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  1. Thanks! I wound up not salting and doing a 30-minute methylene blue bath rather than swabbing. I figured it would be less stressful if I could avoid handling her as much as possible. She seems happier already, although she was a little mad about the bath for a couple hours
  2. Another update. Meth blue should be here today, so I am changing Vickie's water in anticipation of her swabbing. I've taken levels prior to putting in fresh water--I am thinking of not salting it anymore--and it's frustrating since they're stable and good: Ammonia 0-.25 (welcome to New Jersey--I compensate with extra Prime); Nitrite 0; Nitrate 5-10 ppm, but closer to 5. Her pH is always around 8.2 since I buffer with baking soda. So, it seems that her relative lethargy is due to the Prazi treatment. Her tail rot seems fairly stable and her water doesn't smell like she has a bacterial infection, but it's so annoying to keep the tank going pretty well, feed her quality food, and still have to deal with illnesses. It's hard to see her fins hurting; reminds me of Duchess, too. Anyway, the plants are weathering the salinity. Need to make up my mind about continuing to salt her. Probably a good idea, I guess. Ugh.
  3. Hi all! Been a little while so I thought I'd give a quick Vickie update. By and large, she is OK as are my plants. That might change a bit in the latter department since I now have V at .3% salt. She had been doing a bit of the dreaded gulping--reminding me of long-lost loves, Queenie and Duchess--so I did two rounds of Prazi (powder form; wasn't sure the liquid was still good)--and I could tell that something was indeed bothering her. She was less active, although there was no bottom sitting or lack of appetite. She also now has some tail rot going, so I want to jump on it. It seems not to be spreading as of this morning. Unfortunately, though, I realized that I had to toss my meth blue (my preferred tail rot first plan of action) about a year ago after it nearly exploded (?!!!). Talk about a mess! I think my hands were blue for a week. I'm now waiting for Amazon to work its magic so I can do a swab. Baths are fine, but I think in my experience that swabs have been better for this kind of thing. She won't like it, but who would? I am grateful for everything I've learned here at Koko's about prophylactic treatment. I've also finally joined Instagram and have been making some videos of her doings. My remaining nerite snail is easily the size of a quarter compared to the barely-a-dime size at which I received her about two years ago, and she's busy as always. Here are some fairly recent photos. "Hello, everyone!" Over and out! Wish Vickie luck on getting that tail fixed.
  4. Hi, everyone! Been a very long time with a lot of life things impeding goldfish blogging. Vickie is still alive and swimming, although she's been a little stressed out lately. Not sure why; I know that she doesn't like living alone, but she hasn't manifested tail problems as a result of that before. The tank's water parameters are also good, but I did realize that the water was 66 degrees today! Eheim heater, you've failed! I also realized that her dry food is... really old... so she's been on Repashy with a crushed clove of fresh garlic and much more energetic. So, I have a new thermometer and heater coming in the mail, as well as some Melafix and Thera-A, presently. In the meantime, it's .1% salt and fins crossed that she heals up and that my plants don't suffer too much. So, nothing particularly exciting, which, given my goldfish history, is JUST FINE. I'm not sure about my moving situation in the coming months, but if I do, I'll ideally be able to get a bigger tank and Vickie a friend at long last.
  5. Thanks-- The lily is odd. I've had the bulb for at least two years where it was more or less dormant. I'd say not to get impatient with it if it takes a long time to open up.
  6. Thanks, everyone! Another fun note: my lily is really going crazy. I have some Melafix coming in the mail, too, since I'm not wild about how Vickie's tail is looking. Her behavior is fine; I think I've just had some trouble doing water changes every five days since I've broken my foot once again.
  7. Hi all, Not to be flakey, but I've had something of a change of heart--and I'm relieved. It is difficult to harden your heart to a hobby and a creature you've been taking care of for years. I've had been looking for a new apartment when I wrote the previous post--thankfully it's turned out that I don't have to move --and every time I mentioned Vickie as a potential burden, people were delighted at the idea of having a planted tank and goldfish in the house. It surprised me; perhaps my ex-boyfriend's real indifference, if not dislike, of my hobby had gotten into my head. (I am glad, however, that he's gotten out of my life. What a downer.) I think, too, that breaking my foot for the... I don't know, fifth? seventh? time really depressed me on top of being slammed with work. It was nice to see her through other people's eyes: of course she is a pretty and charming fish; of course I shouldn't just dump a tank that I've invested hundreds of dollars into. And with my old roommates moving out, I could even get her a bigger one at some point soon, provided that I'll be staying in the NYC/NJ area for more than a year, after which, then, I could still get her the bigger tank and canister filter I've always wanted. I could also try to be better organized with her stuff. I'm actively looking for tips as to how you guys manage to keep all your medicines and equipment in an orderly manner. Right now, it's a lot of chaos, which I think stresses me out. So now the focus is going to be making fishkeeping more relaxing than yet another chore. I even took a picture of her tank today. As you can see, my phone's camera is still terrible, my lily is blooming (!), and one of my AC70s died. Good thing one AC70 should be more than enough to keep a 29-gallon tank with one not-very-big fish and snail well filtered. The tank is quiet again now, too. I hope things are looking up.
  8. I haven't posted in a long time, not because there is nothing to say but because I've lost my spirit for fish-keeping. On the main forum, I've indicated that I'm hoping to rehome Vickie in the immediate future. I just can't take care of her anymore, nor am I happy when I do. I'm not sure why. I've kept fish for eight years now through thick and thin, as this blog partly documents. But with stress, ill health, and having to move fairly soon (and not really wanting to do so), I think it's time to let this hobby go, at least for the foreseeable future. I'm worried I won't be able to find Vickie a good place to live, though. If you're in the NYC/NJ area, have a car, and would like an orange oranda, please let me know. So many fish stores around here treat goldfish badly, and I want her to have a place to live that has good water quality and some friends. I'll be getting rid of all of my equipment, too, if anyone wants it. Thanks, everyone. It's been an up and down ride.
