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  1. TikiLola, I say the same thing when I see an unboxing of a Ranchu I admired
  2. Thanks everyone! He was actually my 3rd choice but after looking at his picture, a lot, I'm so glad someone beat me to the punch and got the other 2. I weighed him today after a water change. 86 grams!!! I might weigh him again just to be sure. Whenever I get ranchus from ECR, they all are healthy and active (never any bottom sitting).
  3. I am bursting at the seams. So excited to introduce my new chubster, Atreyu. Just received him/her yesterday and I swear I want to get in the water with him and pinch those cheeks! Ahem, excuse my pj's. I've been getting a lot of pokes from friends about it, lol
  4. He's pretty much lost all the black now. Right now his body is more gold/yellow and his wen is orange. I am quite happy no matter what color he turns into ☺️
  5. I like the acrylic. Careful not to put anything that would rust or be toxic
  6. Within a week, my bronze or chocolate (I don't know what he was labeled as :-/ ) has dramatically changed colors! I never really had any dark goldfish except for a black moor a long time ago so I didn't know that most change colors.
  7. I think you're right. I still had some algae growing on the sides of the pond with the uv clearifier which I liked for the fish to nibble on throughout the day.
  8. Thanks everyone! So nice. I wish I could say I built the bridge but I bought it. Its sole purpose is to provide shade for the fish since the pond sits in full sun. As for the fish, the 2 orandas are from my lfs and the ranchus are from East Coast Ranchu. I had other fish but that's another story for the horrid section :-/
  9. Here's the link. They do have bigger sizes. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00435HHC2/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1429668569&sr=8-1π=AC_SY200_QL40&keywords=clear+acrylic+globe&dpPl=1&dpID=41MhEKHgq%2BL&ref=plSrch
  10. Once you suck the air out, it remains stationary. You'll still need a base of some sort. I'll have to find the link. I also had a uv and the algae would still build up
  11. It's an acrylic sphere I found on Amazon that is uv resistant. My fish got too big for it so I eventually took it down. They make them larger though. For the base, I just used a plastic plant stand and did a little diy. I used pvc to make the pole to suck the air out with a small shop vac.
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