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  1. Hello everyone

    It's been a long time since I've posted here. After my first two goldfish died, It's just been hard to look at goldfish the same way. :(

    I'm making this thread today because I'm hoping to find a new home for my current orandas. One is a calico and one is red. I will try to post pictures of them soon. 

    We will be moving around a lot the next few years and it has just gotten very difficult to find places willing to let us rent with a 75g tank, everyone only wants 10g. I don't know anyone IRL who i could trust to keep up with a big tank, or who would be willing to take care of them, so I was hoping I could find someone interested here. 

    I'd be nervous about shipping, but I would be willing to meet up with someone up to 8 hours away from my location which is the longest I'd feel comfortable transporting them. I am also willing to bring their entire tank along if its needed, I won't have any use for it and selling it would be a pain. 

    Thanks guys

  2. So water quality wasn't an issue, Nitrites 0, ph normal, nitrates below 20


    I was suspecting that aeration would have been a problem in this new tank. In my previous tank i had no airstones because the filter easily made enough surface agitation that they never seemed to need it (and it was just another gunky thing to clean so... I stopped using it).
    I figured the current with the new filter would be enough but I'm thinking not, now, since it really is a massive tank. The BF works at PETCO so he's going to pick up two large stone bars and some more tubing so that will be fixed tonight. 


    I ordered some Soilent Green since I've been meaning to try it anyway, this seems a good of a time as any  :whistle (I just won't tell Stephen it was $30)

    I'd been suspecting it was the hikari lionhead as well after seeing all of the tiny air bubbles that escape it after I drop some in.
    I've soaked them for a minute or two but I think that may not be enough either.  :no: So sad too, the little ones' have such good head growth now  :cry Maybe I can get away with it for a few meals a week, spread out instead. 


    I'll feed peas for the next few days. Aside from adding the airstones tonight, is there anything else I should do? 

  3. I cannot fill out all of the information at the moment because I cannot find the darn testing kit  :doh11: I should be able to update the readings tomorrow, but I am 99% positive it is not water quality since i've checked it recently (I did extra dose prime tonight since I couldn't test)


    • Test Results for the Following:
      • * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0 (Seachem ammonia reader on the side of the tank)
      • * Nitrite Level(Tank) Cannot determine
      • * Nitrate level(Tank) Cannot determine
      • * Ammonia Level(Tap) 0 (from previous knowledge)
      • * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0 (from previous knowledge)
      • * Nitrate level(Tap) 0 (from previous knowledge)
      • * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Cannot determine
      • * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Cannot determine
      • Other Required Info:
        • * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops?
        • * Water temperature? ~68F
        • * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 75g, running for 2 weeks with filter media from previous tank (no spikes previously, seems to be cycled)
        • * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? 525gph canister 
        • * How often do you change the water and how much? Weekly, 50%-75%
    • * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? 5 days ago, 50%
    • * How many fish in the tank and their size? 3, Antares: 4-5", Dot & Jellybean: ~3"
    • * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Seachem Prime 
    • * What do you feed your fish and how often? Currently Hikari Lionhead, 3-4 times daily
    • * Any new fish added to the tank? no
    • * Any medications added to the tank? no 
    • * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Prazi, 2 weeks for each of them.
    • * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Red veins along tail, likely stress
    • * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Floating upside down


    He and the other fish have been gulping at the surface CONSTANTLY in the new tank.
    I'm certain it's gas in his intestines that is causing this, but I cannot get him to stop. They would gulp every so often in the older one, but I guess the larger surface area of the 75g makes it more enticing. 

    I've seen him "burp" out a few bubbles today. He's lodged himself under the filter intake to stop himself from floating upward, but he seems to be able to right himself and swim normally when he has the mind to do so. 

    The other fish seem unaffected by it, but I can't think of anything to do for him... I think I might have to go to feeding peas every other day or something to combat it, but I can't think of any way to stop him from reaching the surface. 

