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  1. That's so horrific.... she'll learn fast if she even pays attention to her water parameters. :/ (Or, when they all start dying) I think some people just don't understand that water is so important to their fish's health. Not keeping up with your water quality is like forgetting to feed your cats or dogs for days on end. If people understood how water quality works, and understood how much waste goldfish produce, it would be so much easier to convince them to do the better thing for their fish.
  2. SO ACTUALLY, I GOT THERE and the tank was horribly scratched up he had silicone piled up on the edges and it was all just in horrible shape. I decided just to let it go lol. I'd rather buy a new one
  3. I think of it this way : I am taking better care of my goldfish than many others would, and I hope that my level of care rubs off on those around me so that they know what goldfish should be living in, and that they can go to the vet just like any other pet can. I try my best to be a good influence and I don't think I'd ever pay for a goldfish from a commercial pet store. (I did adopt one though) All we can really do is set a good example and hope others follow.
  4. Mine are too smart for me My little oranda, Antares, must have trained his previous owners well. He stares at me insistently for VERY long periods of time to see if i'm going to feed him. Either that or he's studying me. That might be a little odd though haha
  5. Bleach sounds like a good idea. Should i worry about doing this before or after placing it into storage? (Or, both?) I can't imagine myself using vinegar to begin with. the smell makes me want to vomit already lol. I could maybe force my BF to spray the tank for 30 minutes, but, I think bleach may be an easier option.
  6. I've been keeping for almost 2 years now.... With the cost of tanks, suna's vet bill ($261!!!! wow) and all of the money i spent on medication (around $200 as well) I am PROBABLY at about $1500+ at the moment I have never thought about it because I'm a broke college student and I shouldn't be doing any of this lol (YET HERE I AM, buying a 75gallon/tank/canister filter to set up for my new apartment in august. But at only $230 how could i possibly refuse?! right?! omg)
  7. I'm glad everyone's enjoyed reading it! It's been a bit of a long story lol Little victory tonight: suna has learned to get himself upright and can stay stable like that for a few minutes all on his own. He's been swimming vertically to be able to lift himself enough to land on his stomach.
  8. I got the seller to agree to fill it some time tomorrow for when i pick it up monday. I'm mainly concerned about it sitting in storage over the summer though. It's very hot and humid here so i'm not sure how the silicone will stand up to it. I'll probably test it a few months in storage too, to see how its doing. I haven't actually thought about Sterilizing it.... i was thinking rubbing alcohol would do the trick, but if that's damaging just let me know. (Any advice would be appreciated, really!) That sounds great, but my HOB is currently filled to the brim haha. I will definitely be using the filter media that i have now, and I'll just run the other one for a few weeks before i actually move.
  9. Jason, this was debated a bit in this thread. Sharon's post (#16) explains things pretty perfectly. It also might provide a little more info about moving too, Fup10k. It'd be worth a skim. edited: Ah! Sharon already transferred the same info over here too. Oh my GOSH that barebottom is a gorgeous tank! I'm so jealous. That was a really great read, and it got me thinking : If there really is no such thing as over filtration, should I consider running the new filter with my tank currently as well? That way there's less to worry about for moving time to the big one Also.... Should I consider re-sealing this tank I'm getting? It looks fairly new but it will likely sit in an attic or in storage and i'm worried about it holding water well. I'd rather spend the $20 to resilicone than pay for water damages in my apartment
  10. Oh OK! I was just worried for nothing then I guess. I'll discuss it with the seller then, thank you so much for the advice on this.
  11. I happened upon a really good deal for a 75 gallon tank with a stand and fluval fx6 canister filter on craigslist Well, it filters 562 GPH. From my understanding, with a canister filter you should filter only 5-7times your tank volume, which would be 525 I was only really planning to have my two current goldfish (maybe a snail or two) in there, and I was planning on keeping it planted. Will I even generate enough waste to make sure the filter bacteria doesn't starve itself? I'm sure once my fish are fully grown it will be easier, but for now Suna is the only one who is large and Antares is only about 3-4". The tank will be set up in August and after cycling, it should be done in September. 5-6 months away is enough time for Antares to grow a lot but somehow I still doubt that they'd make much waste.
  12. That is very good advice. I'd like to avoid it too. I am wondering, is there a safe way I could do this at home? Judging by his x-rays it was VERY easy to tell where to poke last time because it was the side he was leaning toward (and it was a gas bulge). I just don't want to wind up spending $100 every time this happens (IF it does happen) to x-ray and find exactly where it is. Is something like this predictable? Also, a little update: I have been gently guiding him upright while i am feeding him. I have him "sit" in my hand and will gently nudge him to keep him upright when he sways to either side. Today he was able to hold himself up and swim across the container a few times before losing his balance and floating to his side. He was very good navigating with just his two side fins, so I think it's safe to say that once his swim bladder fills again (hopefully it does) he will be able to swim normally using the bottom ones as well. . All of his underside sores are completely healed at this point and he's been so much more alert, and much happier!
