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  1. I hope your little buddy is still OK and I feel so sorry for the other ones, but this seemed like a really serious outbreak there... Seemed so bad in your first video... I hope everything turns out OK!! Hang in there Lloyd!!
  2. I am not sure and to be honest, I didn't understand by the photos on the post you linked how male fish look... But they are certainly not breeding stars. They appear to be many in numbers and extend on a wide area, either on fins or gill cover. This was one lonely spot on the one side at first, and then two more on the other side. Also the stars seem to be "adopting" to the fish colour. This was not the case, my Oranda is vividly orange and the spots were pure white. Also they were debossing more than I can tell the breeding stars do... Not so sure about that though... But I would doubt they are reproductive signs. I don't think s/he is of age or the conditions in the tank are favouring reproduction...
  3. I'm afraid I can't post any photos of my Oranda having the spots, cause at the moment, they are gone (hope for good...). But they looked like this: Only more "whiteish" and were not on top, rather on the side, first on left side only, then on both and now gone.
  4. when you use them it showed this () and () without the parenthesis. I just put them there so they wouldn't become the actual emoticon or something like that lolYou're using Tapatalk app (or a similar app) or android/iPhone browser??
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, I'll fix pH, GH and KH right away then, but what about the white (fluke?) spots?? Any suggestions on that?
  6. Update on my little buddy: I noticed a white spot on his wen looking like the pics I've seen around with fish suffering from flukes on Wednesday night. So I started the medication right away, lest s/he is in more danger and contaminates the rest. Gave second dose on Friday, and tomorrow is the third out of five. The white spot is still there and now he has on the other side of his wen too. Yesterday and today he does some bottom sitting too. I also noticed a little tear on his tail fin. I'm really concerned and worried... You guys think that's part of the medical treatment or a natural stage of healing?? Chemical readings are in normal levels...
  7. In any case the more info one gets on fish the better... Not that much known on many aspects of their lives, behaviour etc, since they are not as much studied as other pets, like dogs and cats
  8. I think im a fry as well... Being Pisces as a zodiac sign adds even more to the feeling, heh yup just look under your Avatar Heh, I meant in fishkeeping in general, I was sure about the forum status [emoji1]
  9. I think im a fry as well... Being Pisces as a zodiac sign adds even more to the feeling, heh
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