  4. Happy halloween :D 

    our trick-or-treaters had to come yesterday instead... it's going to storm tonight. I'm having a party so I'm excited for it to be spooky  :happydance


    I'm exhausted though... I've made a cheesecake, cupcakes, brownies and now I'm about to get started on the actual food.... party is in about 2 hours and I'm nowhere near done! (and SO, SOOOO TIRED :( )

  5. Koko, that's so sad :( Poor Radar. 
    It hurts knowing that our fish are capable of caring for and missing their tankmates. Everyone who doesn't keep goldfish likes to pretend that they're just mindless, moving decorations or "just a fish" but they really are such smart and wonderful animals. Suna had his swimming issues for months, but Antares was always there trying to help prop him upright again and would sit by him all the time. 

    I notice the same range of emotions in them that I notice in my ferrets, I don't understand how anyone could look at them and think "it's just a fish." 

    Aaah i'm crying again just thinking about it. 
    I'm so glad I get to move him to the 75 soon... I really hope being in a bigger tank helps him. 

  6. To be honest if it doesn't wind up looking the way I want it, I'd probably be okay with them eating it anyway because I'm so picky (and I already know I don't like the look of it in a container at all) 

    For now, the only floating plant I KNOW for sure they don't like to go for is anacharis, because I have a bunch of stems floating around the tank already that have remained untouched ~1month or so. it's somehow been kept alive despite constantly moving around the tank, getting stuck to the filter, etc.  

    The one thing that makes me think they might like to eat plants is the fact that they chew the roots off of the bamboo.... but Suna did that too, and never ate plants either. 

    I wish I could just go up and ask them if they're gonna eat my plants or not.  :rude:

  7. Yep, gotta worry about your newbies too! ;) They likely could teach him to eat it as well.


    You could always create something yourself to hold the duckweed. Maybe stretch some hose over a shallow plastic box that you have cut into a frame shape? This part is all aesthetics, so there are almost endless possibilities.

    Do you think that maybe wrapping some pairs of the grass together (with fishing line) and attaching them to the tank with some suction cups would work? 

    I think that would give me the best "flow" with the plants, I'm just worried about the fishing line potentially harming the plants when they grow. 

  8. 3. If you have any surface agitation, you'll have issues keeping free-floating floating plants. A good way to prevent this is to float the plants in something, such as a collander or other container that will allow the water to circulate underneath but contain them on both the sides and the bottom. And since goldfish will eat all of the duckweed, you will need to keep them contained so that you can keep them for more than a day.

    Are there any sort of clear mesh-like things that could hold together some guppy grass..and still have it look flow-y? I was originally holding it in some clear boxes...but I hated the look of it. 

    I actually wasn't worried about the duckweed being eaten because... Antares doesn't eat it (But i guess the two new goldfish might like to eat plants  :yikes )


  9. I'm glad everyone's excited to see it  :happydance I'm so excited to set it up later this week!!! 
    I went ahead with the 525 and the mini canister. Stephen was like "Brianna, we've already spent over $300 and you're worrying about a $20 difference? Get the bigger one"  :nana

    I'm not too excited about the 1hour water change time...buuut.... I guess I can keep up with algae growth this time around lol.

  10.   :whistle


    Okay, so questions:


    1. Can I use miracle gro (or some other kind of...dirt) as the substrate in my tank?


    2. I want dirt because I know that sand will run down the impeller in filters.... ... is this even a concern with canister filters? (And... will dirt do the same thing?) 


    3. I LOVED having guppy grass and duckweed... but the filter was always keeping it to one side or sucking it up, and eventually it all died :rip:  I love the look of floating plants, but is my canister filter going to cause the same issues with pushing them around everywhere? (I'm getting the sunsun 304B and the 602B to keep on the other side)


    4. How do I stop floating plants from going everywhere  :cry1 Am I just doomed to not keep them?

  11. I see  :P Well I've been very lucky that I haven't had a filter quit on me yet these 2 1/2 years (One made a horrible noise.... but it didn't quit!) so I wasn't even thinking of that. 

