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  1. Hi all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but I am wondering if anyone in the NYC/New Jersey area would be interested in taking on Vickie, my orange oranda. I would like her to have a good home in a cycled, not-overstocked tank, ideally with some friends. She is currently kind of lonely. I used to be a regular writer here at Koko's (my blog is "One Fish, Two Fish"), but I am giving up fish-keeping for personal and practical reasons. You'd be welcome to have any of my aquarium equipment, too (lights, AC 70's, a 29- and 10-gallon tank, medicines and chemicals). I also have a very cute tiger nerite snail you'd be welcome to have and some plants. Vickie is healthy and regularly Prazi'd, but, of course, I would recommend quarantining her in case your tank has different pathogens. I don't have a car, so you would have to pick her up. I live in Jersey City. Below see a fairly recent picture of Vickie in her tank. Thanks.
  2. I had this problem. Can you handfeed the blind fish, or is it afraid of you? Honestly sometimes I would spread the food out, and if my aggressive fish just followed the other one around despite there being plenty of food for everyone everywhere (which she did), I'd shoo her away. Sometimes I tapped her, gently, but you might not be comfortable with doing that. So long as you scrub up with vinegar or castile soap, it shouldn't be a problem to put your hands in the water. More space should help with this problem, I would imagine. As my aggressive fish grew bolder, she also became territorial during non-feeding times.
  3. I love the black goldfish with orange eyes! And your new ryukins have great fins already! So cute.
  4. Also: if I were to remove the nerites for maintenance Prazi rounds, where would I put them? My house is cold and I only have the one heater. I'm worried I'd kill them either way.
  5. So.... are they hurting each other or mating? I have cuttlebone and a pretty high pH in the tank, and I haven't seen them do this before. I also don't see many eggs in the tank, so I'd thought they were male. Should I separate them?
  6. OK--I bought the cuttlebone just in case; I figure it can't hurt! I hope I find my missing nerite, too, who seems to have gone into hiding within an hour of being in the tank. Perhaps it buried itself? I checked the filters, floors, etc. What little spy!
  7. Yep bleach is the way to go. Bleach is magic!
  8. Yeah, I'm perplexed, but I'm wondering if the gH drops quickly after a water change (I did one earlier today). I'll take another reading tomorrow. The snail is actually running away from my camera--how do they know when these things are happening?? But it is a white spot (not a cyst) on the apex of its shell. Just in case, do you have any preferences re: cuttlebone? I found this on Amazon but some people noted that it has trace salts in it.
  9. The shell has grown a white spot on its apex. My gH is around 9-10 drops (this is with a recent dose of Equilibrium), which is 161-179.
  10. Hi all, I current use Seachem Equilibrium and baking soda to keep my kH/gH under control, but I would like to boost the water's calcium content further, since I think my snails' shells could use the help--and it might help some of my plants, too. I've read about using cuttlebones, but don't want to use them if there are unnecessary additives. I've also seen that Seachem makes a calcium supplement for corals, but it seems not to be calcium carbonate. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. When you remove nerites, where do you keep them? When I've quarantined them in the past in a bucket, they haven't done terribly well. Any ideas? I'm also hoping to feed Super Green to them if they run out of algae in the tank. Do most of yours like this?
  12. I'm going to try snails (again), this time from a much better source that shouldn't require much QT, but I was wondering if nerites do poorly during PraziPro maintenance rounds. I've read that apple and mystery snails are unaffected, but mixed things about nerites. Thoughts?
  13. I hope things turn around soon in fishworld! Sounds like you are very busy (and perhaps stressed). Hang in there!
  14. Update: so I managed to tie the Java fern mat to my driftwood, and so far it isn't moving around. I hope the roots stick! If it falls off in the next few weeks I'll turn to my Loctite. Thanks for the suggestions!
  15. Is it holes in the leaves? hygro is a potassium hog and holes are a sign of potassium deficiency Actually it is browning around the edges. I was thinking nitrogen deficiency since perhaps the plant is reabsorbing the leaves? I've been trying to remove the damaged ones and fertilize a bit more. I lost a fish recently and was on a trip, so I am wondering if they are just feeling the effects of changes in the tank ecology.
  16. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with PAC. I've enjoyed the plants I've gotten there, although my hygro is having some problems for some reason. Thanks for the advice re: tying down the Java: I think I managed it--at least for now!
  17. OK, how do you use the superglue? I once tried to superglue anubias but I think I killed them.
  18. Hi all, So I've recently added more plants to my tank, including a lovely Java fern mat from PAC. I know that it ought not to be buried in substrate, but the roots haven't really taken to my sand (it just sits there), and detritus tends to collect underneath it. I am hoping to tie it to some driftwood, which I have boiling away to sterilize it. The driftwood isn't the issue: I've had it before and it is safe. I can finally use it with my fish again, though, since this one is smaller, younger, and more agile (RIP Duchess). However, when it comes to tying it down, it sounds stupid but I've had a lot of problems with fishing line staying put. I have a few rubber bands that, while unsightly, seem more promising, but I'm worried about tying the fern too tightly to the wood. Any tips on using fishing line? Types of knots, etc? I feel kind of clueless, since people in videos make it look so easy! Thanks
  19. I'd replay with "Would you keep a puppy locked in a kennel constantly, left to sit in its own filth for weeks at a time?...No of course not, that would be animal abuse. Well fish deserve the same care and clean environment a puppy should have."But then I tend to be very blunt with people. I've said a version of this to people who insist on the "goldfish have three second memories" thing (thus one drives me crazy) or that they die after a month: "if you were put in a closet to sit in your own poop and received no stimulation for your entire life, I doubt you'd have much of a 'personality' or live very long." That usually stops the smirking.Regarding people who are snide about my tank rather than just clueless (AKA jerks), I either shrug it off or say something about how I don't expect everyone to understand my hobbies and probably wouldn't totally grasp theirs, but creating something beautiful and making animals happy need little justification. There's no point in trying to win over people who are bent on making you self conscious. Can you tell that I've had to deal with this before...?
  20. I agree that the only issue you might have is if you have a strong current and/or vigorous airstones. I actually wound up switching to Estes Stoney River for one of these reasons. Still, CaribSea is very attractive.
  21. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I've been using a tank divider this week, and I hope it's making them miss each other!
  22. I can't since I live with two roommates in a very small apartment. They're already pretty tolerant of my fishly ways. I've decided to install a tank divider until I can figure something else out or see if new plants could help.
  23. Yes, the chasing is still going on and worse than ever. I'm buying some new plants to try to give Duchess, my older fish, more places to hide, but she is having to rest more than a healthy fish should--and she's recently much better after a stress-based infection (which I think was stress from Vickie coming for her all the time). I will mull it over a bit more, since I've had for over a year now and am somewhat attached despite her recent bad behavior. I'll look into tank dividers.
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