  13. I can't really point you in any direction other than to do a google search and read everything. Jess' video in this thread is a good place to start, and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/117810-pressurized-co2-setup-basics-video/ Ohhh i love Jess' videos! I'm so sad she had to give away her goldies because she was moving they're so beautiful. That last one!!!! I'm so in love!! You had such a beautiful set up, oh my goodness <3 I'm not so sure if my picture would make much of a difference, it's seriously just flat sand. Nothing's planted, there's just a tiny rock, an old shell, and a small log. My poor ugly tank ;A; I dug up all of my plants a few months back and was actually going to start re-planting and planning in january (but, well, suna starting having his problems and all of my fishy attention went to him) As you can see, it's not that deep and it doesn't LOOK dirty from the top... but whenever I start siphoning i just find all sorts of uncovered debris and i have no idea why it's getting there. It seems like there's always some no matter how much i siphon out. I really think it's just so lightweight that it gets moved by the fish and covers their poop and leftover food. EDIT: ALSO.... i saw some super cute cinder-block tank stand setups and decided i probably definitely need a 75 gallon. I re-looked at them at petsmart today and the tank definitely isn't that tall, I think i was thinking of their 60 gallon that was right next to it. (Plus...with a cinder block stand I can choose how high. hehe)
  14. Small update: Got another baytril injection today. He did not enjoy the car ride (or the injection for that matter) but he is happy and swimming in quarantine again. Still no signs of swim bladder refilling, but he does seem less confused about directions.
  15. Hmmmm.... I don't think i've ever seen them gulping at the top, the only time they really "forage" up there is when they're eating on the roots of the bamboo they dug up but they could probably just be doing it when i'm not looking then, I'll stop feeding toward the surface
  16. Oh, i dont actually feed them at the "top" lol, they're fed by hand a little below the surface. No air gulping. Hmm... Maybe I was thinking of the wrong tank at petsmart, it seemed SO big and tall but I guess that's because I'm used to the 29g. (forget me being able to reach the bottom, I'm 5'1" and struggle with the 29g on my tippy toes lol) Im not cleaning the sand in any weird way, I've been vacuuming it but I'm always finding poop or something hidden under it, or I'll find them uncovering hidden poop :/ I'm not sure why. It's the crappy PETCO sand anyway so it's not heavy nor is it really the best thing
  17. I wonder why I have so much trouble cleaning my sand and you guys don't! I try and try to vacuum it all up but some always, always still have stuff under it and my little oranda digs it up easily. Honestly, my fish Don't like to "uproot" just for the sake of doing it, suna usually uprooted plants just by moving sand or leaning his fat self against them (lol) I think carpeting doesn't sound like such a bad idea right now since I think I'd be able to get them to leave it alone as long as I feed them at the top. They don't really eat plants or anything, it's just the sand movement that would be a problem (but I believe soil substrate wouldn't move as easily as sand anyway so that would help) I don't mind adding co2, but I'm just not sure where to start. I'm planning to set a new tank up in August for them, I think the 29g is just too small for two fancies. They get along well now but they don't have much growing room. What are good tank sizes for goldies, dimensions wise? I was thinking something around 60-75 gallons but I can't find tanks that aren't so... Tall lol.
  18. So I'm sick of the sand in my tank. It traps things, it is very hard to clean, and it's just gross. I have already decided that i'm taking the sand out and going bare bottom (for now) but I've always been interested in having some sort of pretty carpeting My main concern is cleanliness. It's impossible to thoroughly clean all of the sand, but I think if the tank was fully carpeted it would help keep things cleaner. Any planting at all would help, anyway. Can you still have beautiful "planted" bare-bottom tanks? Does anyone have any examples? And if you do have a heavily planted (preferably with carpeting) aquarium, how hard is it for you to clean?
  19. She said that she has been able to go through and clean them out and remove small sections before, but there's another surgeon who would be helping her who i've never met. I'll have to ask her more details when she calls me to check in. (If not, i'll be calling her friday anyway) Hopefully it will just stay a curiosity and not something i'll have to go through with anyway.
  20. Thank you everyone for the insight!! Yes, I do love my fish a lot lol. She wasn't quite sure what would have caused the swim bladder to move around, but we are going to check his status again after the 2 week injections and see where we want to go from there. If he's back to normal, then great! If not, she did mention that they could attempt surgery to reposition and potentially remove any "bad" parts of the swim bladder. I'm a little more frightened of surgery considering his small size (and the fact that he might not make it) but... I guess there's also the fact that he could die if this is a recurring problem as well. Either way! He's never seemed to give up yet so I won't give up on him.
  21. Here's a potentially surprising update: Yesterday, I decided to take Suna to LSU veterinary teaching hospital since i figured that would be his best bet for survival at this point, since nothing I have been doing was working. The Dr. decided a plethora of different treatment plans (all relying on x-rays and ultrasounds done) and was very concerned about how long it has been that he has been upside down As a result, i have some VERY interesting x-rays to show you! WOWZA, right? As you can see, he had an ENORMOUS amount of gas trapped in his swim bladder. his swim bladder has also seemed to shift to the side ever-so-slightly. As for the dark mass behind the lower swim bladder, she wasn't too sure of what to think of it. The best guess is that his swim bladder got very inflated and twisted some way around or over his intestines, and that is why they are bunched at the side over there. She decided to take the air out of it with a carefully placed needle, and voila! no more floating! Now, he is mainly swimming on his side and seems a bit confused about which way is up/down and left/right, likely because of being upside down for so long. He doesn't seem INCAPABLE of sinking or floating, but he doesn't seem to really remember how at this point. He is so much more alert and active since the visit, and definitely a lot happier! The dr. has him on baytril injections every 4 days now, and hopefully we will see improvement soon. If he continues to side sit through tonight I may add more water to the quarantine tank to see if it entices him to swim up.
  22. An update: I will be changing the water 100% and adding the medication after I am off work tonight. So far there's no real improvement to speak of, but he is much happier being able to eat again lol.
  23. I started on Friday and did my 100% water change and medicine replacement yesterday, so I've done two doses and today marks day 4 of treatment.
  24. He has been fasted for 5 days now. I'll stop with the vaseline then
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