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  1. You are very welcome Hi Jared, so here's an update of CJ. I followed the treatment schedule as you recommended. After a week of treatment, the only thing that improved was the hole in the wen. That healed up within a few days, but she was still lethargic, lesions coming and going, bumps still there and still absolutely no appetite. I then sought out a vet that's a bit aways from me, but he's one of the vets on board at the aquarium of the pacific in Long Beach, California and practices at this animal hospital part time. He did an overall health assessment, a lot of scrapings/lab work and she had no parasites, but did come up with some bacteria. He concluded that she had septicemia. He gave her a shot of baytril and prepared some medicated food with ciproflaxin and recommended me to salt the tank. that was Thursday night and she started to eat yesterday. picked up the medicated food today and am supposed to feed for 10-14 days. So far, her appetite is slowly coming back, lesions are mostly gone, she's more active and bumps have subsided. I'm very hopeful she'll make a complete turnaround. I do want to thank you so much for all the help! I appreciate your concern and your willingness to help me and everyone else with issues like this... Thank YOU!
  2. I do have frozen bloodworms. I'll give them a shot tomorrow. I tried them with her a few days ago and she didn't go after them, but I managed to get some in her mouth and she spit them out. As far as the main tank, I'll add the salt. Already added the Prazi to it when I added to the QT. I'll check in with an update in a week or if any progress is made before then... Thanks a ton!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the help! I hope this turns her around. Since she's not eating, should I try to feed her at all or should I just wait?
  4. Okay, so I did a 100% water change and I usually use Koi RX, but I actually just ran out. So, I used Fritz Guard, which only takes care of chlorine and heavy metals, but I also have Seachem Safe and that actually does water conditioning and ammonia/nitrite/nitrate detoxifying. As far as which meds I actually bought, I was only able to get ahold of the Hikari line: PraziPro, MetroPlus and BiFuran. Nobody near by had any of these meds so, I had to drive quite aways to get them. So, I'm going to dose them all at once?
  5. Ok, so I just picked up the Metro, Prazi and Nitrofurazone. How much do ! dose and what schedule should I use?
  6. Got it. I'll throw the snails in the 10g til I finish the treating the tanks. I have the ranchu in the 30g filled with 20g of water and just air stones for circulation and aeration. I'll hold off on the kanaplex as I'm just going to call tomorrow morning and get the metro and nitro expedited. I'll try to find them locally too, maybe I'll get lucky.
  7. I do have a 10g, but the only filters I have currently are too strong for it and the ranchu is pretty big. It's probably pushing 7". I would think the 10g would be too small. Either way, the 30g and 10g are clean. They are spares. Whichever you feel would work best, I will use... As far as the snails, they are in my 60g tank (where the ranchu was), so If I'm just going to use the Prazipro and aquarium salt in that one, That's all I have to worry about. I do have my other 80g tank, so I can throw them in there, but I'm afraid of contaminating my 80g. As far as the meds go, I'm assuming that they will be here within a couple of days, but I can try to rush order them and hopefully have them here by Wednesday if you think that'd be best.
  8. Let's go ahead and quarantine her and dose the Kanaplex per the package directions. I don't want to use antibiotics on the other fish unless it's necessary. You can forego the salt since we are using the Kanaplex. Get the Prazipro ASAP and dose that as well. We will help you to set up a schedule for both Meds. The Prazipro is for the Flukes. The Metronidazole is for Hexamita which is an internal parasite that causes hole-in-the-head and the Kanaplex is a antibiotic for the secondary bacterial infection. We are essentially creating a water borne version of Metro Meds which is also a combination of different antibiotics. In the main tank, I would treat the other fish with Prazipro and aquarium salt at 1 Teaspoon per gallon of water. Let us know when you have the Prazipro and we will help you set up a schedule. Thank you so much for all the help! I greatly appreciate it! There's so much information out there and a lot of it gets confusing when most of it is directing you in different directions. I have moved her to a 29g QT. I'll start her on the kanaplex and I just tried a few LFS, but all closed except for a petco, but they don't carry prazipro. I'll pick it up first thing in the morning. Will I be substituting the kanaplex with the nutrofurazone? I don't have much kanaplex left, so if not, I need to order more. Also, I have nerite and mystery snails in there, will they be affected?
  9. I'm actually not sure what would be the difference between an ulcer or a hole, but a piece of wen definitely fell off and some of the neighboring wen kind of shrunk and eventually fell off as well. The hole hasn't penetrated all the way thru. So, to treat for flukes, I need all three meds you named above? I don't have any metroplex or prazipro, but I just placed an order from national fish pharm for metronidazole powder and nitrofurazone green. I can get prazipro locally. Now, since I will be treating the rest of my fish, do I still need to place her in a QT?
  10. I haven't really treated for anything specific yet. I have no idea what to treat for. What do I need?
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I've been trying to add a profile picture, but I keep getting a message that the file is too large... Anyways, I have metro-med food pellets, which is supposed to treat hole in the head and dropsy, but she's not eating at all. I have tetracycline and an antibac bath that I got from goldfishconnection, but it doesn't specify what it really treats. I also have seachem kanaplex and focus. I'll get her set up in the qt in a bit.
  12. I was wondering how to post pictures... Thanks!
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