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I'm a poor doctoral student who has been keeping goldfish for 7 years. I teach literature as well as doing my own research and writing--but it feels like I write more about my goldfish than my dissertation right now. It's more fun! In my free time, I like exploring new places and eating things. So basically, in terms of recreation, I am a goldfish.

I initially had two fantail goldfish named Queenie and Duchess. They are the "two fish" of my blog title and always will be. They suffered through a lot of mistakes and learning-curve issues on my part, but they were a huge part of my life and great comforts for 6.5 years each. 


I now have one goldfish, an orange oranda who is about 1.5-2 years old named Vickie. I also keep a low-tech planted tank (29 gallons), but once I move in a year, I plan to upgrade to a tank that is at least 55 gallons, fully planted, and adding perhaps one more fish (or two, if I get a 75). That'll be a heck of a project! 

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