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  1. I''ve heard that aeration is more important than filtration if you change the water often. Is that true?
  2. Thanks for your replies![emoji2]
  3. Can it live alone or it needs a friend?
  4. Thank you all for replying!!! I'll start with the most common questions.But first I will give you some information about my aquarium: 12lt, 2 anubias (barteri var nana),about 20 little stones( no gravel), there is no filter only air pump, I use tetra aquasafe and tetra flakefood for goldfish. 1.How usually should I feed it? 2.How many times should I change the water in a week? 3.Do I have to put a filter in?
  5. Hello everybody. I recently bought my first goldfish and I know nothing. I would really appreciate some advice!
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