank for months with varying treatments but with no sucess untill i revisited the idea that it might be a costia outbreak. I heat treated the tank to 32degC for 3 weeks and that seems to have done the trick. We have been 6 months disease free now Ill update with photos so you can see tomorrow. I have a video but i dont think i can upload it.
  11. Awe no! are you buffering it for de feeeshies? we are so lucky our ph here is so stable. it is very high but stable. its near impossible to adjust it LOL.
  12. awe Mandy I love your stickers Hi everyone
  13. Thankyou Dawn! I went with an abstract lighthouse. Painkillers muddle brain so should be very abstract 😂
  14. Stuck in bed with back pain today. Think i might do some drawing! 🤔 Question is abstract or realism? How much brainpower can i muster with these painkillers? 😂
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