    I really don't want to bother with having another HOB filter... do you think this mini-canister filter from sunsun would be good enough as additional/backup? (And could I use it with the 370? Or should I go with the 525 anyway?)

  12. Are you going to run any other filter along with the SunSun?  I would . . . 

    I really wasn't planning to, I wanted to keep the aquaclear with the 29g since bf's planning to use it for a tropical tank anyway after the goldies are situated in their new tank. 

    Do you think the 525 wouldn't be enough filtration for them or something? 

    And thanks :) I'm excited to have a big tank, now they have tons of room. 

  13. :nana I finally was able to get a 75 gallon tank to upgrade to! :nana


    I'm super excited lol. It's huuuuuuge compared to my tiny, tiny 29g! 

    I was thinking about a 55 for forever.... but I knew I would want an upgrade in the future anyway so, I bit the bullet and was able to snag one at my LFS for $160 (WAY cheaper than the petsmart near me)

    The boyfriend was also able to get a super cheap stand that was on clearance at petco for only $100, and it's MUCH higher quality than the stand that comes in the marineland combo that petsmart sells too (win-win!)

    So I'm here with a question... 

    I'm debating between these two Sunsun canister filters:  370GPH and 525GPH 

    The price difference (with the kits) for both is only ~$20, but I know that canister filters are 5-7x filtration, so do I really need the 525gph? 

    I mean...in the end... it's the boyfriend buying it for me  :wub:  So I don't want to be too greedy and jump for the 525gph just because I want it, if it's not necessary.

    Also, a slightly unrelated question: ...how long does it usually take you guys to do water changes on your 75?  :stars  I didn't think of the extra work that's involved in keeping a bigger tank before I got it lol.


    Oooo...I do need a new filter soon, I want to upgrade my betta to a 10g while the $1 per gallon sale is still going on :teehee

    This isnt just any filter, friend; this is a special filter FOR GROWING PLANTS IN! How awesome is that?????


    I see that now! That's really exciting! I've always been jealous of those here who grew plants in their filter (I'm sure I'd mess it up too bad so I've never tried) so this would be a good opportunity  :whistle

  15. Thank you for your input <3 I'm sorry for you and Duchess's loss as well. 


    I just feel so sad for him. Even though I'm of course still upset and miss suna, Antares will never be able to understand what happened. At least i'm able to understand that it was for the best, you know? It must be scary being a fish and losing your companion. :(


    Luckily I've been able to avoid any illness with him so far. (Well, slight floatiness after feeding too much hikari lionhead  :teehee but peas fixed that right up) 

    I'm hoping that with the new tank he'll be more active. It's over twice the size of their current one, so I'll be able to fit more plants in it. Maybe he'll be more easily distracted. 

  16. So, I lost Suna Solar on August 19th this year. 
    The other goldfish in the tank, Antares, definitely knew something was wrong that week because he was acting strange too and wouldn't leave Suna alone. 
    The main reason I had even noticed that Suna had passed was because Antares was swimming up to him, then up to the front of the tank, over and over again. 

    Ever since then, he really just hasn't been the same fish. I'll catch him sitting in one corner, staring at the rest of the room, and he'll sit there for minutes at a time before going back to scavenging for food and mess with the snails. 

    I did recently add two small (2-3"?) Orandas to the tank, but it's like he doesn't care for them either. It's strange because he was always so interactive with Suna. The two new fish seem to like him enough, and they interact with eachother, but Antares doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with them. He almost acts like they don't even exist.

    (Just a disclaimer; they've all been treated before going into the tank together and they will be moving to a 75gallon soon, I don't intend to keep them in a 30g together. He also hasn't shown any ailment since their addition to the tank~1 month ago) 

    He has no signs of illness or stress, and the water quality has always been great (mainly becuase of my strict schedule from keeping Suna, since he was always sick) so the only thing that I can think of is that he misses Suna. 


