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  1. It's a bit late for that now, on advice earlier we added him to the tank with our big guy. We have meds coming on thursday, we'll treat the whole system. It'll take a while before they get to the point our little guy was at, we've got time.
  2. If anyone wants we will post pictures of the inside of his gills for informative purposes. We will be looking at them to see what we were up against, mostly to make ourselves feel better i think. But if you like we will post pics.
  3. He passed. He was going downhill all day, a few hours ago he started floating and was barely breathing, and now he's gone.
  4. Nope, there really aren't. We're up north, so koi ponds aren't that common. We were talking to an ichthiologist my Dad worked with "back in the day" and who we have dealt with before for fishy stuffs.. and he said a peroxide dip might be the best we're going to get up here. He said the fish can probably take it more than the parasite. Sounds extreme? We're at a loss, he's fighting valiantly and I want to do something to help him, but I don't want to act without confirmation on here and so far we can't get any of the meds they recommend
  5. Okay Poor little guy, i feel so bad for him, and I want him to make it! He's got the sweetest little face, and more head growth than the other one, even this young!
  6. I spoke to the vet pharmacy here, they hadn't heard of it I didn't go in to see the vet, here vets are very focused on dogs and cats. There's only a few who can handle rabbits, and I would be SHOCKED if there were any who would take the time to treat fish, beyond recommending euthanasia procedures. And I don't think we're there yet.
  7. I haven't started any meds yet, not even the antibiotics, cause I'm not sure if I should do as the bottle says or if there's a different plan because of the maggots?
  8. De-Los is out, Life Bearer should be here thursday if the supplier pulls through.
  9. Nope, that's a no-go. Apparently getting meds in Canada is a real pita We tried to order from that NFP website, and it got to the end and told us we couldn't up here. ebay same situation. BALLS.
  10. No. What we showed in the pictures is what we have here, I'll see if I can get the hikari stuff
  11. Alright, no worries. The De-Los is diflubenzuron, the same as the Dimilin X The Life Bearer is 0.0-dimehyl, 1-hydroxybenzol, 2-trichloromethyl phosphate. His tank contains 10 gallons of Prime-treated water with 0.1% salt. Currently the parameters are: pH 7.2-7.3 ammonia and nitrites 0 nitrates 5 We did a full water change yesterday. We moved the other little one over to the big guy's tank.
  12. It does not appear that we can get that here in Canada, all i get is a bunch of gov't research and warnings. Apparently the substance diflubenzuron is not banned in Canada, but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere. eBay Canada doesn't sell it from a supplier that'll ship to us. I've even started looking at insecticides and home hardware stores for commercial preparations that could be diluted. Nothing. NFP does look like they'll ship to us!! Thanks a ton for the link The lfs is going to bring in a preparation of Life Bearer by thursday. Should I hold off for that and hope he makes it that long? Order the De-Los and hope he waits that long? Treat with the copper and antibiotics? I really have no idea what I'm doing here.... :'(
  13. http://wetwebmedia.com/fwsubwebindex/fwfishmeds.htm At the bottom of the page there's a chart. We were desperate, given our limited choices, so we went with this.
  14. Did some web research on the store, ended up getting metronidizole, kanaplex, and the copramine as that was the only thing they had that was mentioned anywhere online for gill maggots. Does anyone have any advice on treatment protocols?
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