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  1. it got cured with the epsom salt and Metronidazole food at 80F ish for 14 days. it was in a 10 gal tank so i changed water everyday. Feed the metro food 2 times a day. in the morning when i left for work and when i got back from work. Then started the kanacyn food for as advised in the back of the food. Since it was a small tank, i added her back to the main tank yesterday at night after she finished eating her food as she has been trying to swim around. Today looks like shes able to swim with no problem. buoyancy is getting better than when she was in the small tank. 


    i was afraid i was going to lose her as in the past when we had fancy goldfish, we weren't aware of the things that need to be done in order to take care of them. The maintenance and water levels they need to live healthy and happy. 


    Only concern is she now looks like she has a small tummy compared to the other two.FYI she should be the oldest one as i bough her pretty big compared to the other two.


    But other than that. Dropsy has been Defeated !!! :D

  2. So i received KanaPlex and MetroPlex today.

    How should i procceed? She No longer has pinecone scales. She is better no doubt. Even the hole in the head is healing nicely. Do i really need to continue with KanaPlex? I mean shes no longer just at bottom of the tank. Only problem she is having is not being able to float up and down normally.

    Please advise :3

    See phishy now all good ~


  3. The meds will arrive Monday :(

    I came home today and phisy was swimming around as soon as I got near the tank. The scales are not as puffed up and she goes to top of the tank to eat food. ^_^ so far so go.

    Soo happy!

    Thanks SOO much everyone ^_^

  4. Ok I will only feed the metro food for now. and wait for med.

    I'm able to add melafix or pimafix if tail rot occurs again right?

    What do you recommend?

    After closer look phishy has at least 4 holes coming out which one is full on big = ~ =

    See below image. That's best I could take. She moved ALOT hehe it's the white part that's barly visible.


  5. will I have to treat with med and med food? Would my phishy be ok or do I just stick to one?

    My phishy gladly eats the flakes. She has actually never stopped eating which gives me hope she will recover.

    Came home to change 100% water and continue the epsom bath. Her scales are not as sticking out as before and moves a lot more as well.

    Thanks for all your help to everyone posting and sending advise. I hope with all your help and advise we can kick dropsy in the butt ^ _ ^

  6. so I ordered the medicine adviced but won't be here until next week =_= however the medication fish food arrived. I looked at the ingredients and it has the same that the medicine I ordered. Would the food be ok only or would food plus medicine be required?



  7. The gravel was like that for a while because I didn't have a hospital tank. She was getting hurt underneath her so I moved it to the side for the meantime. It's all evened out now.

    Just ordered medicine to fight this and hope she gets better soon.

    The Epsom salt thing I read around and pretty much wasn't clear to me so I came here due to another forum not really responsive.

    Glad to know people here are willing to give me advise to help my poor phishy!

    Really appreciate it!

  8. My main tank size is 60 gal. QT is 10 gal

    How much Epsom salt do I add and do baths not work? I should add Epsom salt and leave it for no more than 10 days right? Using Epsom salt is new to me.


    That was when I had green algea which is controlled now.

    20150327_050532079_iOS.jpgThis was today. Water was crystal clear at night when I did the water change and then this.

    C27DDBD9-F181-400C-B667-E6E8BA121A91.jpgWhen was added back to QT after a 5min Epsom bath

    F83581BD-4205-46B9-81A5-83D438F96005.jpgThis was her today again

  9. I'm a big stump on what is happening to my poor fishy.

    I have a black fancy goldfish who currently has dropsy. She still eats and I've been feeding her pees while her medicated food comes via mail. She's had dropsy for but now. But so far she's really fighting to stay alive so I'm detrmend to get her feeling better. I've been doing Epsom salt baths which looks like really helps her because she starts swimming around once she's back in the quarantine tank. Problem I'm having is I keep change her water because it gets dirty like the next day a rally of things are inside the tank attached to the walls of aquarium. It looks like she's able to digest the pees because green poop comes out but like I said I'm stumped with the additional items unidentifiable in the tank. At fist I thought the filter was the problem so I removed it. But still happened.

    Need help ; ~ ;

    I use aquarium water from main tank whic has below water levels.

    PH - 7.0

    Ammonia - .25ppm

    Nitrite- 0ppm

    nitrate .50 ppm

    Tempature at 80F

    Using melafix pimafix

    Any suggestion is really appreciated.

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