    Have you ever had other fish that get like this after they lose a tankmate? I've always noticed tons of personality in my goldfish... but I never really anticipated that they would be depressed when their friends pass away. 

  17. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me.

    It just hurts a lot. I miss him so much, and I keep crying over it. It still doesn't register to me that he's gone, I keep looking for him in his fish tank and I keep going to handfeed him.

    I had so many routine things I did on a daily basis that involved him so it's been really hard to distract myself to get through the day.

  18. I just wanted to let you guys be the first to know that after over half a year of fighting, Suna Solar is now swimming in the big pond in the sky. 


    He was slowing down all week, and the past few days he had been not wanting to eat much and spent all of his time in one spot of the tank. 

    My best guess is that it was actually tumor-related issues... and that could have been what has been wrong all of this time. (There was a tumor on his left side which could have caused the swim bladder issues....and then the tumor on his head which i definitely believe is part of a brain tumor now)


    If he wasn't getting better by the end of the week, I was going to consider euthanizing anyway. This whole time I've felt that he had an amazing will to live and it just wasn't there at all this week. Antares (the oranda in the tank) was acting strangely around him these past few weeks as well, and spent a lot of time by Suna's side. Maybe he knew something was wrong too. 


    I wanted to thank all of you so much for helping me give Suna the healthiest life he could have possibly had throughout this difficult time. He's been sick for so long and honestly, I can say that I'm glad he is in a better place now. 


    Rest in peace, Suna <3




  19. Suna Solar's Swim Bladder

    (Insight on floating, sinking, x-rays and treatment)

    For those interested, most of this is covered in my thread How do you know when it's time to let go? and documents almost my entire experience with treating suna. 


    Prior conditions: Suna has always been a little floaty, and he has had two "tumors" on him his entire life. (One by his left eye, and one long one on his right side) They have been tested and deemed nothing to worry about, because they haven't affected him at all. 




    From about January 15th, Suna started having severe floating issues. He went a few weeks completely upside down, then a week on the bottom, and then he started exclusively floating upside down on the top of the tank.



    After this point, I had gone through:

    Lowering the water level

    Raising the water level


    Exclusively feeding peas for MONTHS

    Maracyn II treatment 





    On February 22nd, I was desperately worried because I had tried everything I could think of, and the other goldfish forum I was active on was taking a very long time to respond, and people were running out of advice to tell me. I came here to Koko's hoping for emergency advice because now he had no appetite, wasn't pooping, and was incredibly lethargic. 







    He started to develop sores on his stomach, which I treated with vaseline:






    In the beginning of March, I started Suna on a treatment of Kanaplex and Metroplex.

    He was also fasted during this time, which didn't improve anything. 



    Schedule provided by Jarad:

    Day 1 - 100% water change, add 1/2 Teaspoon of Epsom Salt, add Kanaplex and Metroplex.

    Day 2 - Add a double dose of Prime

    Day 3 - 100% water change, add 1/2 Teaspoon of Epsom Salt, add Kanaplex and Metroplex.

    Day 4 - Add a double dose of Prime

    Day 5 - 100% water change, add 1/2 Teaspoon of Epsom Salt, add Kanaplex and Metroplex.

    Day 6 - Add a double dose of Prime and let's check in


    Unfortunately, this treatment did not work. 

    In the end of March I decided that my best bet was to bring him all the way to LSU's veterinary teaching hospital after hearing rumors of them having a fish vet.




    At LSU, we discovered that Suna had an enormous amount of gas in either his swim bladder, or in his intestinal track. 




