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  1. How much of it do you have? Keep the main portion in a bucket and try a sacrificial piece and see how its responded after a few days. That's really the only way you'll be 100% certain.
  2. Cracked me up.......licking a goldfish from head to tail to cure whitespot. I wonder if you get a buzz like licking some toads? Next cops will be pulling people over in their cars who are carrying goldfish
  3. It's one the lottery coming from the pet mart to your house !
  4. That must have been a shock to see that happen so fast Mandy. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovering for that beauty.
  5. You can always pee in your tank ........ seriously.
  6. Dyed fish ....... die. It should be condemned and banned.
  7. My Purigen was about 6 - 7 years old and I replaced it. 24 hours later, I have forgotten just how clear Purigen can make a tank look. Looking lengthways through 4 foot of water it looks like there is no water in the tank and the fish are literally flying.
  8. They're certainly porkers!
  9. Cheers and hope you have/had a great day
  10. Its going on to 1.00am over there isn't it? 5.45pm here on a chilly Wednesday evening.
  11. Thanks for that, I was confused over the 'bright yellow' mentioned in the instructions. Thanks again
  12. When doing the KH test, when it turns the first yellow.....is that the bright yellow that they say in the instructions? Or do you keep adding drops past the initial yellow?
  13. Can I thank everyone for their kind thoughts and their posts, very much appreciate them. Its very nice to be mixing with such nice animal loving folks....thanks for having me here.
  14. When I went to Sydney 10 days ago to pick up the four new goldfish I was able to drop into one of the larger Sydney LFS's and purchase 40 packs (4 bricks) of Hikari frozen blood worms. They come in taped up Styrofoam boxes. My small country pet store only carries Aqua One brand and they stink, stink really bad like raw sewerage and a lot of the 'worms' are just empty shells or half empty shells. The Hikari frozen blood worms are a brilliant red, hardly any empty shells and the best part is they don't stink and they are also a lot more convenient being in the push out a portion packaging style. If you're in Australia (or wherever else they sell Aqua One) do yourself a favour and try and get your hands on the Hikari brand of frozen bloodworms. The quality is incomparable to the cheaper Aqua One brand.
  15. Vodka, that's something that I am familiar with Castille soap - Never heard of that before?
  16. PP is a bleach and a lot more fish friendly.
  17. One addendum I will add when using PP is to be safe and to treat it with respect and always wear eye protection.
  18. Maybe with anubias, but with the majority of soft leaved tropical aquarium plants pink won't harm them. Purple will set some back dramatically or kill them. I have traded hundreds of cuttings of plants via mail with other aquatic plant nuts over the years and always used just a pink colour. I never killed a plant nor copped an anwanted disease in any of my tanks.
  19. I suppose I'm in too minds with that AM, I had a large koi that ended up much like the above. It lived for around 4-5 years like that, laying on the bottom of the pond all day and night and would swim very awkwardly up to get floating pellets each feeding and immediately sink. If I had a dollar for every time I fed this pond and thought "I should put this fish down" it would be substantial amount. The morning it had died and didn't come up for food was a blessing for both of us I think.
  20. Sorry to say but I've kept koi for over 20 years and if fungus has made it back that far to the body there is IMO no chance of the tail fin growing back.
  21. Again potassium permanganate would be the most suitable.
  22. Potassium permanganate is the most oft used treatment for sterilising aquatic plants. You just need a slightly pink colour to the water and dunk the plants for around 10 minutes.
  23. Wow....you and them are really in a battle aren't you. Fingers crossed for you all.
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