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  1. Miss Mountain,the big tank is now the home of all of my other fish, except for the Betta.I think they will enjoy it.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice post. Down deep, I knew that Gracie was not savable, but she died in my wife's hand while she was trying to get her to eat a tiny piece of pea. Just like that, alive and then dead. What a shock that it was so sudden. I was prepared for three weeks of medicating and had bought the MetroPlex to last. Bought a 10 gallon tank which was easier to use as a sick tank. All the best laid plans of men and mice.... I will not be getting any more Gold Fish Helen. I would say, I have not had much luck with them. The little fish will enjoy the large tank. Thank you again. Allan
  3. Thank you, I do appreciate it. BTW, your two fish on your avatar are beautiful, and one of them, the dark one looks like one of the three we started with. He was the first to leave, only a week or so with us.
  4. She was beautiful. She died while my wife was trying to feed her. It happened very fast. I feel a sense of loss that is usually reserved for our dogs when they die. She just stopped breathing. BTW, she was not in melafix in this new tank, just salt and metroplex. We did our best for Gracie, it just was not good enough. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like you did your best to try and help her. She was a pretty fish. I guess she was pretty, but she was friendly which was why she was special to us. She actually had a personality. Last night I was devastated, but I feel better now.We will bury her in the spring, when the ground is soft. Just could not get ourselves to flush her. She left her home, the 40 gallon tank, to her tropical cousins, so that is the end of our GF times. Too much personality for fish that are so hard to keep alive. I will check in once a while, but only as a former GF owner.
  5. Thank you, that is very kind of you. I am one of those weird men who values all forms of life, so I can understand how you felt about your snail. I would like to get one for a companion to our Betta, but I am afraid they might die, and I would not know it until it was too late.
  6. We have two 10 gallon tanks with Tropicals. One has 3 zebras and 2 cories, and the other 2 male guppies and 4 neon tetras. We are considering putting all of them into the 40 gallon tank.There are small pond snails too, although the Cories would eat them pretty fast. I don't know if I would be comfortable with that. Yes, I worry even about snails.
  7. Thank you. Now we have to decide what to do with our purpose bought 40 gallon tank. I don't think a GF is in the works. Too many water changes. We started with three a few months ago, actually in was 2/7/15, and now there are none.
  8. She was beautiful. She died while my wife was trying to feed her. It happened very fast. I feel a sense of loss that is usually reserved for our dogs when they die. She just stopped breathing. BTW, she was not in melafix in this new tank, just salt and metroplex. We did our best for Gracie, it just was not good enough.
  9. No, and neither could my wife, but if you could do me a favor by going to FB and maybe you could. I tried but after copying it, it would go away when I left clicked in order to go to this forum.100 04361
  10. Yes, i get that, but youtube is free too and I shared it to my facebook page, and at that point, I don't know how to post it to Koko.
  11. Now Gracie is back on her back, totally upside down. It seems more comfortable to her than being on her side. Nobody, it seems has watched my video, or at least have not mentioned it. Tomorrow morning will try to feed her a little bit of a pea. If she won't eat, I don't know what else to do.
  12. I got a short video on my FB page, but I don't know what to do next. Could you just look at it there? Or maybe I could friend you and share it. My real name is Allan Birmantas.
  13. Easier said than done. I am extremely low tech. Will try as soon as I can.
  14. I'm not sure. I can video Gracie, but how do I add it to this forum? You say normal, but there is no normal at this time.Normal for Gracie is to lie on her side and mover her lips and gills.That is about it. She does not want to eat, but will try a pea tomorrow morning.She does move around on the slick surface of the tank, but not when I am watching. She seems to literally stuck to the bottom as if she were metal and the bottom a magnet. She also seems to like being near the heater. I just did a water change on the 40, but I wonder what it's future is, now that Gracie's is very problematic. PS...you said you wanted to see her swimming pattern. She does not swim.
  15. ,I just found it while trying to find the correct dosage. I will increase, as she will be in only 5 gallons starting tomorrow, so it's an easy fix.Tomorrow will be the second day of the Metroplex treatment. I know, that the odds are against me, but I just have to try. These GF have personalities, and I would feel guilty if I euthanized her without giving it my best shot.
  16. I have a GF that is lying on it's side on the bottom. It was recommended to me to use MetroPlex and aquarium salt. That is what the dose would be for.
  17. Is that what you recommend as routine, or as a palliative measure? I had read that 1 tsp per 5 gallons is the dosage.
  18. Would that be 1tsp per gallon?
  19. I actually have two ten gallon tanks, but they are occupied by tropical fish. Then there is the question of where to put this tank, as space is not infinite in our small home.I will be going to a fish store this PM and will get the antibiotic, just hope they have it. I don't want to stop what I am doing in midstream, but if this antibiotic is compatible with melafix I will start the treatment today. I realize that with 40 gallons it will require more, but I am prepared to spend a little more if it only might cure her. I am attached to her more than I ever expected.
  20. This is not an option, If I leave only 10 gallons in the tank, the filtration will not work, and the heater will be out of water. What is wrong with Melafix? I am only using it to complete treatment for her cyst and it seems to be working. Only three more doses after today's. I could use about 30 gallons possibly and still have filtration, but probably not the heater. I'll have to see. She is not on the bottom anyway.She is about 6" from the water line. I have a gauze container which can be used for keeping fish out of the main tank, for whatever reason.The water flows through it all the time, but not nearly as much as outside of this 8x8x6 device. It has a hard plastic frame, over which the gauze like fabric is stretched. Gracie lies on her side on the soft material instead of being on the hard gravel. I try to keep her in the dark as much as I can. I think she likes that better than the glare of the light.
  21. Gracie almost eats nothing since she is on her side and not very lively.I don't have another tank, so it will have to be in her 40 gallon home. I want to keep the temp. at 80F and until the three days of fasting ends, nothing.Do you mean I should double the recommended dose, or do you mean something else? Should I discontinue the Melafix in your opinion, or continue the 7 day treatment recommended on the bottle, which would be after thursday. Too many questions?
  22. Of course I am willing to try anything. What kind of antibiotics should I get? Are those that I would just put into her tank? I read that I should fast her for three days and then give her peeled(of course) peas, after bringing up the water temp up to 80F. I already am using Melafix which is a natural infection fighter to deal with the infection from the cyst, which looks much better now. Only one small pimple, but it will probably break too.
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