    Lovely user Pearlscaleperfect shared some insight on to what was going on inside of Suna's X-rays:


    "The swim bladder is divided into two lobes, the cranial and the caudal, in fancy goldfish the caudal can be misshapen, tiny, or completely absent. In this case the caudal has seemingly migrated downward and sits below the cranial, which would explain the floating. The liver in goldfish is odd and is kind of a space filler, it just seems to fill in extra area not being utilized by the other organs. it and the GI tract are in the dark area circled, which looks normal. The other object should be the kidney but when things get so shifted around organ wise I could be incorrect. So it appears the only real issue is the location of the caudal lobe which is likely making it tough for the fish to keep balanced. The swim bladder will likely refill and need to be drained again, but it varies upon the individual on how long it will take. Hope this helps a bit! "



    Helen also (recently) offered information about Suna's swim bladder at this state:
    "with the swim bladders so low, i can guarantee you that the top part of the membrane which is fused to the inner lining of the fish's organ cavity at the top has become detached. this could be from injury, or it could be from an infection which is now resolved. no amount of surgery will cause this to reattach, no amount of physio will cause this to correct. it may, for a very short time and after a long period of time (through keeping the fish upright) return to the top, where it should be, but there is nothing to keep it there."




    The vet had already decided that the best way of treating it would be to aspirate it and get as much of the gas out as possible, and from then on Suna started sitting on the bottom:



    Suna received Baytril injections for 2 weeks to avoid any bacterial infections from having a hole poked in his swim bladder. 




    Since the vet visit in March, Suna has remained sitting sideways on the bottom of the tank. I've hand-fed him the whole time and although he can kind of push himself upwards in the water and float around, it is clear that his swim bladder still does not function properly. 


    In the end of June, I decided that the best course of action would of course be to bring him back to the vet for more x-rays to see if there was anything that could be hindering him. 


    We found out that... the lower part of his swim bladder was now missing. (Judging from my information from Helen, this was probably from piercing it)




    Unfortunately the only way to know "for sure" what was going on would be to actually cut him open and look, but that wasn't something I was interested in doing. 




    We started talking about different ways to treat it, and the vet suggested that maybe we should try suturing some floats along his back and see if it could help him out without damaging his scales or fins.

    I decided that it COULD be something to consider, and I figured it may work since there would be very little contact with him and it seemed more comfortable than a harness (which I had already been advised against many times on here)


    Unfortunately I had to work the day of his appointment so it was my boyfriend who brought him in, not me. And when my boyfriend brought him back home, he was inside of a harness anyway.


    My boyfriend told me that what they described to him was that they thought it would be easier to maintain in the long run. They warned him that he suffered "a little scale loss" as a result of them handling him so much to fit him for it so they prescribed us more baytril injections and salt dips to make sure he wouldn't get any infections. 


    Well, when my boyfriend got him out of the bucket and into the main tank it was very clear that it was more than just a little scale loss. 


    As you can see by the following picture, he suffered skin damage as well. He had small chunks of skin and scales just dangling off of his side, and his skin underneath was bright red. 


    In this one, you can see the damage to his fins clearly. His right pectoral fin wound up getting stuck like that inside of the harness repeatedly, even after I was able to push it under. By the end of the week he had NO fin left and it was just a small, brown stub that he wasn't able to move. 



    Despite the fact that he was now elevated, his wounds made him severely lethargic. His appetite was almost gone, he wouldn't try to swim and he barely even moved his gills.  Afraid of infection, I left him inside of the harness to help keep him off of the bottom of the tank since there was still a small amount of sand that I was afraid of him brushing against.


    Leaving him in the harness wound up being the biggest mistake I've ever had. 




    The harness cut into BOTH sides of him throughout the week. His dorsal fin was almost completely deteriorated, His anal fins turned into those white stumps you see along his bottom, and his caudal fins became bent and developed sores. 

    As soon as I saw blood coming off of his side one day while feeding, I made the instant decision to cut him out of the harness and take my chances with him just laying on the bottom of the tank. 

    Now that he's been out of a harness for about a week and a half, he's starting to heal and his fins are very slowly coming back... but I can't stand the fact that he was put through something like this all because I was desperate to get him off of the bottom of the tank. 


    Even though I would have never chosen to put a harness on him, I hope this stands as a lesson that:


    Vets are humans too and of course they make mistakes, so please be quick to educate them about the dangers of them if any of yours suggest it. 

