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  1. Love it! The rocks are arranged so beautifully. I'm sure it took you a while! It's amazing.
  2. I totally forgot number 5!! lol. I take apart and scrub my filter once ever two months and take my filter medias and lightly rinse it once a month. From what I've learned you don't wanna clean it too thoroughly because that's where your beneficial bacteria lives, which keep your water levels balanced.
  3. Uh I'm pretty new to this hobby too, but I think I can give you a little input to a couple of your questions! 1.) If one is female and one is male sometimes the male will chase the female, this is a natural breeding behavior. 2.) By air filter I assume you mean air pump you know the "bubbler" things? They are optional but they do add more oxygen to your water, which would be beneficial since you said you only have a 20g atm. 3.) Substrate is also optional unless you want live plants but most goldfish do like to sift through substrate, though it might be annoying to add sand if you already have fish in the tank because you'll have to remove them. 4.) You can use anything you want for a background! The only issue I see with construction paper is it getting wet, and I know everything around my tank tends to get wet cause I'm so messy! Lol. If you are gonna do the paper, I'd go get it laminated so its waterproof. 6.) Not sure what you mean by toys..but I would only put aquarium safe things in my tank. I know some people put legos, and certain kinds of crystals in their tanks put it depends on the materials really. Hope I helped some!
  4. Oh no! Those poor snails! I guess in the long term it would be smarter to get the zebras. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Very cute! congrats! The parents are beautiful too! And these are such great pics.
  6. I was planing on getting one or two for my Oranda tank. Ever since I put plants in I've got a bit of an algae problem. I'm trying to decide whether to get horned nerites, which are smaller than the average nerite snail or just zebra nerites. Is their any difference besides size? I wanted horned but I heard there is a choking hazard. Though I'm not too concerned cause my fish are relatively small. Anyone ever had horned nerite snails with goldfish?
  7. Thank Thank you! Yes, Cookie is def the more outgoing troublemaker fish of the pair. Thanks. Yes me too! The nets are protecting the moss quite well. At least gold piggies cleaned up the bits of moss that were floating around the tank. Oh my. The little nets really protect the moss well! I'm not sure what will happen when it grows out. But, thank you!
  8. Hi all! just wanted to share this short clip of my young orandas, Cookie (brown) and Kingyo (Red and white) and my start of a planted tank. I really wanted to do a moss tree but didnt wanna deal with driftwood so on amazon I found this fake tree that is meant to be a moss planter and even came with little fitted nets to keep the moss in place. I just set it up today so not too impressive yet, but we'll see how it goes. Also a bit of anubis nana glued to a rock on the left. Sorry my room lighting sucks! >x( Watch in HD!
  9. Yes, I'm sure it must have a combo of things. I forgot to mention I tested my water before the water change. My ammoina was on the high side around 1ppm but all the other levels were 0. Now of course I know my tank was not done cycing. It was very shocking to me though since neither one had even displayed floating, sick looking poops, or any weird behavior before that night. Thanks for the reassurance guys. I know many people feed their goldies bloodworms. I will def try them again one day.
  10. Thank you for the reply and encoragement! You've eased my mind for the freeze-dried worms. Sould I feed them the same amount of freeze-dried or frozen bloodworms as I feed them pellets? I might try to return the freeze-dried to the pet store so I dont waste my money and try the frozen again. This time I will even bring a ice pack with me! lol
  11. So, before I ask anything I have a bit of a story. When I first started getting into this hobby around October I bought 2 orandas for my 30 gallon. In my ignorance I bought bottled bacteria thinking it cycled my tank because my water parameters looked fine for a day. oops. Despite the 1 ppm of ammonia everything else looked fine and the fish showed no sighs of distress or sickness and appeared quite healthy. I fed them sinking pellets 2 times a day and peas occasionally. I had heard about HIkari bloodworms (the frozen kind) that fish loved them, they helped wen growth, and growth in general. So i went to my local pet store (Petland) and bought a pack of frozen worms. Stupidly, not thinking much about it I went to two other stores and remained out and about for a another hour or so. I put the worms in the freezer when I got home. The next day not really knowing much about feeding them to fish (let alone two juvie orandas) I put one cube in a cup of tank water for a minute and then threw the whole cube in the tank. Of course the fish gobbled them up and made a mess. I preceded to do a normal water change and left the tank alone for a while. Soon to my horror both fish were laying on their side and breathing heavily on the bottom. I absolutely freaked I didn't know what to do and they both started severely floating. Within an hour both fish died. Now, months later the tank is cycled, levels are great, and I have 2 new juvie orandas that I really love. I'm terrified of giving them frozen blood worms. Here are my questions: What do guys think killed my fish? The fact I let the bloodworms defrost some? The amount I fed them? Or the borderline water conditions? Are frozen foods even safe? And on top of everything I bought a jar of the freeze-dried bloodworms and now I hear people saying freeze-dried foods suck even when you soak them. I really don't wanna waste them. What do I do with these now? Will the pet store take them back after opening? How long is the shelf life on these products anyways? Both are Hikari brand. Sorry for long post I appreciate any help. This is my first post on here! lol
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