  9. Hi all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but I am wondering if anyone in the NYC/New Jersey area would be interested in taking on Vickie, my orange oranda. I would like her to have a good home in a cycled, not-overstocked tank, ideally with some friends. She is currently kind of lonely. I used to be a regular writer here at Koko's (my blog is "One Fish, Two Fish"), but I am giving up fish-keeping for personal and practical reasons. You'd be welcome to have any of my aquarium equipment, too (lights, AC 70's, a 29- and 10-gallon tank, medicines and chemicals). I also have a very cute tiger nerite snail you'd be welcome to have and some plants. Vickie is healthy and regularly Prazi'd, but, of course, I would recommend quarantining her in case your tank has different pathogens. I don't have a car, so you would have to pick her up. I live in Jersey City. Below see a fairly recent picture of Vickie in her tank. Thanks.
  10. My new plants from PAC came today, and I don't think I've ever seen a healthier bunch! Heather also threw in an extra Amazon Sword (I initially ordered 2). They are all sword varieties except for one, and I gave them a thorough potassium permanganate bath prior to planting (35 minutes at heavy concentration). Vickie seems happy with the new plants and stimulation, and her tail is healing. There is still a .15% salt solution in her tank, but I plan to do a WC tomorrow to take most of it out, provided that her tail continues to look good. I also don't want the salt to disturb the new plants too much. They are: 3 Amazon Swords (Echinodorus bleheri); you can see them stage left, and they complement my old, still thriving sword stage right Pigmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus tenellus, narrow leaf) Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis mauritiana) Bacopa Carolina (caroliniana) I've read that they are fairly easy to deal with and like low to medium light, which seems to be what my PAR would suggest based on other successful plants. The bacopa refuses to stay planted, of course, but hopefully rocks will help. Here is a picture; the tank was looking very sad before. I am much happier with it now.
  11. It's been a long time since I've posted. There are various reasons (excuses) for this, but no matter. I went ahead and ordered some new plants for Vickie, since, once again, I have had absolutely no success with the Java Fern. I also kill anubias, so I don't think I have the rhizome touch. I've ordered three different kinds of swords for both the background and foreground, and I am also trying out Bacopa Carolina, caroliniana. Planted Aquarium Central (PAC) seems to think that it's quite easy and likes low-medium light. I'm guessing that my success with swords and crypts is partly due to the PAR of my tank being low to medium (this is perhaps why my Java Fern looks "burned" at times. At any rate, be gone, Java! I shall never repurchase you. My hereto highly dormant lily seems to be creating some new plants, so I am trying to give those a chance, and with new root tabs both the crypt wenditii and parva are growing larger and/or spreading. The micro and pygmy chain swords I've purchased might help with some low-level coverage and give Vickie more to do. She continues to exist in solitary confinement since I'll be here in my human Betta tank for the foreseeable future. I would really like to get her something more substantial and a friend, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards with my terrible water pressure (hence no Python usage available) and financial limitations. The other day, when I was playing "what would I do if I won the lottery (despite never buying lottery tickets), a new tank was one of the first things that came to mind. I hope she will hold out long enough to see such a tank that can accommodate new friends, too. Vickie seems OK otherwise, although I woke up to some tail issues this morning. She'll get a water change this afternoon and maybe some Melafix or .1% salt, both of which have helped in the past. I certainly don't want it to spread or for her fins to become as damaged as Duchess's did toward the end. Otherwise, she is constantly hungry and bored. Her growth, at least to my eye, has been slow and steady. It seems to have been directed toward her fins, primarily. I seem destined to have finny fish! Ultimately, though, I feel sorry for her. She is lonely, and I am not a fish. I suppose I will have had her almost two years in May, so she is at least 2, and Duchess will be dead a year in August. Queenie has been dead for 2 years as of March 7. I suppose I have had this blog for a long time. I still miss them and wonder if I will ever feel the same way about poor Vickie. At least the snails seem to be enjoying some measure of a social existence. Their shells are looking very good and they are always very busy--sometimes even during the day. Vickie seems to have picked up on the "rocks that move" when she takes to nibbling the sides of the tank herself, but the snails are very much aware of how to hide and deal with her. She isn't big enough (yet) to force them off of the glass.
  12. Tested for nitrite again (I suppose it has been 4-5 days) and nitrite has settled back to zero. I am doing to do another water change today without touching either filter, and maybe only doing about 60-70% of the water. It seems to make the plants happier to do it that way. Haven't checked nitrates, but Vickie's behavior is much improved, and I am not going to redose salt given the nitrite numbers.
  13. Went ahead and added 3 tsp of pickling salt to her tank, too.
  14. Haven't posted in a while, and I've been a negligent to Vickie, letting WCs go to around every 8 days. She got a major one yesterday after I saw that nitrates had crept up to 40ppm. I also changed the filter floss. She's acting kind of odd today--a bit slowed down. Perhaps it was due to the shock of a 90% change? She's eating and everything, though, so I'm not really sure what's up with her. Her water doesn't smell bad either. I'm going to take her water levels right now. They are: Ammonia: close to 0-.25 ppm Nitrite: .25 ppm Nitrate: 5 ppm pH: 8.2 Ugh! I guess I destabilized the cycle somehow. I'll have to commit to water changes very 5 days until nitrites come down, since they were zero two days ago. Added a capful of Prime, and I'll add micros later today. Feeling guilty.
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