    (I can't judge what the intent of the "specialist" above my vet wanted out of all of this....but it was his idea, not hers.) 




    My vet meant well, and she only wanted to help Suna... but sometimes, you just have to know when it's time to STOP messing with your fish!!! 

    I know how difficult it can be, believe me. Overall I spent $800-900 for treating Suna... which was honestly money I couldn't afford to spend.


    I drained my savings and couldn't  afford go to summer school anymore, but I love my fish so much that any chance of "fixing" him was worth more than all of the money in the world to me. 

    I do not regret the X-rays, because they helped me learn what was wrong with him to begin with and they helped me learn the 2nd time around that his swim bladder was not functioning anymore. 

    What I regret is that I was so focused on what I wanted for my fish, and how I wanted him to swim again so badly, but this whole time he has been happy and healthy on the bottom. Had I just left him that way, he wouldn't be hurting now. 


    Suna's swim bladder is as fixed as it probably ever will be. I've accepted that he's going to be permanently disabled, but as long as he still flips around in excitement every time he sees me... I think he's fine with it. 


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  20. I figure I should share a bit of input after spending a total of..... $800? overall to try to fix my goldfish's swim bladder. (And mind you... I am a VERY broke college student and literally used the last of my savings to try and help my fish, so I understand money being a problem)


    No vet is a miracle worker. And sometimes our fancy fish just have dysfunctional swim bladders.


    Me and my vet talked about potentially suturing floats onto my bottom-sitting goldfish, so I agreed since she seemed to not be worried and I figured it would work out well if they could weight it properly.......

    well, they did a harness instead without my permission and wound up scrapping most of his scales off. I kept the harness on him for the week to keep him off the bottom and give him time to heal because they ASSURED me that it wouldn't hurt him...... it wound up cutting into his side.


    Suna was very happy and healthy on the bottom of the tank, but now he's a scale-less, antibiotic filled fishy while he heals from me being too desperate to "fix" him.


    If your vet thinks that your fishy is healthy and she seems comfortable enough on the bottom, just let her be that way. Disabled fish may be doomed to death outside, but indoors in a tank with care they can live out happy lives anyway. To be honest? She could have just "forgotten" how to swim. That's what we think happened to suna, anyway lol.

  21. I'm so upset right now. 

    Last week I brought him in for more x-rays and we discovered that everything is normal intestinally, which doesn't explain why he's not swimming. 

    The vet suggested that we suture on a cork to him to help him float, and at least get him off of the bottom. 


    Fastforward to today, the day he is supposed to have the suturing done:


    1. I couldn't be the one to bring him in or pick him up, because I had work. My boyfriend had to bring him in so he had no idea what i really did or did not want done


    3. While they were fooling around trying to figure out how to fit it on him, they managed to make him lose most of the scales on either side of him, shred up his bottom fins, destroy most of his slime coat and stress him out beyond belief. 


    So now I'm stuck with him in a harness which i did not want, having to give him extra baytril injections which i did not want, giving salt dips, and dealing with a very lethargic, very stressed out fish. 


    What's worse is that I specifically told my vet that i wanted suturing to AVOID any contact with his scales. Holy hell. 

  22. Ok, so I left a message for the vet this morning because... I'm really considering surgery for him, but I'm just so afraid of how...invasive it is. I love Suna so much, I don't want to put him through being cut open and picked apart just for a small chance of fixing his bladder issue.  :no:


    This next part will probably sound crazy but, I saw a video with someone who had put piercings on his Oscar. I was so grossed out, I can't believe he would do something like that to his fish just for the hell of it because he thought it looked "cool."


    .... But it really did make me think about the possibility of setting up a few piercings for suna along his back and base of his tail,  that way I can attach some floats to him and not worry about hurting his scales or slime-coat with a harness.  


    I mean, do you guys think this is an option for him? I'm going to ask my vet what she thinks...but i do know that she and I are worried about his chances of survival after invasive surgery, so she may even think it's a better option.  But I would really like some advice. 

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