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  1. I wanted to have a couple(a male and a female) so I am in dilemma.I think about returning(oh this word is so hard to tell)the one and keeping the other alone till I get a bigger tank.I am really anxious about which decision would be more favorable for them.Furthermore,I read that the liters is way too little for two fishes so it made me to consider more seriously the possibility of giving the one as I do not have the ability to buy a larger tank immediately.Is this decision selfish? I don't know what to do... [emoji22] Has anyone been in a similar position?
  2. I just found out that my goldies are both girls!
  3. Sorry it's mistakenly and not mistakly [emoji16]
  4. Here is a video of my cuties [emoji5] Can you detect something unnatural in the way they swim or I mistakly feel this? http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/Katerina020/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-03/MOV_1270_zpsi9moyeaf.mp4.html
  5. I already have water contidioter but different label than yours,I'm not sure if I can find those in Greece.
  6. I just fed them green peas and they loved them!!! I feed them twice a day is that right? I read that I can feed them lentils,is that ok? Also can you help me choose names for these cuties?
  7. Thank you very much!!! I will buy tests as well.How long after water changing should I make the test?
  8. Neither did I when I started with goldfish. I had gravel, too. I switched to sand and have found it easier to keep clean So,I will get sand soon [emoji6]
  9. It's actually a really thin layer of rocks, that's why I planted the anubia into the jar. Thank you,they are really cute and sociable [emoji7]
  10. OK,I am going to buy a tester kit as soon as possible!!!
  11. Thank you!!! I make a 40-50% water change weekly.Is it enough or I should change the water more frequently? I also got a bigger filter to replace the small one that the tank contained.
  12. Thank you very much!!! Actually I have been really anxious by reading all these topics and understanding the mistakes I have done [emoji32]
  13. Oh poor babies [emoji22] I hope that you will manage to save them!!! [emoji4]
  14. Hi,my name is Katerina and I'm from Greece.About 6 days ago I went at the Pet Store to take food for my Yorkshire and eventually I left the shop with these two baby orandas!!!I want to tell you that I have no experience in fish so I think I have made some mistakes with their tank as it is only 40L,but I am going to buy a bigger one so they will be much more comfortable!!! (sorry for my English) I haven't found a name for them yet so I would appreciate it if you could help me:)
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